Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Magic Pill Of Healing

All too often we chase healing modalities and pills and procedures as if they are the cure all.  Sure, they help at times and they have helped me.  However, there is much more to healing than getting lost in the cures and losing site of what really makes a difference.

Far too easily, we give up our own innate healing power to beliefs, opinions, and the latest fad of the day.  Sometimes these things are not proven or tested, but everyone believes they work.  Sometimes they do work.

I recognize fully that we cannot always quantify what works.  It is not always because it cannot be tested, but sometimes we just don't have the methods to test it.  Sometimes our knowledge has not advanced in our human civilization to quantitatively make a statistical conclusion.  I know there are people who think if it can't be tested in a scientific laboratory, that you discard it.  This is short sighted.

On the other hand, if you accept every premise that comes along without careful evaluation, you will set yourself up for chasing pretty rainbows as treatment options.  There are many things out there that people think work, but they don't even begin to understand what the "essence" of the modalities is or what truly works.

A moment of pause...

If you can't repeat it from person to person, the magic pill of healing should bring you a moment of pause.  If you become part of a group think, even if it is subconscious and you believe something is happening when it isn't, it should bring you a moment of pause.

Yes, there are elements within healing modalities that work, but far too often we build a belief system of rules and procedures around that.  We end up obliterating what is truly there that is healing in lieu of the human ego with its desire to control.

Feeling it in the body...

You can chase magic pills of healing all day long.  You can give your power up to others, but if you don't go in and connect the experience, the thoughts, and the emotions that arise with where it is felt in the body,  you're working with half a deck. There are far too many snake oil salesman selling a tonic that has no medicinal value.  The key emphasis being on feeling it in the body!

We have so much more within us that we ignore.  We have far more ability to understand and find the answers we need, then we ever allow ourselves to admit.  We have the ability to enact so much physical change in our body, but we subscribe to the fears we are born with and are taught in our life.

It is when we go into those fears and recognize our innate ability to heal that we find true healing.  We see at that moment what are just magic pills of healing and which are tonic sold by snake oil salesman.

There are just far too many things out there that don't pass the sniff test, let alone could stand up to the rigors of repeatability.  We may think our "modality" stands the test of time, but if it doesn't continue to evolve and change and grow, then please challenge what you think and believe.  Don't mislead others even if you're misleading yourself.  It harms people.

In many ways, if you want something to work, more than likely it will.  In the same manner, if you don't want something to work and think it is puff and stuff, than that will most likely be your outcome.  Choose wisely, because your own healing could depend upon it.


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