Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Destination Is Our Intention

What we focus on with our intentions is the direction that we travel. Just as if you get in a car, enter your destination into a GPS and begin travel, so to, this happens in life. We focus on where we want to go, we plug in our destination and then away we go.

Even if we decide to take a detour and find an alternate route, our GPS of life works to chart a new route towards our destination for us. We don't have to worry about it or think about it, the recalculating just happens. No matter what turns we take or what roads we choose, we still manage to arrive at our destination point.

Of course, the entire time we were taking an alternate route, we could have filled our self with worry. Yet, the worry would not have added anything positive to our trip. It would have not gotten us there any quicker. It might have made us feel the illusion of being productive but it would be an empty feeling. And even if we worried and felt as if we did not know where we were going, we still arrived at our destination.

In addition, if we would have focused on the worry of getting to our destination, we would have missed the sights and joys of the journey. The road would have become a blurred line to follow rather than something to experience. We would miss so much along our route.

It is not so important in life, if we know exactly what roads we will take. We all have a destination that we are traveling to. The most important part is that we begin travel and enjoy the journey. yes, there may be potholes, construction and detours, but our destination is what matters. It is what we want to keep our focus on. The destination is the intention and our focus on it, gets us there.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mind Body Breath Connection

Breathe in - then breathe out. Repeat as needed.

Let your breath center yourself throughout your day. For when you focus and come back to your breath, you find the grounding within your body. You need to search no further. it is right there within you. It is always there.

When the moments seem stressful or the frustrations mount, remember to breathe. You can do this anywhere you are at. That few seconds of noticing your breath rise and fall, can be enough to cause a shift within yourself. You don't have to be in any certain room or seated in a certain position. You can do this at any time and in any place.

There is something about us focusing on our breath that changes our biology. Not only do we bring in extra oxygen to our bodies but we connect the mind with the body. Think of what the extra oxygen gives to our body through the nutrients that our blood delivers and the waste products the blood carries away.

When we connect with our breath and feel it in our body, we are giving our body permission to feel in a safe and trusted way. It is as if we are allowing and promoting connections between our mind and our body. It is allowing our body to feel, sense and be in the moment where our mind is trying to engage with it. We are giving ourselves permission to do this.

Our breath does so much for us physically in a day and so often we take it for granted. Even if we stop to honor it on occasion, there are many times in our day where we are disconnected to it. It is like we assume it will do its thing and we do not need to be concerned at all with how we connect to it.

How would our day and our life change if we stopped for a brief moment throughout our day and noticed our breath. It does not need to be a long duration that we do this. Even 30 seconds to notice our breath could be a life changing moment. It does not require a major announcement to those around us. It only need to be a brief, quiet and reflective personal act that we give our self.

I've got a feeling that if each one of us stopped several times throughout our day and noticed the connection between our breath and our body, life as we know it would change. We would most likely witness shifts in our life of how we feel, sense and view things around us taking place. Imagine the possibilities! imagine the potential for personal growth and body awareness! Imagine the potential for healing in our bodies. And all it takes is but a few moments of stopping to notice our breath through our mind body connection.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Puzzle Pieces Of Life

Sometimes it is hard to see in the moment, exactly why the pieces of life appear as they do. It is so easy to want to play Monday morning quarterback and claim we know what is best for us. We feel it is makes life much easier.

However, the more we go in and try to manipulate the puzzle pieces of life, the more we delay getting the image to appear. We often worry and fret about how things are going and what pieces of the puzzle we should play. When, in all reality it does not matter.

The pieces of the puzzle of our life fit together in an exact way. They are not interchangeable. There are none that are missing. All are properly cut and shaped to fit into the puzzle as they are meant to. So as much as we may try to force a piece into a spot for which it does not belong, we have to realize there is one spot for each piece.

Allowing the puzzle of our life to unfold and come together will give us the opportunity to see the bigger picture. We do not need to fight it. It will show up as we place the pieces together. If it looks like a piece does not fit at that particular moment, all is fine. The piece will have an opportunity to fit into the puzzle when the timing is right.

All we need to do in our lives is show up and be present. Follow our hearts as we become more consciously aware of who we are as current puzzle pieces and how we fit together. Allowing our life to unfold in the manner it needs to, will give us the complete picture. It will happen in the moment that is meant to be.

All is well, All is well
Don't worry about your life
It is unfolding as planned.
Follow you heart and life will unfold
Each moment is but a step forward
All is well, All is well
Don't worry about your life
It is unfolding as planned.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Allowing Good Things In Our Life

Allowing things to happen in the way they need to is often easier to say than it is to do. It is easy to think that we do allow things in our lives but if we are truly honest with ourselves, we do often hold back. It is part of our human nature.

Many times, we ask for things in our life, whether it is for money to pay the bills, abundance in our life, a new job, or other changes we desire and need. We visualize and we pray and we talk about all of these things but yet, they never seem to show up. We then become discouraged thinking that we are not good enough to deserve these things and that is why they are not showing up.

When they do try to show up in our consciousness, we are often busy self sabotaging our lives that we don't see these things. It has been said that what we need for our lives is around us and within us. All we have to do is tap into it, turn it on, and allow it to come into full view.

One recent example within myself is that I was desiring the opportunity to do something I loved to do. Over and over I hoped for it, wished for it and tried hard to visualize it. I felt as if I was not getting anywhere. All of the sudden, my mind had one of those light bulb moments, where I realized that I already had what I needed for the opportunity I was seeking. All I had to do was to put it together. It was there all the time but since I was spending my energy hoping for it, I was missing what was there. I was not allowing it to unfold and happen.

Allowing is not always an easy thing for humans to do. We want to give ourselves the fake illusion that we are in control. We need nothing else because we are all powerful. It is true that we are powerful beyond comprehension but when that power turns into a road block for our lives, it holds us back from allowing things to happen. There is a difference between the power that helps move us forward the power that is from the ego.

To allow good things and the things we desire to come into our stream of consciousness, we need only to stop and search deep within. We are already engulfed by so many wonderful things. We just need to stop, seek and find. Yes, it most likely will entail great personal growth, but without that, we do not evolve as humans.

Take a moment throughout today and your days ahead to notice where you focus your energy. We all have things we must do in a day and sometimes what we feel we must do are not as they appear. Look at where your focus goes. Is this feeding the route to which you desire to go? Is it bringing you closer to what you seek in life? Is your life filled with ease and is it flowing?

Then, consider how you might change the slightest thing in your life which will bring your energy and focus in line with your desires. It could be a shift of thought and outlook. It could be a change in something you do in your day. It could be asking a simple question such as "how do I allow this into my life?". There are many things you could do and the possibilities are endless.

There is that part of us located deep within our body that is our compass and barometer. It prompts us to go forward, to listen to connections in life and help us find lighting for our path. If we tap into this powerful force within us, it will not only help us to become more consciously aware but will help us tap into that place of allowing things to happen in our life. It is our connection to the stream of consciousness we have for our lives. May we allow it.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Offer Up These Concerns

Dear Universe and Angels,
I offer up these concerns, worries and frustrations to you. I have no idea how to change any of these things. They feel very overwhelming to me. They feel impossible to move beyond. I feel as if I have fought the good fight, yet that isn't enough.

The only thing I know which is left for me to do is to leave them in your hands. I need your help and your understanding. I need your care and compassion. I need to feel loved by you, and accepted.

Please somehow show me in multiple ways that you are listening and that you are there for me. Please show me that you are helping me with these things.

Help me have the courage to open myself to all the ways you are there for me. Please help me to just feel safe and supported in your arms. Help me to truly find my way beyond this dark forest that I walk.

Monday, July 26, 2010

We Need The Clouds

Sometimes in life, our hearts come upon moments that can be challenging and difficult. We may have lost someone dear to us or just struggling as we hit the speed bumps in life.

While it would be nice to only have days of sunshine in our lives, we do need the clouds and the rain. Imagine what the world would look like without clouds and rain. It is the same in our life. It allows us to compare and contrast feelings, emotions, and experiences. Being able to compare and contrast gives us the opportunity to not only experience sorrow but recognize when happiness is around us. One without the other would leave us unbalanced.

Yes, it can be difficult to deal with the rough moments in life. Sorrow feels draining and never ending at the time we are experiencing it. However, if you look back on those difficult moments in your life, you hopefully will notice that you made it through them. Even though at the time it felt like you were being pulled under, you did make it. You made it through with flying colors.

It does not mean that these times were easy or short in duration. It just means that through your creative wisdom and personal discovery, that you found a way beyond them. Often it is the darkest just before the dawn. So to, is it some times the most difficult before we realize just how much we are growing.

Life sometimes is harder to understand while you're looking at one individual moment. However, if you can widen you viewing angle, you may very likely be surprised at just how it changes. It took very little effort on your part just to see what was happening even in the midst of the difficult moment.

May we have eyes that can never close. May we have a desire to be more than we are today. May we allow ourselves to reach deep within for the energy, the strength and the courage we need in life. And may we give thanks for each and every experience in our lives. For without them, we would not be who we are today.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Don't Quit

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all up hill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must -- but don't you quit.

Life is queer with it's twists and turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out;
Don't give up, though the pace seems slow -
You might succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than
it seems to a faint and faltering man,
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor's cup.
And he learned too late, when the
night slipped down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out --
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt --
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit --
It's when things seem worst that you mustn't quit.

-- Author Unknown

If you are the author, please message me so I can make sure you are credited for this poem.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Healthy Relationships

My partner and I have some great moments and then we also have moments where I'm sure both of us question our relationship. To me, this is a balanced relationship because one without the other would be boring I suspect (at least to me) or maybe not balanced!

We've been together for almost 11 years now and the relationship has changed as we have changed. (through both the good and the bad).

One thing we both see is how we've grown individually and as a couple. We're not the same people we were when we met and that's a good thing. The important part though is we've grown together as we've grown individually. Both parts I think are important. Sometimes though the rate of growth has been different between us which does account for some of the push/pull parts of our relationship.

We had a rough period of time when we first got together until we learned that some things matter and some things don't. The little things that we were getting so upset over, really didn't matter in the end. Once we focused on what we shared and what we loved about the other person, many of those things just diminished in view. They just weren't as important for us.

We've learned to allow the other person to feel miserable and like crap and be sad, depressed, crying... etc... and be ok with it. It isn't always easy to see someone you love struggle, but we just try to support each other and allow the other person to continue on their journey. That can get very tough to do! But it has allowed us to both grow in some intense ways and I doubt we would have grown if the other person would have been trying to fix each other's problems.

Early on in our relationship, I could barely have much touch or hugs or even sex. So we developed a way that if something made either of us uncomfortable, all we had to do was say "stop". No questions asked and no reasons for it other than we just needed to stop. It gave us so much personal power and control that usually helped us move through those issues. The trust we developed as a result has been very helpful and nurturing.

Sometimes we find we get in a rut and life becomes predictable. We get in a routine and then things get boring. So every now and then, we just take a day and run off to the beach or some city or park or something that we find fun. It gives us a break away and just allows us to have fun. We try to have those silly moments as well to really just be kids and enjoy life. Life can get difficult enough without us adding to it.

We're together a lot because both of us work out of our home. Sometimes, we just need a break from each other and so we make sure we find things to do by ourselves that give us that. It may be sitting out by our pool, reading a book or going to the fitness center or whatever it is. Time spent apart is just as valuable as the time we spend together.

We also have many differences in our personalities and our likes but we've learned to be with the other person in some of those activities. We just share them with each other and while they are activities either of us would not do on our own, they are something different that we can share together and enrich not only our own lives but our relationship.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

What Impacts The Spine

The other day, I was checking out local Chiropractor websites and saw the following Spine Simulator for the Lechmaier Family Chiropractic Center in Orange City, Florida.

For the link to their website, click here

For the link to the Spine Simulator, click here

The interesting thing to note about this spine simulator is just how different impacts on the spine, affect various organs, nerves and systems of the body. By clicking on each of the areas, you'll quickly see just what is impacted. It is a pretty interesting simulation.

Make sure you check out all the other wonderful information that is on the main website.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Toxic Products We Consume

In a recent published article on CNN (May 31, 2010 by David S. Martin), 5 toxics that are everywhere - protect yourself, some excellent information was given. Click on the previous link to read the entire article and help to inform yourself. In this blog post, I'm only going to highlight various points that were made so make sure you check out the entire article for the full scoop. The author of this article did some excellent research and I'm glad to see this information being written about! He gets a big thumbs up from me for what he wrote!

Through products that we use and are around on a daily basis, we encounter all of these toxic substances. From plastic bottles, storage containers, cookware and appliances to carpet, furniture, electronics and fabrics, almost every house contains at least one of these toxic substances. The article noted as well that many of these substances did not exist a century ago.

If you want to know more about many other substances in our homes, please check out Karen Logan's book, "Clean House, Clean Planet". She gives a tremendous amount of details about toxic substances that will really open your eyes. I have read and used her book in our home and we continue to rid our home of toxic cleaning supplies. Most of these substances that are toxic are really not needed but somehow in our society and culture, we have become convinced that they are.

Here are a few substances stated in the article.

1) BPA - Bisphenol A

What Is It?
Building block of polycarbonate in plastics and is used in epoxy resins

Found Where?
Water bottles, baby bottles, reusable storage containers, food cans and electronics

Center for Disease Control and Prevention found BPA in the urine of 93% of people tested

Health Affects:
American Chemistry Council says there are no ill health affects. A new study of Chinese factory workers with high BPA exposure showed signs of reduced male sexual function. Other research suggests a potential cancer risk and may mimic the female hormone estrogen. It may disrupt the chemical signals that regulate the endocrine system.

The Environmental Protection Agency views this as a "chemical of concern" but allows BPA in flexible food packaging.

To Reduce Exposure
Use stainless steel bottles or glass storage containers. If the plastic container or bottle has a number 7 on it, assume it contains BPA unless it states otherwise. Limit usage of canned vegetables. Not microwaving or putting hot liquids in BPA containers.

2) Phthalates

What Is It?
These chemicals soften plastic and bind chemicals together

Found Where?
Shampoos, hair products, perfume, cologne, vinyl flooring, food packaging

Absorbed into our body through personal care products. Virtually everyone is exposed to phthalates.

Health Affects:
A recent study suggests a strong correlation between phthalates and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. They are considered to disrupt the endocrine system and alter male sexual development and reproduction.

The Environmental Protection Agency views this as a "chemical of concern" but allows BPA in flexible food packaging.

To Reduce Exposure
Avoid hair care and other personal care products that list fragrance as an ingredient

3) PFOA -- Perfluorooctanoic acid (also called C8)

What Is It?
Used to make Teflon and other nonstick, stain and water repellent products.

Found Where?
Cookware, water repellent clothing, furniture and carpets

By eating contaminated food cooked on nonstick pans and inhaling contaminated air.

Health Affects:
Almost everyone has PFOA in their blood. It does cause cancer in laboratory animals but according to the EPA, there is not enough research to claim it causes cancer in humans.

The Environmental Protection Agency views this as a "chemical of concern".

To Reduce Exposure
Use stainless steel or cast iron cookware. If using non stick software, do not overheat.

4) Formaldehyde
See Article: 5 Toxics That Are Everywhere

5) PBDEs - Polybrominated diphenyl ethers
See Article: 5 Toxics That Are Everywhere

For further reading, a website in promotion of these substances exists.

- For BPA, click here
- For Phthalates, click here
- For PFOA, click here

In the case of the websites about BPA and Phthalates, it is a little difficult to tell exactly who is behind it. It appears that it is the American Chemistry Council. While I cannot be 100% sure, I'm certain they have a vested interest in portraying this substance as a positive thing. Again, that is my guess and opinion. I do not know what interest they have in it. I'll let you decide that for yourself.

For the PFOA website mentioned above, that is put out by Dupont, makers of Teflon. Enough said in my view but again, please read and judge all information according to what is important to you and your life.

While I know people on both sides can quote study after study, I also know that many research studies are funded by the people who want certain things to be portrayed in a positive way. I'm smart enough to know that just because it is a research study, it doesn't mean what they claim it to mean. Statistics don't lie, but people sometimes twist statistics into results that favor one position over another while omitting results that are not necessarily favorable to their position. People influence research studies all the time. I'm not saying that these sites do this or does not do this. You have to be the judge of that and make those determinations for yourself. Just don't close your eyes and follow any of the information blindly.

It all comes down to adding all kinds of these "substances" whether you call them toxic or safe into our foods, our personal products and the environment around us. Do we really know what they will do? Do we really understand what life will be like in 100 or 200 years if we continue to use these products? Most likely, none of us know the answers to these questions. Am I stupid enough to think that Corporate America will never cut corners in personal safety to increase their bottom line?

I'm sure that anyone could refute any of these claims and provide the necessary feel good research or evidence one way or the other. Again, I'm suspicious of websites that don't clearly state who they are and why they devote the resources they do in promoting something that many have a legitimate concern about. Each of us have to make our own determinations as to what products we wish to use and the reasons we wish to use them. Arming yourself with as much information about the pros and cons of something is the best way you can go to make those determinations. Following a website or news report blindly, will not yield much of anything for your life except being misled and confused.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adopted & Abandoned Children

All my life, I never felt like I fit in with my family. I always felt like the odd person out - the one that did not fit in, the one that didn't belong! I was so sensitive to things and saw things in a different way than my family with the one exception - my mom. She could sense, pick up on things and just know things that weren't visible to the conscious mind. I'm much the same way.

After I left home, I remember obtaining a copy of my birth certificate to see who my actual parents were. For a long time I felt like I was adopted. I felt like I had been born into the wrong family or someone switched me at birth. Really - I did! The birth certificate states my parents are the ones that gave birth to me. And of course, for a long time, I didn't believe it until others started telling me that I did resemble some of the physical features of my parents.

This may all sound odd to question and believe me, I still question it at times. Yes, I know I grew up with these people and I resemble them and I share some of the traits my mom has but in all honesty, I just don't feel like I belong to the family I was born and raised into. Maybe that is for good reason considering all I went through but it is a hard pill for me to swallow.

Several years ago, when I had went through my paralysis and was trying to piece my life back together, I received many hurtful, painful and downright evil letters from my family. It got to a point that I could not even think about going to my mailbox without having an anxiety attacks. These letters came to me for many months and were chastising and demeaning and manipulative.

Things got so bad that it came to a point where I had to just sever all ties with them. I had to totally let go and cut the ties in order for me to survive. My life was a fragile pile of pieces at that point where I was barely getting through my days. With the nightmares that haunted me every hour to the anxiety attacks that came as the wind blew to the fears that overwhelmed me, it was difficult to function. Any outside attacks on me just became more weight that piled on me as if there was no tomorrow. Many times, I wanted to give up. Many times, I tried to give up.

So my choice to stop all communication and contact with my family was out of necessity. It is a decision no one should have to make. No kid should ever have to endure what I went through either. Yet, I have struggled for years because I don't have that family connection. It is a biological connection. It is a basic connection for all humans.

Yes, I've heard many say that you can create your own family and you can make your life into what you want it to be. I know you can do this and I've done a lot of this work already. But at the same time, you cannot replace the biological family connection. It is such a basic function in our biology. Without that biological connection, you face life as if you are on your own. There is no "family" to fall back on and there is no "family" there to support you. You're not able to talk to your family much like others do. It is like a gaping hole within you that no matter what you put in there and no matter how much you try to fill it in, it is still there. It never seems to go away.

Maybe this is how children who are adopted and abandoned feel. I've known some people in my life that were literally tossed in a garbage can on the street and somehow they survived. However, you could see the deep pain of abandonment in their eyes and you could sense how out of step with the world they felt. There are so many children that are born because two adults decide to have sex but when the child comes, they could care less if it exists. The lucky ones find homes where they are loved. The unlucky ones are left to fight and struggle for their existence. And yet, we as a society turn our heads to these things as we close our eyes hoping that these type of situations just don't exist.

Writing all of this really doesn't bring any answers for myself and it really doesn't give me the comfort I need. I long for that biological connection which is now lost forever. Even if I could have it, the connection to the person that hurt me is so toxic, I would not wish a moment alone with them. I continue on in my life, trying to deal with the absence of the biological connection to my family. Maybe at some point in the future, it will lessen more but I can guarantee you that every holiday which comes around, I am reminded in very strong ways that the connection does not exist. If I ever figure out how to completely let go of this part of my life, I'll be sharing it with the world! For now, its a process that continues to unfold.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Allowing Things To Change

Sometimes I so badly want things to change in life. My fears try to get the best of me and self confidence falls to an all time low. I am constantly reminded though, that all of this is part of my journey. I need to allow it to unfold and let the prompts in life guide me.

Allowing is difficult to do in life. For when things seem so noisy and stressful, you just want to move through them as quickly as you can. However, it is most likely the same as the song Garth Brooks sings, "I could have missed the pain but I'd of had to miss the dance". It is part of the process, no matter how difficult the process may become.

Of course, the frustration, pain and discomfort is messages of prompting to help find our way. They are like bumper railings in life. Sometimes though, it is easy to focus on the bumps and not on the path.

It takes courage, determination and staying open to all that we experience. What we may see today that makes no sense in this moment, may be the cement we use to build tomorrow's bricks for our path.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

What Moves Us To Action

What moves us to action? Is it our fears, our longings, our passions or desires? Could it be that others are responsible for moving us to action. Maybe it is an event, a person or some place that we travel to, that prompts us to do something.

There are times that it is hard to explain but we know deep down inside of us, that it is something we must do. We feel it in ways that it is clearly evident to us. Often times, we feel as if we stand alone as we prepare to take action, all the time knowing, we must do this.

It is often scary and unknown. There is usually no road map or a detailed list to guide our way. Soemtimes, even the objective is unclear at the moment we start. For us to look forward, it can be unimaginable how far this path of action will lead us.

While it can be easy to feel discouraged by the fear and worry of the unknown, we must remember to stay in the moment of now. We may not see how individual and unconnected points fit together as they come by. It may be sometime before we can view how all parts of our life moments fit together into a beautiful story.

We should never cease to dream or fail to live our dreams. For through the dreams, we open ourselves up to all that is possible. By opening ourselves up, we find that which excites us. Honoring that which excites us, moves us to action. It is at that point, where we truly find our feet on our path.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Listening To The Universe

How much do we miss in our day? It is most likely much more than any one of us want to admit. The messages are there but in our culture and society, we've been well trained to just go on in our daily life and sort of ignore them. It is like getting a cell phone call, and then dropping the call. The universe is then saying to us, can you hear me now?

While there may be some very gifted people that are meant to connect with the universe in a special way, I believe that anyone can do this. I believe we all can get messages if we are open to them and allow them to come in. All too often, we close our lives off through fear and shutting down that stream of information we so long for.

Isn't it amazing that there is no shortage of people in this world asking questions of what they should do in life. The questions include finances, abundance, relationships, jobs, careers and purpose in their lives. They often seek out others to tell them what they should be doing in life. While others may help them discover some of their truths, they often give their power up to those people. At the same time, they fail to connect with their own internal message stream.

Things like not trusting one's self, fear and past experience can muffle the message or block it out all together. Staying so busy in our lives or chasing the wrong rainbow gives us little opportunity to connect. Having low self confidence, leaves us doubting all that we experience, wondering if we are trusting a thief in the night or a good Samaritan. Past trauma and even current day stress can distort all that we view and pick up in our days even with the best of intentions.

This information is so valuable to us. It shows up through heart tugs, feelings of ease or difficulty, abundance or lack, body pain and illness and many other ways. How we feel in our lives is the prompt to evaluate our direction. If we attempt to hide from the things we need to face, can we expect a good outcome for our daily lives?

Yes, often we are not sure what the next step is. I have been at the point of being physically paralyzed from a conversion disorder and quite literally did not know how to take the next step. I had to trust that the physical therapist and doctors knew how to help me. I had to have the courage and determination to keep trying no matter how tough it got, to function once again. I had to allow myself to focus in the moment, and on my body, so that I could recover. Sometimes we do not know what to do, but inaction or doing nothing will get us no further than we are in the moment.

It all starts with quieting our minds, connecting to our bodies and allowing ourselves to open up and listen. Acknowledge the fears so that you are able to let them go. Let the energy of the fears and pain, help motivate the change instead of allowing it to pull you under. Spend time regularly allowing yourself to stop, rest and be open. Allow yourself the opportunity to listen. Give yourself the permission.

Then, just observe what thoughts, patterns or yearnings you notice. See what thoughts pop into your mind and prompt you to take action. See how different events make you feel and move towards the ones you are passionate about. Let yourself be in the moment, giving yourself the permission to just open up and listen and connect with all that you are.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Concerns And Worry

Are you worried and concerned about things in your life? If you're like I am and probably many others, why not try this exercise. Find a quiet place in your life and make a list of all things that concern you or you are worried about. Nothing is too great or too small to list. It doesn't have to be a complete thought or sentence. It could be just words, pictures or however you choose to record it. Allow yourself time to list everything you are concerned about. Than consider the following thought in helping you to release and let go of these worries and concerns. It is easy to worry about the things in life we are concerned about but sometimes we forget we can release these as well.

Here's the thought to consider after you have listed your concerns.

What if I released my concerns today to the Angels and just let these things go? For I know that the more I worry about these things, the more it robs me of precious energy. I cannot control them. If I let them control me, than I have allowed myself to become their slave. What if I released my concerns today to the Angels and just let these things go? Trust them. Trust the Angels.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Just Know

Deep within my body is a place where I go that helps guide me and helps me determine that which is unseen but felt. I know there are people who are skeptical about others who pick up other things in life. I pick up so much at times and none of it is spoken or written or exhibited. I just pick it up.

Often though, when I pick things up, I check it against that innermost place in my body. That place is deep within my gut which may also be referred to as the enteric brain but I have no idea if science really would establish that link or not. It is just a place that I feel it deeply and know without a doubt what is and what is not. It is a place that I just feel, sense and know. However, if you were to ask me to describe it, I would struggle immensely.

There are times when I pick things up that I don't get any internal bodily confirmation of it. So during those times, I'm more reluctant to give whatever information it is, much credibility. There are other times that when I get the information, I feel it strongly and immediately. There is no doubt within my mind of the significance of what I am receiving. Even in those strong reactions deep within me, I have times that without a shadow of a doubt, I know whatever it is, I am picking up.

Then there are the times that I hear something from someone or am asked something and immediately, I know, see, feel or sense what is true and what is not. I have had situations where someone was being told something and emphatically, I am hearing in my mind something that completely contradicts what others are telling them. Again, I have no way to prove this. It is what I feel and pick up deep within me.

I really try to pay attention to these insights as well because I'm finding that they hold very useful information for me or for others. For a long time I discounted all of this thinking it was my wild imagination and yet I had friends telling me that they were surprised at what I knew and that somehow I just knew things. I never thought about it much and if I did, it scared me so badly that I wanted nothing to do with it.

Of course I see people that give themselves titles and designations claiming they are psyhic or mediums or they can pick up things about others. And while I know there are many out there that can do this, there are many who struggle to pick up a clear signal. All too often, I see people claiming to know things but the information they are giving does not match up and many times, I feel that deep within myself. Who is to say, I'm right though and they are wrong? I try not to look at it that way.

One time at spiritualist organization, I had a great 5 minute reading by a lady who was a medium, that hit the nail on the head and was more accurate than I thought was possible. It was amazing just how much she shared with me and how much she picked up. All of it was extremely accurate as well and really did help me. I was never able to find out who this lady was of course because I would have liked to meet with her again. I know she existed but doing a search of her name turned up no contact information.

Of course, another time at the spiritualist organization, I had one of the mini readings by a medium and the lady used holding my hand to notice that I didn't have a wedding ring on. So she began to tell me that I needed to go out and meet women more, blah blah blah. She was so far from the truth if she was even connected to it. I am in a long term relationship and I have no desire to go out and meet women for many reasons. If that would have been my first experience with this type of information, I would have never gone back. Fortunately, I have experienced people that are not full of themselves but really do connect with a source that is unseen. A friend of mine ended up with a similar experience as well. In these situations, I'd rather have the person just look me in the eye and say, I'm sorry but I'm not picking anything up instead of performing in the way that they think I want them to. It would bring much more credibility.

Of course, when you connect with things that are unseen, it is sometimes hard to truly know what is real and what is not. Even if you know it is real, you have to be so careful in how your life's experiences and your own filters of the mind, influence that information and mold it into words that you share. Ego has to be really in check and one needs to be well grounded and connected to themselves in a deep way. Otherwise, who knows how the words of the information will come forth. Sadly, there are many who do not understand this but continue to act as if they do. Fortunately, there are true ones out there that really do understand this and have done the intense healing work on themselves.

In my mind, many of these things that people pick up and we look at as being special or strange, they should be more normal to the population as a whole. In our society though, we concentrate on working as many hours as we can to please the boss, running to this meeting or that meeting, enabling our children to be over involved in as many activities as they can and basically just making life into one busy long day after another. We fail to stop and connect to the earth, to things around us and to each other because that doesn't fit in our day. If you add into it, all the interference from electronic devices, cell phones and our world around us, we leave little room for the signals of the information to get through to us. In addition, there are many people who have been so hurt in life and are so stressed out, that their lives are anything but grounded.

Being grounded and in touch with the core of yourself gives you a true connection to things that much of this world just does not connect with. Indigenous cultures pick up on these things all the time as if it is as normal as a conversation with someone they meet. If we as a society stopped and became more grounded, connected and healed, we would experience so much more.

One final note in all of this is that so many who do pick things up try to package that up into a nice little set of beliefs and rituals which just get in the way of what is going on. The dogma people subscribe to or use to replace some other set of beliefs is so rampant in our society. It has no use in all of this. It is not founded upon anything but a person's belief system. Just because someone ditches the mainstream religions and is into the new age philosophy, it does not mean they have rid their life of the dogma. Often times, they have just replaced one set of beliefs for another and again, it serves no purpose in this. I'm sure many will argue that point with me but I just ask that people really question all that they believe and search for the true source of those beliefs.

My hope is that each person will be all they can be and discover all that they are. Today, you may be standing at the crossroads in life wondering which way to go but if you just allow things to unfold, you'll be amazed at all that is out there. Find the ultimate truth in the things that tug at your heart strings and see what things are at the core and what things are part of a belief system. We all have a belief system but if we allow it to cloud our views and thoughts, than it becomes a chain around our neck dragging us to the bottom of the ocean. Look for the truth. Search it out and don't stop until you do. Don't just settle for what someone else tells you. Find it out for yourself!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Healing The Trauma of Child Sexual Abuse

One of the comments that came through on a blog post I wrote about "Male Survivor" has a link to a very good blog post as well. I thought it had some great information and I like to support fellow survivors who are healing their own lives.

I'm always intrigued as well by those that have been touched by sexual abuse and how they heal it in their own lives. There are many paths to healing and the more we join hands together, sharing what we've learned and what has worked for us, the better our society will be. Child abuse is horrible but as we break the silence and speak out, we leave fewer darkened corners for it to hide and grow in.

Here's the link to check out! Healing The Trauma of Sexual Abuse

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mindfully Present

Have you ever just stopped and listened to what is around you? Have you noticed all the sounds that may be present? Sure, there are times when we hear the familiar sounds we know very well. But, just how much do we really hear and notice and take in? So often we are too busy in our lives to notice and be mindful of our surroundings.

If you really want to reset and be mindfully present, try quieting yourself and listening to what is around you. You may want to take a notebook with you and record all that you hear. See how many different sounds you can pick up on. Observe all that you can see. Notice everything that is going on. Allow yourself to be part of the moment, pushing aside all other thoughts, worries, and things you need to accomplish for your day. This time is about allowing yourself to be mindfully present in the moment.

For there is no better moment of rest that is energizing, refreshing and inviting than to surround yourself with the symphony of nature. All too often, we are too busy in our lives to just stop and let our mind, body and spirit be in the moment.

It is so easy for us to get caught up in our days, filled with electronics of all flavors, type and sizes. We are constantly bombarded by noise from the TV news, the cars rushing by or the chatter of our fellow humans. While many of these things may be a necessary part of our day, we need to balance our lives with time away from these noises. We cannot expect to let go when we are constantly bombarded with noise that never stops.

So, find a place in nature somewhere, as far removed from the city hustle and bustle, that you can. Take some fresh, cool water with you. When you arrive at your spot, make yourself comfortable. If you're having a difficult time quieting your thoughts, acknowledge them and then just sit there focusing on your breathing. Tell yourself, if you need to, that all the stresses and worries of your day are not needed int his moment. Let them go for now, because they will be there when you are done. However, they may appear different.

Then as you sink into the moment, just allow yourself to be there as an observer. Take note of all that you see, feel, sense, observe and pick up. If it feels right, try to record these things on a notebook, but stay mindful and present. Just sit there with all that is going on. Take in everything and see what shows up that you may not easily see. Just observe and notice it all.

Once you have finished, be thankful for this time. Then, notice how the rest of your day goes. Is there a change in how you view things in your life? Is there a change or shift in you? Do you feel a sense of ease? Just observe and notice all of it. Take it all in.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Release It, Let It Go

Often there are times in my daily life when I just struggle to let go of things. I give lip service that I actually do let go, but if I was honest, I would have to own up to not letting go completely. Even if I manage to let go of most of the situation, there is usually a part that I cling to. Sometimes, that is a small part but it truly says I did not release it and let it go.

It could involve situations that happen online or through communication with people I know. It may be experiences with people in public places or in work situations. Often it involves financial stress and worry like paying the bills. In all of these circumstances, I observe myself worrying, holding it in and clinging to that which I cannot control.

While the illusion of control probably gives nourishment to my mind, it seems never to be in short supply. Although I have made great strides in working through this, I know that to release situations in life and let them go, is not easy. I'm not saying it is impossible but it has taken much work to get as far as I have gotten.

It does seem like I continually forget that I am not in this world alone. I have help, support and love from people around me as well as the angels. I've been a witness many times to all of this and yet, I still try to face life on my own. I act as I am in a void apart from everyone and as if I have to go it alone.

While I know control issues date back to prehistoric times in my life, they are not healthy and balanced for me. I can feel the control, worry and stress build up in my shoulders, neck and back. It robs me of precious energy in my day and alters how I view my life. As much as I want to let go of the control, I find myself attracted to it as a tempting and seductive desire. It is like I allow it to be chained to my neck as I attempt to drag it through my life.

The question then becomes, how do I let it go? How do I release it? I would think that I first need to recognize when I'm not giving up control. Unless I know that control is in play, how would I be able to give it up?

The next part of this would be to acknowledge it and allow it to be there with me, so that I can learn what it is that I need to learn. By keeping myself in the observer mode, it may have a great deal of wisdom to share with me. By allow it to be in the current moment, I have now taken the power back from it. I have empowered myself instead of being manipulated by it.

The final step would be to find out why I wish to hold on to this moment. What is in it for me? When I can truly be in this space of awareness and the current moment of now, then I will have the option to let go and release it.

With the help of the angels and the support and love of people around me, I will find the energy boost to do this. It will be the ultimate spark to allow this to happen. It will allow me to remember the magical sense of wonder in life and to fully embrace it.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Ignore The Pain

How far am I willing to go to ignore pain?

One of the things I have been thinking about lately through the tooth pain, is just how much I ignored it. I really didn't think I was ignoring the pain, but as I look back, I realize that I was. It took such an intense pain that would not give up, to push me to actually do something about it. Imagine the depths I went to just to avoid the inevitable of going to the dentist.

At first, I was having a painful wrist, where it was hard to do anything with my right hand. I was trying to explain it in my mind as carpal tunnel or spending too much time using the mouse on my computer. Little did I realize at the time, my body was compensating for me during my sleep time at night. It was helping me to avoid laying on the side of my face that hurt by using my hand to shield me from the pain. I was completely oblivious that this was going on. Yet, I felt the wrist pain.

Then there was the sore throat and the barely felt tooth pain, which I just passed off to heat stress and allergies from yard work. However, the tooth pain and pressure in my jaw persisted days after these stresses. Yet, I did not allow myself to connect with the pain. I was oblivious to it.

Even the days leading up to the start of the horrible tooth pain, I tried to ignore the nuisance of it. I remember using ice packs on my mouth to help relieve the pain. This was all done in silence and away from the view of house guests we had staying with us.

For I could not let anyone know the truth about how bad the pain was. If I did, then everyone would have seen the shame that I harbored deep within me, I reasoned. I didn't want anyone to see that. The shame I felt from being triggered to things in my past was nothing I wanted anyone to know about. I suffered in silence, hoping that all of this would just go away.

The thing is, the pain got so intense that I had to push through the fears and shame to make an appointment. I was so scared to call the dentist office that I sat with the intense pain for many days. For in my mind, it was not about the tooth that needed attention. It was about the shame that it connects to that my mind so badly wanted to hide from. While that may sound "strange", it is at the root of what is behind my avoidance of the dentist.

Just image though, what my mind and body was willing to do to avoid the pain and not deal with it. It did everything it could to pretend the pain was not there. My body completely disconnected from the pain. It found ways to compensate and shift the pain to other areas, but it was still there. It tried to cover it up and act as if it did not exist.

We all do this in our lives to on degree or another. It may be back pain, neck pain, illness, disease, colds and flu, headaches, financial stress or just about any other situation we face in life. If this sounds too far fetched, read any one of Dr John Sarno's books and see what the body connects to and how far it is willing to go. Times of pain, discomfort and frustration in our lives, is the way in which our body, mind and spirit try to get our attention.

It is the wise that listen to these messages from the body and not ignore them. For they show up for a reason. They help us grow, heal, move forward and evolve our lives. If we medicate them or compensate for them, we may alleviate the pain and discomfort temporarily, but it is still there. Not until we go in and deal with these things, will we get to the true source of the pain.

It will be like a tiger waiting in the brush, ready to pounce upon its prey at an unexpected moment. The slightest trigger or unrelated event may begin a cascade of situations that once again bring us front and center with our pain. May we then have the courage to embrace and allow it, instead of compensating and running from it. For when we embrace courage, we truly give ourselves the moment to change our lives forever.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Illusion Or Reality

I see and hear so many people in this world screaming at the top of their lungs. Often, it is about politics or religion or some other injustice in the world. While these are noble causes that usually involve passion, emotion and action, they tend to be more extreme than they need to be.

Take a notice of how many things are displayed in the news. Or how about the format in which movies are created, entertainment is participated in or the activities we connect to. Everything seems to be bigger, greater, more dramatic and more extreme. It is like we cannot get enough or that we've set the bar so high, that now we need more stimulation in life.

Let's go back to the people screaming or should I say in modern terms, "people discussing things in life and social networking and the news". If you look past the screaming, you'll notice that no one is truly listening or respecting what others have to say. Opinion is now shrouded as fact. Sensationalism is portrayed as energy and passion. Whoever can out talk, out yell or out last their fellow human (a.k.a opponent), is deemed the winner in that moment of life. Of course, the moment changes rapidly these days and so the winner today, may be the loser tomorrow.

To me, this is a sad testament to not only our individual existence but the universal connections we share. It is easy for many of us to judge, critique and get caught up in viewing the world through those that excite and motivate our passions as we tend to see them currently in our lives. In many ways, we are no different than those we judge or embrace. We are as much a part of the screaming as they are.

Yet, how far is this getting us in life? Is it solving problems or truly making us more enlightened? Is it helping us to grow individually and collectively as humans?

While escape from every day stress and pains can often bring relief, we need to identify it as such and not live life as an illusion. The screaming, judging and need to have more sensationalism in our lives is an illusion. It is a mask for what we truly feel in our lives or the things we would rather not feel. Of course, this is old news to most people because deep down, we know this in our mind, body and spirit.

Maybe instead of trying to prove or disprove how much each of us participate in the network of illusion, we may want to play the role of observer. Try taking the next day or week and observing what input you take in to your life. I'm not asking you to set yourself apart from the world but to just observe and notice.

Ask yourself what is the purpose? What is it that I get from this? Then if you're bold enough, you may want to consider if you really need that input or could you replace it with something that connects you more with your mind and body offering much greater rewards to yourself.

Sometimes it isn't easy taking a good hard look at our lives. We feel that we have to follow along like everyone else. The funny thing is though, how collectively we are learning to live reality as an illusion. It is all around us if we just take a moment to look at it. We can fool ourselves and explain or rationalize the illusion in many ways, but in the end, it is still an illusion.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fear Of The Dentist, Part 3

**Note: For full details please read PART 1 and PART 2 **

Today I made it.

Today I did it.

Without any xanax, I managed to get myself into the dentist office and into the chair and allow them to take x-rays and examine me.

Sure, I know there are many people who think, hey I can do that. What’s the big deal? The big deal is that I suffer from an intense fear of going to the dentist. That previous statement was a big understatement. For the fear, is much worse than I can even describe here. When the dentist asked me what my fear of coming in there was, I replied without hesitation and told him it begins when I try to walk in the door and make an appointment. The procedures are just more layers of anxiety that I have to deal with.

However, today I didn’t pass out and I didn’t hide. I faced myself and my fears and went in there. I asked for what I needed and explained what the very difficult moments were for me. And I breathed and I breathed and tried to stay focused even through the tears flowing from my eyes. Fortunately, everyone was very supportive and compassionate but by the time I was ready to leave, it felt like I was in a furnace reaching well over 1000 degrees. It was time to exit stage left.

I wish it was a simple fear that I could just easily let go of. However, to walk in to the dentist office and surrender to the will of what someone needs to do to you is frightening beyond belief for me. I’m very sensitive anyway, so a little bit of discomfort or pain is enough to push me over the top. You throw on top of that, someone putting objects or their fingers in my mouth and now you’ve triggered memories that have haunted me since I can barely remember.
Anytime something is put in my mouth, it feels as if someone is “STUFFING” something in there and forcing it in which I don’t want. If you suffered childhood sexual abuse, you will most likely understand what I’m referring to. If you haven’t suffered through this, use your imagination a little and you will quickly see why I’m so afraid of these things. When I first got my partial plate several years ago, it was all I could do to put it in my mouth and keep it in there without almost gagging and choking to death. Of course, I’m sure there is more to this story but when you’re so young and when your memory doesn’t process things well, all you’re left with is the horrors you are forced to face.

Several years ago, when I finally faced the courage to do major reconstructive work on my teeth, I faced insurmountable fears of just walking into the dentist office. One of the things that I did to help me get there, even with the use of xanax, was playing some of my favorite songs. The song that helped me the most was “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty. In it, the words state, “you can stand me up at the gates of hell but I won’t back down”. In my mind, that sums it up pretty good.

While the remaining procedure is still yet to be completed, I’m glad that I made it through as much as I did today. It was a difficult day and I’m feeling very exhausted. However, I’m quite proud of myself for what I accomplished today. And I can only close this part of my process with the thoughts of the “Fear Poem” by Joy Harjo, an inspirational piece of poetry to put fear in perspective.

And just writing this 1 page piece, I feel that furnace of a thousand degrees. The room has become very warm. Hello Anxiety - so we meet again today.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Fear Of The Dentist, Part 2

**Note: For full details please read PART 1 and PART 3 **

From My Daily Journal: I am very scared and full of fears at this moment and instead of sweeping them under the rug, I am going to acknowledge them. For today is my dentist appointment. Last night was so difficult to sleep worrying about it and dealing with the pain of the tooth.

To be very honest, I'm not sure what all my fears are. However, without a doubt, I know they are there. I can feel my pulse increase and my heart beat overtime as I acknowledge the fear within me at this moment.

The anxiety of what will happen, how I will react, is alive and growing within me. The anxiety of just being anxious is trying to engulf me.

These feelings and emotions are not new. They are estranged bedfellows to me. Yet, they feed off of me as their last meal just before starvation. My hope is that they get their bellies full and move on to their next victims. They only laugh and scoff at me in these thoughts.

May I today reach way down into that area that seems to not exist in this moment, and find the courage I need. While I'm there reaching, may I also find the comfort and peace to know that it is going to be all right. I'm going to get through this. I'm much stronger than I realize.

Please, Angels, I ask that I will have the courage, comfort and peace that I need. May I allow myself to just be in all of this as the day unfolds.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thankful Abundance In Life

I'm thankful today, for all I've been given.

I'm thankful for all I've been given in life. This includes the pain, the bad stuff and the difficult lessons of life.

I'm thankful for the supportive and caring people around me. I feel the love so strong in this moment.

I'm thankful for those who showed me harm in my life, for they have helped me grow in ways I most likely would not have.

I'm thankful for the beauty that is all around me. This includes those parts of our world who cast shadows in the night and darkness during the day. For it shows that light is all around me.

I'm thankful for the sounds and music around me. I hear the screams and the silence but together they show me the full width of the sound spectrum.

I'm thankful for restful moments in my life. They bring moments of reflection through the confusion of stress.

I'm thankful for my fears in life. For my fears and discomfort give way to showing me, areas of growth in my life and helping to keep my feet on the path.

I'm thankful for everything in my life. I realize all the events that swirl around me like a tornado, will lead to days of sunshine and calm.

I'm thankful today, for all I've been given.

I'm truly blessed.

I breathe it all in.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Prayer Of Self Acceptance

Dear Angels,
It is a difficult time right now and I could use all the support and love I can get at this time. Between the physical pain and the everyday stress, I feel like the weight of the world is upon me. I feel as if the hope of tomorrow is waning. I feel battered and bruised.

Yet, I am thankful for so much in my life. There is so much good that I have and which is around me. I appreciate all of it.

Please help me to accept myself and help me to see myself as you see me. Please help me to not just notice my faults but see all of the good I have in myself. I realize there are many fears that I hold on to but help me find the courage to let them go.

Wrap your arms of love around me and show me once more, just how special I am. Surround me with the courage to face my fears and the hope to see it through. Help me to open myself up and accept all of it in.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fear Of The Dentist, Part 1

**Note: For full details please read PART 2 and PART 3 **

After sitting with so much pain, I knew I had to find a dentist and make an appointment. While that may not sound too difficult, just the act of doing this is very rough for me. I am so afraid of most doctors and dentists. It is a deep rooted and highly emotional fear for me. It is a major anxiety for me.

At least I'm able to ask for more of what I need these days. Like yesterday, when I was on the phone, I asked the receptionist how gentle the dentist was. I then went on to share just how frightened I was to come in. The lady was so compassionate on the phone which helped me immensely. Hopefully the dentist is just as compassionate.

When I hung up the phone, I was fighting back the tears and struggling to hold myself together. It seems strange to me that I would react this way because I do not understand what is going on inside of myself. All I know is that it is a highly, charged, emotional thing for me.

I'm sure I will discover more about this as I go if I just allow things to unfold. However, all of this is exhausting and so frightening. I feel so much shame in anything related to my teeth or mouth. It is an intense shame, an emotional shame and a violent shame.

The only other thing that keeps appearing in my mind which seems somehow connected is events from my past. So what's new, I want to interject here! The events I remember watching are of my two brothers getting their mouths washed out with soap. This was done if they lied or said a bad word and who knows, it might have been done for other reasons to. I cannot remember what they did to deserve this punishment, but I can remember witnessing these violent events and hearing the screams. It was almost as if it was meant for others to observe the punishment. The strange this is, I don't ever remember getting the same punishment while I know my two brothers received this several times.

Part of me is suspicious that somehow I have blocked some horrible, violent events out of my view. I'm suspicious that somehow I would be spared this punishment. If it did not happen to me, it would be outside the norm of how my family behaved. What was usually done to one person was usually done to each person. There was no escaping it. I just don't remember it though, other than what I witnessed.

Why I am only thinking about these things right now as the tooth pain increases, I have no idea. But I do feel a strong sense of shame, sadness and fear. And as difficult as all of this is, I am trying hard to just allow it and do the things I need to do to help move through this, release it and support myself.

Stay tuned though - I have a feeling this is only part 1. If I'm strong enough, I'll keep sharing this as it unfolds. For now, I really need the love, support and strength from the angels. For it feels like a lonely path that I trod.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Pain, It Does A Body Good

Pain scares me as it does most humans. it often leads us to think that there is something wrong or abnormal about ourselves. In conjunction with fear, it can create doomsday scenarios in our mind. It can alter reality to the point that we barely recognize life in the way that it actually appears.

Yet, pain is a messenger. It is something that lets us know there is a situation that needs our attention. Just like there are warning flags at the beach, so is pain a warning flag to our lives. It is something to get our attention and get us to acknowledge our bodies, instead of ignoring them.

All too often, we want to avoid the pain. This is so understandable because it sometimes becomes very hard to live with. Pain affects our day, our mood and our quality of life. We usually strive to flee from it through medication, surgeries and procedures. We even use alternative health procedures to stimulate, treat or wish it away. Yet, in the end, have we really gotten rid of the pain or have we just masked it so much that we don't recognize it? Does it just return a few days or weeks or years later? Does it morph into something else that becomes the new face of our pain?

Fear is a big motivator in the desire to not feel pain whether we consciously connect to it or not. Fear is a strong force that can alter the view of how we see pain, how we feel it and how it shows up. Fear can make pain appear as being much harder to give up and let go than it really is. I'm not talking about theory either. I have faced some horrible pains and fears in my own life. I've been there, done that and got way too many t-shirts as souvenirs.

To try to avoid or ignore the pain is the same as letting fear talk you into ignoring the messages coming from the body. Yes, it would seem to be that relief from pain is the right thing to do. However, you're hiding valuable messages the body and mind are sending you.

There are times when some pain relief is needed to help us hear the messages more clearly and take care of ourselves. If we however, look to medications, surgeries, and alternative health treatments to give us our reasons for the pain, we are only letting fear fool us. There is a time and a place for different treatment methods but only if we do these in a consciously connected way with our mind, body and soul.

If you really want to get at the source of your pain, you need to feel it more - not less. Yes, it may hurt and it may be difficult to do that, but by doing this, you are able to travel deep to the source of the pain. Remember, fear is very deceptive and it alters how we feel, view, sense and understand pain.

By going into the pain through the fear, we get the opportunity to take back our power and heal parts of our life that were untouchable before. We give ourselves the moment to grow and evolve in consciousness, so we can make different choices for our life. It gives us the ability to heal our body in ways we can barely imagine. It makes us more human. It helps us discover and reclaim more of who we are.

I'm not going to state that it is easy to do this. However with courage, we all have the ability to stand up to our fears, take on our pain and discover the wisdom waiting for our life. No person, treatment or thought can do that for us. This must come from within. After all, this ability is in all of us and it has always been there. May we search our lives and find it.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Matisyahu - One Day

I just learned about this video and song and really love the words, music and performance for it. It is a perfect song for today, July 4th - Independence Day! You may have already heard this but if not, please listen to it. I have displayed the lyrics below to the song/video that I found here.

For more at the music of Matisyahu, go to his website

To see the lyrics -

Lyrics to the Song/Video: One Day - by Matisyahu

sometimes I lay
under the moon
and thank God I'm breathing
then I pray
don't take me soon
cause I am here for a reason
sometimes in my tears I drown
but I never let it get me down
so when negativity surrounds
I know some day it'll all turn around
all my life I've been waiting for
I've been praying for
for the people to say
that we don't wanna fight no more
they'll be no more wars
and our children will play
one day x6
it's not about
win or lose
we all lose
when they feed on the souls of the innocent
blood drenched pavement
keep on moving though the waters stay raging
in this maze you can lose your way (your way)
it might drive you crazy but don't let it faze you no way (no way)
sometimes in my tears I drown
but I never let it get me down
so when negativity surrounds
I know some day it'll all turn around
all my life I've been waiting for
I've been praying for
for the people to say
that we don't wanna fight no more
they'll be no more wars
and our children will play
one day x6
one day this all will change
treat people the same
stop with the violence
down with the hate
one day we'll all be free
and proud to be
under the same sun
singing songs of freedom like
one day x4
all my life I've been waiting for
I've been praying for
for the people to say
that we don't wanna fight no more
they'll be no more wars
and our children will play
one day x6

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

What Keeps The World Going Round

Yesterday, I found out about a new blog written by a friend of mine. He just started it and already it shows a great deal of promise. Simple insights that he is writing about. Of course, one thing you need to know is that the creator of this blog is also known as the Budgie Parakeet Whisperer because of his love for Budgies and how he is so connected to them.

Anyway, just thought I would share this blog as I'm happy to see that he is writing it. I look forward to reading it when he posts.

Name of the Blog: What Keeps The World Going Round

Here's the text from the first post he wrote about what this blog is about:
Well, if you ask that question to someone, they would say a very simple answer without really thinking. Maybe something like - Well the moons gravitational pull helps. - Well whether that is true or not, I think the saying What keeps the world going round means, What good things are on this planet Earth. Someone else may have a different definition, but that's what I think. So this blog will be about my experiences with wonderful things.

Friday, July 2, 2010

In Difficult Times We Blossom

This past winter was a tough one where I live and many of the plants took a big hit. We had been down in the low to mid twenties (Fahrenheit) for many days which is unusual for us. While most places get much colder than that during the winter months, our vegetation is not designed to survive these colder temperatures. By the time spring had come, so many of our plants were brown, leafless and appeared to be dead.

At first glance, one would have thought they were all dead and need to be replaced. After all, there was very little left to each plant. There was no sign of life. It looked grim for them. My thoughts began to turn towards digging up what was left and replacing the plants.

Then the strangest thing happened. As the temperatures warmed up and the spring rains fell, I began to notice some life in each plant. This did not happen all at once either but little by little, it began to show up. With special care and extra water, many of the plants continue to grow again with some doing better than others.

Isn't life the same way? We go through moments where our feet are walking in the fire. We think there is no tomorrow and no hope for improvement. Yet, the strangest thing happens - we blossom! Somehow through all the rough moments when it appeared we could not make it, we noticed some new life. We noticed new growth. It just showed up without any fanfare or announcement.

Just as the plants know how to send up new shoots of growth or fill their branches with leaves, so do our human bodies and minds. We are complex, biological organisms that have far more power to heal, grow and recover from some of the worst situations imaginable.

Consider those darkest and most difficult times in life that you may have traveled. I'm sure that while you were in the midst of those moments, it appeared there was no way through. Yet, during these times, many parts of your life were growing and preparing you to blossom.

It is a beautiful thing about humans that we have the capacity to take some very rough moments and turn them into beauty. We are much stronger, more resilient and full of courage than we often realize. Everything we need is within us, located in our mind, our body and our spirit. May we cherish, honor and love all that we are and all the growth we have experienced.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Balance For The Mind And Body

Balance is so very important to our lives and yet it is easy to be knocked or pulled certain directions in life. Whether it is noise in our day, pains we must face or having to determine what our priorities are, we all are influenced by these things.

If you notice though, there are people who are able to stay the course. They know the route they need to sail and so nothing veers them off course.

Then, there are others that are tossed to and fro, as the waves of life batter their ship. The waves don't have to be very strong either. They hold on for dear life, hoping that only smooth waters are in the future. Yet, they forget that the wind not only propels them but it creates the waves. It is hard to have one without the other.

So how do we deal with life when it seems to be more in control with us as willing participants. Maybe if we stopped each day and gave ourselves a moment of pause, we would clear our minds to put our day in a different view. What if instead of trying to mask the pains we felt, we looked for the courage to allow them to speak their messages to us? What if we held our moments of quietness in the same regard and emphasis as we do for our busy moments?

Yes, it may be true that this could lead us to changes in our lives. It may push us to rethink our priorities in any given day. It all depends of course, on what gets our attention in our day and what we choose for our lives.

Our bodies send us messages through pain, when we fail to listen to them. Our lives send us discomfort, when we are stepping off into the edges of our path. When we run from our fears, questions of what we should do and moments of confusion hold us from embracing the courage that we need.

In the end, all the answers we need for our life can be found within us. While others may help us to discover our truth we hold inside of us, it is our self and our body that holds the answers. We will not find them anywhere else. It is up to each one of us to be open, to listen and to allow the messages and wisdom we hold, to come forth. All too often we stifle the message and curse the messenger.

It sounds so simple but sometimes fear makes us think we have a giant to conquer. However, if we stuck a tiny pin into the giant, it would deflate instantaneously.

May each of us examine our life and embrace our own messages as we find our courage to put the pin into the giant of our fears. May each of us not run and hide but fully embrace every little part of our lives and our bodies. For the more we become one with ourselves, the more united we are. So, when the winds of life blow on our sails, we will be strong and secure. We will be at one with our life and who we are as an evolving and growing consciousness.

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