Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Destination Is Our Intention

What we focus on with our intentions is the direction that we travel. Just as if you get in a car, enter your destination into a GPS and begin travel, so to, this happens in life. We focus on where we want to go, we plug in our destination and then away we go.

Even if we decide to take a detour and find an alternate route, our GPS of life works to chart a new route towards our destination for us. We don't have to worry about it or think about it, the recalculating just happens. No matter what turns we take or what roads we choose, we still manage to arrive at our destination point.

Of course, the entire time we were taking an alternate route, we could have filled our self with worry. Yet, the worry would not have added anything positive to our trip. It would have not gotten us there any quicker. It might have made us feel the illusion of being productive but it would be an empty feeling. And even if we worried and felt as if we did not know where we were going, we still arrived at our destination.

In addition, if we would have focused on the worry of getting to our destination, we would have missed the sights and joys of the journey. The road would have become a blurred line to follow rather than something to experience. We would miss so much along our route.

It is not so important in life, if we know exactly what roads we will take. We all have a destination that we are traveling to. The most important part is that we begin travel and enjoy the journey. yes, there may be potholes, construction and detours, but our destination is what matters. It is what we want to keep our focus on. The destination is the intention and our focus on it, gets us there.

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