Friday, July 30, 2010

Mind Body Breath Connection

Breathe in - then breathe out. Repeat as needed.

Let your breath center yourself throughout your day. For when you focus and come back to your breath, you find the grounding within your body. You need to search no further. it is right there within you. It is always there.

When the moments seem stressful or the frustrations mount, remember to breathe. You can do this anywhere you are at. That few seconds of noticing your breath rise and fall, can be enough to cause a shift within yourself. You don't have to be in any certain room or seated in a certain position. You can do this at any time and in any place.

There is something about us focusing on our breath that changes our biology. Not only do we bring in extra oxygen to our bodies but we connect the mind with the body. Think of what the extra oxygen gives to our body through the nutrients that our blood delivers and the waste products the blood carries away.

When we connect with our breath and feel it in our body, we are giving our body permission to feel in a safe and trusted way. It is as if we are allowing and promoting connections between our mind and our body. It is allowing our body to feel, sense and be in the moment where our mind is trying to engage with it. We are giving ourselves permission to do this.

Our breath does so much for us physically in a day and so often we take it for granted. Even if we stop to honor it on occasion, there are many times in our day where we are disconnected to it. It is like we assume it will do its thing and we do not need to be concerned at all with how we connect to it.

How would our day and our life change if we stopped for a brief moment throughout our day and noticed our breath. It does not need to be a long duration that we do this. Even 30 seconds to notice our breath could be a life changing moment. It does not require a major announcement to those around us. It only need to be a brief, quiet and reflective personal act that we give our self.

I've got a feeling that if each one of us stopped several times throughout our day and noticed the connection between our breath and our body, life as we know it would change. We would most likely witness shifts in our life of how we feel, sense and view things around us taking place. Imagine the possibilities! imagine the potential for personal growth and body awareness! Imagine the potential for healing in our bodies. And all it takes is but a few moments of stopping to notice our breath through our mind body connection.

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