Wednesday, February 1, 2017

That's It - I'm Taking My Marbles

I tell you, some days I just want to scream.  Some days I just want to let it all out and never hold any of it in. 

If I did though, it wouldn't be pretty. I'd end up offending far too many and probably would be put on a list of the most wanted.

So, I try to tone it down.  I try to act civilized and human.  I try to let my compassionate and caring and sensitive side out.  I keep the leashed tiger in the box because you all don't want to see that.

Yet, the more I try to stay civilized and human, the more difficult it becomes.  I see everything but a civilized word.  No one cares what another thinks or cares about or wants.

It appears that either you think one way or you're a horrible - insert whatever label you use!  I find that disgusting.  I find it makes you as small as you're trying to make me.

Are we just not human anymore?  Are we just out to despise one another and force others to think the way we do?  Have we gotten so disconnected between our mind and our body, our heart and our brain, that we just see hatred towards one another?

Oh, I wish I had the words to help everyone stop and see what they are doing is not helpful to the civilization of this world.  I feel like my words fail to capture the full breadth of what my mind and my eyes and my heart see.

I beg for everyone to stop and say enough is enough!  No, don't say that for the others that disagree with you - say it for yourself.  We cannot expect a world of peace if we engage the same behavior we so despise.

Let us see others from the depths of our heart.  Let us feel for others the way we feel for ourselves.  Let us heal our own lives and through this we heal those around us.

Let us focus on love.  Let us engage love.  Let us show and spread love to one another.

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