Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our Body's Health Is Up To Us

I know as soon as I write this someone is going to say, but "you don't have this experience" or "you don't understand" or "insert random statement here".

Yes, I probably don't know your situation and no, I've not had many of the other situations to deal with.  No, I probably don't fully understand.  All I can do is speak from my own experience.

Now, I'm not any magic genie mystical person that has all the answers.  Heck, I'm on the search for answers myself most of the time.  I have seen many things happen both to myself and others that regular health care would deem impossible.  I've heard the many lines that you have to live with a condition I had, but I proved them wrong.

Before you think I have some mystical powers, I don't!  I do have a willingness to shed paradigms of what I've been taught and not subscribe to the fear of whatever health situation it is.  Okay, sometimes the fear overtakes me too, but I'm able to back out of it.  I also just don't believe that we cannot impact our health in ways no one understand.

I've seen it with others.  I remember one friend of mine whose husband had this rare condition and the doctors gave him six months live.  He quit his job.  They got all of their finances together.  After several months, lo and behold the doctors were amazed because the rare condition that normally resulted in death was GONE!  There was no trace of it in this person's body.

I've heard stories from a doctor friend of mine that someone who was blind ended up being able to see for the first time out of both eyes after some treatments.  The doctors were all confused and struggling to treat this person.  It shocked this doctor friend of mine and it is almost too difficult to believe.

Check the story out of Dr. Joe Dispenza after an accident where the doctors thought he was nuts for not going through with a necessary spinal surgery.  He not only proved the surgery was unnecessary, but he found a way to heal himself.  It is a moving story of one I don't fully understand yet.  

As for myself, I went through a Conversion Disorder and in those days, they didn't know as much as they do now.  Yet, we still don't know as much on this condition as we need to know.  All the doctors and therapist concluded that most likely I would never function again (walk, talk, or work) like I did before it hit.  I proved them wrong!  Today, you would not be able to tell I was paralyzed and struggling to talk or move and next to death.

Yes, some might say these are miracles, but there are many more stories than these.  They exist.  They can be repeated.  Just check out Evolutionary Healing Institute in Miami, Florida with Dr. Paul Canali.  His concepts and processes aren't pie-in-the-sky.  They are very real and they are repeatable.  They are backed up by science.

The thing is, we don't feel like we impact our health as much as we really do.  We give lip service to health issues and keeping healthy, but the thing is - we really don't live a healthy life as much as we think we do.  Stress, past experiences and trauma impact the body, but most think that through thoughts alone, that's all that is needed to take care of it.  They forget the body half of the equation.

We impact our health in so many unconscious ways every day but we don't stop to see that.  We may see some of it on the surface, but the deeper stuff is usually covered by layers of fear and day after day experiences that only serve to cement it in place.

We tend to be a wounded people and instead of using that wounded side of us to explore and push the limits of our own growth, we get taken under by it.  Every year we ignore it, we add a little more to the pile of rubbish we place over the top of it.  Soon, we have ourselves convinced that if we just think good thoughts and avoid the terrible stuff in life, we'll make it.  Unfortunately, the longer you do that, the more it catches up with you.


Each one of us has our own path to walk with our own difficulties, trials, and stresses.  I can't tell you how to walk that path anymore than anyone else can.  It is up to each one of us though to challenge what we think we know and do with what truly can change our life from the inside out.

It isn't just about putting on a happy face.  It is allowing the happy face from deep within our physical body to shine to all the other inhabitants of the planet.

Don't take my word for what I'm saying.  Prove it to be true or false for yourself.  Challenge yourself to see how you can impact not only your mind, but your body.  What do you have to lose?

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