Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Release It, Let It Go

Often there are times in my daily life when I just struggle to let go of things. I give lip service that I actually do let go, but if I was honest, I would have to own up to not letting go completely. Even if I manage to let go of most of the situation, there is usually a part that I cling to. Sometimes, that is a small part but it truly says I did not release it and let it go.

It could involve situations that happen online or through communication with people I know. It may be experiences with people in public places or in work situations. Often it involves financial stress and worry like paying the bills. In all of these circumstances, I observe myself worrying, holding it in and clinging to that which I cannot control.

While the illusion of control probably gives nourishment to my mind, it seems never to be in short supply. Although I have made great strides in working through this, I know that to release situations in life and let them go, is not easy. I'm not saying it is impossible but it has taken much work to get as far as I have gotten.

It does seem like I continually forget that I am not in this world alone. I have help, support and love from people around me as well as the angels. I've been a witness many times to all of this and yet, I still try to face life on my own. I act as I am in a void apart from everyone and as if I have to go it alone.

While I know control issues date back to prehistoric times in my life, they are not healthy and balanced for me. I can feel the control, worry and stress build up in my shoulders, neck and back. It robs me of precious energy in my day and alters how I view my life. As much as I want to let go of the control, I find myself attracted to it as a tempting and seductive desire. It is like I allow it to be chained to my neck as I attempt to drag it through my life.

The question then becomes, how do I let it go? How do I release it? I would think that I first need to recognize when I'm not giving up control. Unless I know that control is in play, how would I be able to give it up?

The next part of this would be to acknowledge it and allow it to be there with me, so that I can learn what it is that I need to learn. By keeping myself in the observer mode, it may have a great deal of wisdom to share with me. By allow it to be in the current moment, I have now taken the power back from it. I have empowered myself instead of being manipulated by it.

The final step would be to find out why I wish to hold on to this moment. What is in it for me? When I can truly be in this space of awareness and the current moment of now, then I will have the option to let go and release it.

With the help of the angels and the support and love of people around me, I will find the energy boost to do this. It will be the ultimate spark to allow this to happen. It will allow me to remember the magical sense of wonder in life and to fully embrace it.

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