Saturday, October 31, 2015

Masks Have Many Functions

Masks have many functions.  You can hide behind them, disguise or decorate yourself with them, and use them to achieve a desired effect.  Many incest survivors, disliking what they perceive to be their "real" selves, will carefully cultivate another image - one that they feel is more acceptable, attractive, or self-protective.

Victims No Longer by Mike Lew (Pg 92)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Flashbacks Of Trauma

If you've been through traumatic experiences in your life, then what I'm writing here probably will not be anything new.  Flashbacks are not fun.  Flashbacks suck.  Flashbacks pop up in life when you least expect them and they try hard to kick your butt.

I have personally done a lot of work to get past this stuff, but every now and then when certain triggers of life hit, they come on like the rushing water of a flooding river that just burst through a dam.

For a long time, purple was the color that left me hiding and whimpering in the corner.  It took years to fully understand what the purple represented and when I did, I almost put my fist through my front door.  Yes, the memory was horrible.

There were times that I got flashbacks of pains in my body such as a swollen face in the middle of the night.  It would actually feel like someone had just hit me.  It would swell up so much that I would have to take medications and put ice on it to get the swelling to go down.  This would happen in the middle of the night when I was asleep.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

No Wonder People Commit Suicide

I'm not surprised these days.  I see a callous attitude by so many towards other people.  No wonder people commit suicide.  This is Suicide Prevention month as I'm writing this, but this blog post applies to any month.

When people are hurting, they don't always have people who truly understand or want to listen.  Too many want to share their wisdom with the person, rather then doing what the person needs most - LISTEN!  To many say they are there, but few are.

I've gone through things in my life that most people will never experience.  I've had to walk away from the lifeblood of my existence and pick up the shattered pieces one at a time.  I've had to keep myself going financially and emotionally.  I've had to learn to walk again, remember basic things, and function with every day life.  It hasn't been easy.  It isn't easy.

I've been through experiences that I can't even describe to anyone.  I've been through heartbreak and turmoil and trauma that would be an unbelievable fictional story.  I cannot find the words to describe it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bring It On

One of the most healing things I have done in my life is not shying away from that which I needed to do.  In fact, in order tor heal and move forward, I basically used the statement "bring it on".  Yes, I know that if someone is overwhelmed, this statement looks as foolish as it can be.

Yet, the more I tried to numb and hide and not deal with what was going on, the more things got worse.  The more things were prolonged.  The more I stayed asleep to what was going on in my life.

Too many want things to change in their life.  Too many want things to improve or their health to be better or a relationship to improve.  Few will go in and actually do what is necessary to do.  Its just too easy to sit there and wallow in the mud hole then to get up and walk out.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not chastising anyone for wallowing in the mud hole. In fact, I think that the mud hole serves a very valid purpose.  Too many people like to use this as a beating stick on those that are in the mud hole and I find that horrible.  The mud hole has its purpose.  Use it, but don't use it as the means to an end.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Take Some Action

All too often we want the benefit without the action.  We want the goods, without doing anything.  We want abundance without moving our butts off the chair.  I'm sorry if I blow anyone's bubble, but that's not how it quite works.

Yes, I know that things can come out of thin air.  I've seen that in my own life.  I've watched it happen in others.  It is possible and I don't mean to diminish that probability in this world.

The thing is, I often see people reciting mantras, affirmations or prayers as if they are standing at an ATM machine waiting for it to grant their wishes.  It is kind of sad, to be honest.

At times, I see people making a Christmas list of everything they want and expecting the universe or God or someone to hand it to them.  They think that if they wear certain colors or do certain things or wish for certain things, it will just show up.  They think that if they think positive enough, it will all be there.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Exhaustive Protest List

Does anyone know of such a list?  One that would be an exhaustive list of every business and place to protest and the reason why?  I mean, after all if you read Social Media, you'll see this pretty quickly.

I get so tired of reading this or being forced to read it.  Yes, I know I could just stop using Social Media, but I do like keeping up with friends.  I just get so tired of every post I see  being over-the-top screaming about everything and anything in life.

No, I don't like the regular news media because I don't buy into the hype and fear they push.  There is a reason for that.  It is not news.  It is fear entertainment designed to get you hooked into watching their garbage.  If you feel that is good for you, by all means do it.  I try to avoid it.  I can't stand it!

I really don't want to read all the one-sided postings and when people share 5 and 10 of them at a time, it exhausts my Social Media feed with nonsense.  Yes, I keep hiding things and people, but to be honest, that is ineffective.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Relaxing Day At The Ocean Video

This video was taken after a trip up the coast in Florida near Flagler Beach. It was a cloudy day, but still a nice drive.  I love this section of the beach because it almost feels remote even if other people are around it.

Just take a moment and watch the video.  It is only 2:23 minutes in length.

See if you can just let yourself get lost in the video and relax to the waves coming in and out.  See the clouds resting in the sky.  Think of something you want to let go of in this moment and just allow the waves to take it back out to the sea where it is diluted in billions of drops of water.  Breathe in the renewal that each wave brings and breathe out that which you no longer need.

YouTube Video:  Relaxing Day At The Ocean

Credits:  Video taken by Don Shetterly at Marine Land, Florida on 9/10/15

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Stress Leads To Body Issues

Having a biological system that keeps pumping out stress hormones to deal with real or imagined threats leads to physical problems: sleep disturbances, headaches, unexplained pain, oversensitivity to touch or sound.

The Body Keeps The Score by Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Skeptic In Me

Ah, you laugh right?  The skeptic in me or in all of us?  Yep, it exists and some days I have a big dose of it.  I can be quite skeptical with the best and probably rank in the top 10 or so it seems.

Being skeptical isn't all bad.  I mean, there are so many things out there that aren't really in our best interests, although we're made to believe they are through clever marketing.  Whether its politics or news headlines or some new fancy product, things aren't always as they seem.  It could even be the latest and greatest fad of healing that lures us in, but offers us very little in return.

I think it is healthy to be skeptical.  Let your mind evaluate what is being said and told to you.  Question what others say is true fact, because so much of it is made up in the minds of those that never were skeptical enough.  Feel free to say you don't agree and then search for the answers one way or the other.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Let Me Call You Back

One of the things I've seen these days is how people go about getting off of the phone.  Instead of them bringing the conversation to a close, they just say "let me call you back."  They make it sound like something is going on and then they just urgently make sure you hang up the call.  It doesn't matter if you call them or they call you.

No one calls back of course.  They just made it sound like they would.  They made it sound like the conversation you were having was important, but "poof" they are gone.  I find it disturbing to say the last.  I find it rude and very poor etiquette.  It is disrespectful.

To me, it really says, you don't matter.  I didn't want to talk to you in the first place, but this was my only way off the phone.  Of course, it doesn't matter if they called you and you're not the type of person to really want to talk on the phone forever.  They just felt it was better to be rude and get off the phone with some lame excuse.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Starting My Unlimited Abundance Journey

So here it goes!  Rev those engines up and let's being on this newly created road to my unlimited abundance journey.  Yep, if you saw the blog posts recently, I attend the Free Webinar put on by Christie Marie Sheldon of Unlimited Abundance.  Not only that, but I actually signed up for it.

From time to time, I'll highlight things on this blog about my journey over the next twelve months, but for the most part, any main updates will become part of my Somatoysnc webiste.  If you want to follow along there, just go to "My Abundance Journey" and keep up-to-date. I'll hopefully be adding updates frequently there.

I did create a video on YouTube about where I am before this journey starts.  I have no idea how much will change in the next 12 months as a result.  While we were encouraged to do this as part of the program, I wanted to have a before and after video.  I want to see proof in my own life.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Finding Balance Once Again

Not long ago, I quit my job.  I walked away from something that was bringing in a nice income because the stress level had become to great and my exhaustion was almost not manageable. A job that I had grown to love and enjoyed had become toxic and so it was time to move on.

Finding balance once again after going through the nonstop stress and rigors of the past few years without a rest, is difficult to say the least.  Even after many days since I quit, my body and mind are still in that revved up mode feeling like I have to be getting this task done or taking a call or preparing for a meeting.  It just isn't easy to stop and walk away from it.

My body was so struck in the rut of letting this job consume me, that to find balance is as difficult as trying to get me to sky dive out of a plane.  Yet, I know that as the days go and as I seek rest and relaxation, I will find balance once again.  I know that as I catch up on my sleep, my mind will once again see possibility, rather than the dread of going another day.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Love Is Not Condemnation

My heart goes out for so many lately and this is something that frequently shows up in life.  All too often, we see people equate love with condemnation.  We see people think they are showing love by condemning people.

Love is not condemnation.  Love is about acceptance of others as they are.  It is not about pointing out what is wrong in someone else or how they go against your beliefs.

Love does not boast.  It is not proud.  Love is kind and forgiving.  Love is patient.  Love is not rude and it keeps no record of wrongs.

If you truly love others, you don't condemn them and point out to the world just how bad a person they are.  If you truly have love in your heart, you do not grandstand for the entire world to see how you feel that you are right and all others are wrong.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Making Whole Food Smoothies

I learned about this from Jeff Primack in a Qigong conference several years ago and have been doing this every day since then.  This is a video I created of how we make our Whole Food Smoothies. We use a Blendtec Blender.  For Whole Food Smoothie recipes and information on Jeff Primack, go to his food based healing website at .

YouTube Video:  Making Whole Food Smoothies

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Deeper Moments Within Yourself

May you find those deep moments within yourself that help you reset, give you renewal, and a different outlook.  May your own meditation bring you deeper within yourself.

Hope And Possibility Through Trauma by Don Shetterly (pg 155)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Pointing The Finger

We never do this, do we?  Pointing the finger at everyone else is something everyone else does, right?  I'm being factitious in how I write this, but it is a serious issue.  It seems like these days, we are all too quick in pointing the finger at everyone else.

We see what others have wrong in them and it takes us less than a split second to make sure they know about it.  After all, isn't it our duty to do this.  Isn't it our right to tell others how bad they are or where they are screwing up?  Facebook makes it just so darn easy to do this.

Watch people post a comment on some message board and see how quickly there are people pointing out the stupidity of what they said.  Watch how quickly they point out something that wasn't written 100% correct and had a misspelling.

Or take some issue on the internet and watch how quickly people appear righteous and better than everyone by telling them how wrong they are or how quickly they will be going to hell.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Forcing Life

When we face those moments in life where it seems like what we are doing is not working, then maybe it is time for us to take a step back and see things differently.  Here is a thought I recently wrote about that helped shed some life on such a situation a few years ago I was struggling through to find work.

I remember being in a similar situation to this and I was trying to force life to give me what I thought I needed. An opportunity came along and I didn't even see it was an opportunity until a month or so later. It became a great job full of learning and growth over the past three years until it grew toxic.

The point I was trying to share is that if I would have continued to fight against what was showing up, I would have never found this. I'm carefully treading similar ground, but I'm trying to keep reminding myself to focus on my purpose and that which I love to do, hoping that the rest takes cares of itself.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Humanity Is More Than

That's it!  I'm tired of it.  I'm tried of the constant name calling from people regardless of the situation.  We don't discuss things, we just call names and see how sensational we can get in what we put on camera, write on a social media post and share with one another.

Does it surprise you just how messed up this country and world are?  Each of us is to blame because we all go to our corners, spouting our group think and avoiding what really matters in a day of the life we are living.  I don't care which side of the issue you're on, everyone does it!

When you share an article and claim that this person or that person has the right perspective on life in America, yet the article calls the "other side" names or puts labels on them, do you really think the author of that article has the answers?  Are you that caught up in the mass media group think of the day?

Everyone loves to have the answers and they love to share and post on Facebook or Twitter what they agree with.  However, no one wants to stop and just listen to another person about something other than the latest political headline of the day.  We are so caught up in the 10 second soundbite on TV, that we cannot even see the forest for the only tree standing in front of us.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Healing Power We Do Not Know

I was watching this video as it somehow came across my feed on YouTube.  It showed a healer who had such strong Qi or energy, that he could heal people in ways no one else could.  Many wondered and tried to figure it out, but it still remains a mystery to most.

When I watched the video, I could see some similar things in it that I have learned.  When the body is activated in the correct way, there is a release from deep within of stored energy.  As the body releases, many different reactions and movements are possible as the body re-balances the nervous system and dissipates this stored energy.

Stored energy comes in when we experience events and stressors in our lives and have no means of dissipating what has taken place.  It could be in the moment of extreme circumstances where you cannot do anything but survive in that moment.  It could be as you are being hunted down and trying to flea from harm that is coming your way.  There are so many ways that we store energy up in the body.  It could just be from enduring heavy amounts of stress constantly every day.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Making A Decision Is Hard

For months I agonized over the decision.  My friends could see that I needed to do this more easily than I think I could.  I don't think it isn't that I could not see it, the decision was just not easy.  Letting go is hard to do.

After all, there were parts of me that really like the job and role that I was doing.  In fact, even in my final days, those parts still reside in me.  I've been a part of this project from the early days of it becoming reality in the world and so it feels like my baby in a way.  I know it isn't my possession, but it feels that way.  I have a strong connection to it.

Leading up to the point of turning in my resignation, I had read many things by many people where they struggled with the same decision to quit a job.  Yes, I've had those that tell me you need to find a job first before you quit.  I don't follow the same tired and worn out rules like everyone else.  I tend to forge my own pathway.  Regardless, letting go of the job was hard to do.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Can Clerks Refuse

By the time this YouTube video by Matt Baume is posted, so much could have changed with this story that is playing out currently in the news.  Regardless, I think this video makes a good point in a very respectful manner and so I am going to post it.  This is an important subject and while your beliefs may disagree, there is an important part of our freedom at stake here where all men are created equal, not just those we agree with.  If you wish to comment, please keep the comments respectful.

YouTube Video:  Can Clerks Refuse To Marry Couples 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Breaking The Silence

An essential part of healing from child sexual abuse is telling the truth about your life.  The sexual molestation of children, and the shame that results, thrive in an atmosphere of silence.  Breaking that silence is a powerful healing tool.  Yet it is something many survivors find difficult.

The Courage To Heal by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis (pg 92)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Very Intense Blog Lately

If you keep up with my blog on a daily basis, you're probably saying "whoa, slow down there dude".  I'm sorry if my blog has been very intense lately, but its where I am.  I write when I react to what is going on in life.

Some people drink.  Some people get on the media and shout their ignorance.  Others just suffer in silence.  We all react, even if we paste a smile on our face and make it appear as if we don't.

I know that sometimes my writing probably pushes so many buttons that people just say, I ain't going down this road!  No way, no how!  Some probably see it as an angry venting place and send me lots of love.  Maybe some see it and say, I wish I could say that but you're saying exactly what I'm thinking.

Regardless of your view, I sometimes mean to push buttons.  I want people to think and question and challenge their lives and the world around them.  I don't want people to settle for the status quo or beliefs that are regurgitated to them from birth.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Unknown Family Secrets

The other night I was watching a TV show about using forensic science to bring answers to crimes that had been committed.  In this case, a lady had witnessed her father beating her mother so badly that she died.  The lady then saw her dad dig a hole out by their pool, lay her mother in it and have cement poured over it the next day.

The thing is, the lady was so young that none of this made sense.  She just thought her mother was sleeping and wouldn't wake up.  A series of events unfolded and they were able to convict her father of murder, which then he went to prison.  She was so young at the time, that her brain could not process what had happened.

There are family secrets.  There are unknown family secrets.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Beliefs Are Right

I find it disturbing to say the least, what I see taking place in this country.  I grew up in a home where the beliefs of my father and of the church were right, but anything contrary to these beliefs was wrong.  It did not matter what anyone believed.  It did not matter if I had any beliefs contrary to my father. 

We are in a time where a select few individuals are so dogmatic that if you don't follow their belief system, you are wrong and going to hell and etc, and so forth.  It is sad because I don't think that makes people strong or a nation great.  All it does is pit one group against the other.

In fact, these days the discussion in this country and world is how to stake your ground and then argue against the side that believes differently about you.  It is not about listening to one another and advancing this world forward in a positive way.  It is not about hearing each other out so we can learn from one another.

When I grew up, the sect of churches I went to was the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC).  Now these people could ostracize you quickly if you didn't adhere to their beliefs. All of their beliefs were backed up by scripture upon scripture verse found in the bible.  They could argue with you for hours based upon the verses in the bible they knew.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Until The Next Time

A long time ago in a fairy land of make believe, there was this big evil monster.  He would slither around looking for ways to do what he wanted and then when he was caught, he would act all innocent.  His common line that he loved to make was "I asked Jesus to forgive me and so should you".

You might be thinking, well if someone truly asked for forgiveness and you believe Jesus forgave them, then why should others not do the same.  You might also be saying, well if you can't forgive them, then it is you that has a problem, and not the person committing the wrong.

Your logic could be convincing, except - it is all too often used for cover over the wrongs inflicted upon others.

You see, I heard this one a million times.  I watched my Dad and brother go to church and pray away their sins.  They claimed (in a very convincing way) that they would never do what they just did.  They would claim the devil got the best of them and now they have once again turned their life around for God.  Everyone would shout AMEN and sing hymns of praise.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Do Not Question

I've seen it since I was a kid in churches, in my home and around the world I grew up in.  I now see it in many of these companies online, especially the ones that do affiliate marketing.  Allowing anyone to give the slightest hint of questioning a company is like the worst sin you can commit.

All you have to do is look up a review on most products on the internet and I dare you to find one that isn't flattering and positive.  Yes, there might be some, but you don't see the honest review of what a product is all about in most searches. 

I was even forced to take down a blog post as an affiliate on a product and that angered me to no end.  I had no choice.  It was either take it down or risk considerable income.  There was no debate, no appeal and no one listened when I raised my concerns.

Yet, in my case, the blog post started out with the appearance that it was a negative review of the company, but if you read it all the way through, then you would see that it was actually a good post.  It showed the journey I took and transformation, which included some of the very same questions everyone else is asking.  The company and product missed the sales boat because of their own narrow mindedness.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chronic Pain Is Emotional Pain

One by one bodies began to talk.  They told stories that amazed me and astounded my clients.  One by one it became obvious that their physical pain was a plea to listen and take action on long-held emotional pain.  Only then did chronic physical symptoms start to change.  As these patients confronted their abuse their bodies let go of the related physical pain.

Compassionate Touch by Dr. Clyde W Ford  (Pg 120)

Friday, October 2, 2015

Take Care Of Yourself

Many years ago I thought that if I did everything for everyone that expected me to do things for them, I was some kind of nice person.  Unfortunately, I found out the hard way that to exhaust one's self is really not the best you can give to others.

Sitting in a group session, the therapist asked us if we were at a banquet and there was only one chair left but our self and one other person had not been seated, what would we do?  Everyone went around the room and had differing viewpoints of what they would do.

I remember when it got to me and of course I responded enthusiastically that I would let the other person have the seat at the banquet table.  Why would I take it?  That would be selfish and mean.  After all, I put others before my own needs because that is what I thought I should do (or what I had been taught).

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Click Share And Like

People sometimes irritate the daylights out of me on social media.  It is like the place for responses that have absolutely no care or respect come out in full force.  I don't know what it is about typing into a screen, but its been this way too impersonal since the early message board and forum days of the internet.

Social media just makes this type of behavior that much easier.  After all, you can do it quicker and with more ease.  No need to read through long lengthy forum posts, just pop them one liners in the social media feed quicker than you can say snot.  LOL!

I know, we're all not a bunch of conscious human beings and it shows in politics and on social media.  It shows our ignorance more than we want to admit.  Does it have to be this way?  I'd like to say no, but I've got a feeling that unconsciousness will win out.

The happy platitudes, the ignorant and uncaring responses and those in your face sharing every article, link, and web page posted across the internet are more than enough in a day.  In fact, they are a waste of time for the most part.


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