Friday, July 16, 2010

I Just Know

Deep within my body is a place where I go that helps guide me and helps me determine that which is unseen but felt. I know there are people who are skeptical about others who pick up other things in life. I pick up so much at times and none of it is spoken or written or exhibited. I just pick it up.

Often though, when I pick things up, I check it against that innermost place in my body. That place is deep within my gut which may also be referred to as the enteric brain but I have no idea if science really would establish that link or not. It is just a place that I feel it deeply and know without a doubt what is and what is not. It is a place that I just feel, sense and know. However, if you were to ask me to describe it, I would struggle immensely.

There are times when I pick things up that I don't get any internal bodily confirmation of it. So during those times, I'm more reluctant to give whatever information it is, much credibility. There are other times that when I get the information, I feel it strongly and immediately. There is no doubt within my mind of the significance of what I am receiving. Even in those strong reactions deep within me, I have times that without a shadow of a doubt, I know whatever it is, I am picking up.

Then there are the times that I hear something from someone or am asked something and immediately, I know, see, feel or sense what is true and what is not. I have had situations where someone was being told something and emphatically, I am hearing in my mind something that completely contradicts what others are telling them. Again, I have no way to prove this. It is what I feel and pick up deep within me.

I really try to pay attention to these insights as well because I'm finding that they hold very useful information for me or for others. For a long time I discounted all of this thinking it was my wild imagination and yet I had friends telling me that they were surprised at what I knew and that somehow I just knew things. I never thought about it much and if I did, it scared me so badly that I wanted nothing to do with it.

Of course I see people that give themselves titles and designations claiming they are psyhic or mediums or they can pick up things about others. And while I know there are many out there that can do this, there are many who struggle to pick up a clear signal. All too often, I see people claiming to know things but the information they are giving does not match up and many times, I feel that deep within myself. Who is to say, I'm right though and they are wrong? I try not to look at it that way.

One time at spiritualist organization, I had a great 5 minute reading by a lady who was a medium, that hit the nail on the head and was more accurate than I thought was possible. It was amazing just how much she shared with me and how much she picked up. All of it was extremely accurate as well and really did help me. I was never able to find out who this lady was of course because I would have liked to meet with her again. I know she existed but doing a search of her name turned up no contact information.

Of course, another time at the spiritualist organization, I had one of the mini readings by a medium and the lady used holding my hand to notice that I didn't have a wedding ring on. So she began to tell me that I needed to go out and meet women more, blah blah blah. She was so far from the truth if she was even connected to it. I am in a long term relationship and I have no desire to go out and meet women for many reasons. If that would have been my first experience with this type of information, I would have never gone back. Fortunately, I have experienced people that are not full of themselves but really do connect with a source that is unseen. A friend of mine ended up with a similar experience as well. In these situations, I'd rather have the person just look me in the eye and say, I'm sorry but I'm not picking anything up instead of performing in the way that they think I want them to. It would bring much more credibility.

Of course, when you connect with things that are unseen, it is sometimes hard to truly know what is real and what is not. Even if you know it is real, you have to be so careful in how your life's experiences and your own filters of the mind, influence that information and mold it into words that you share. Ego has to be really in check and one needs to be well grounded and connected to themselves in a deep way. Otherwise, who knows how the words of the information will come forth. Sadly, there are many who do not understand this but continue to act as if they do. Fortunately, there are true ones out there that really do understand this and have done the intense healing work on themselves.

In my mind, many of these things that people pick up and we look at as being special or strange, they should be more normal to the population as a whole. In our society though, we concentrate on working as many hours as we can to please the boss, running to this meeting or that meeting, enabling our children to be over involved in as many activities as they can and basically just making life into one busy long day after another. We fail to stop and connect to the earth, to things around us and to each other because that doesn't fit in our day. If you add into it, all the interference from electronic devices, cell phones and our world around us, we leave little room for the signals of the information to get through to us. In addition, there are many people who have been so hurt in life and are so stressed out, that their lives are anything but grounded.

Being grounded and in touch with the core of yourself gives you a true connection to things that much of this world just does not connect with. Indigenous cultures pick up on these things all the time as if it is as normal as a conversation with someone they meet. If we as a society stopped and became more grounded, connected and healed, we would experience so much more.

One final note in all of this is that so many who do pick things up try to package that up into a nice little set of beliefs and rituals which just get in the way of what is going on. The dogma people subscribe to or use to replace some other set of beliefs is so rampant in our society. It has no use in all of this. It is not founded upon anything but a person's belief system. Just because someone ditches the mainstream religions and is into the new age philosophy, it does not mean they have rid their life of the dogma. Often times, they have just replaced one set of beliefs for another and again, it serves no purpose in this. I'm sure many will argue that point with me but I just ask that people really question all that they believe and search for the true source of those beliefs.

My hope is that each person will be all they can be and discover all that they are. Today, you may be standing at the crossroads in life wondering which way to go but if you just allow things to unfold, you'll be amazed at all that is out there. Find the ultimate truth in the things that tug at your heart strings and see what things are at the core and what things are part of a belief system. We all have a belief system but if we allow it to cloud our views and thoughts, than it becomes a chain around our neck dragging us to the bottom of the ocean. Look for the truth. Search it out and don't stop until you do. Don't just settle for what someone else tells you. Find it out for yourself!

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