Thursday, July 29, 2010

Puzzle Pieces Of Life

Sometimes it is hard to see in the moment, exactly why the pieces of life appear as they do. It is so easy to want to play Monday morning quarterback and claim we know what is best for us. We feel it is makes life much easier.

However, the more we go in and try to manipulate the puzzle pieces of life, the more we delay getting the image to appear. We often worry and fret about how things are going and what pieces of the puzzle we should play. When, in all reality it does not matter.

The pieces of the puzzle of our life fit together in an exact way. They are not interchangeable. There are none that are missing. All are properly cut and shaped to fit into the puzzle as they are meant to. So as much as we may try to force a piece into a spot for which it does not belong, we have to realize there is one spot for each piece.

Allowing the puzzle of our life to unfold and come together will give us the opportunity to see the bigger picture. We do not need to fight it. It will show up as we place the pieces together. If it looks like a piece does not fit at that particular moment, all is fine. The piece will have an opportunity to fit into the puzzle when the timing is right.

All we need to do in our lives is show up and be present. Follow our hearts as we become more consciously aware of who we are as current puzzle pieces and how we fit together. Allowing our life to unfold in the manner it needs to, will give us the complete picture. It will happen in the moment that is meant to be.

All is well, All is well
Don't worry about your life
It is unfolding as planned.
Follow you heart and life will unfold
Each moment is but a step forward
All is well, All is well
Don't worry about your life
It is unfolding as planned.

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