Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Offer Up These Concerns

Dear Universe and Angels,
I offer up these concerns, worries and frustrations to you. I have no idea how to change any of these things. They feel very overwhelming to me. They feel impossible to move beyond. I feel as if I have fought the good fight, yet that isn't enough.

The only thing I know which is left for me to do is to leave them in your hands. I need your help and your understanding. I need your care and compassion. I need to feel loved by you, and accepted.

Please somehow show me in multiple ways that you are listening and that you are there for me. Please show me that you are helping me with these things.

Help me have the courage to open myself to all the ways you are there for me. Please help me to just feel safe and supported in your arms. Help me to truly find my way beyond this dark forest that I walk.

1 comment:

  1. As you release these to the Universe, visualize the send off as they are wisked away while letting go of all those feelings. Replace them with positive thoughts, visualize with hands stretched out that you are receiving the Powerful energy of the Universe falling over you with love. Believe in the unseen, with Faith and trusting in the System. You will Manifest all that you desire. You are loved and accepted, the Angels watch over you.






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