Friday, October 12, 2012

Here To Work On Our Issues

These days, it is quite obvious that most humans don't get some basics in life.  They think they are here to convince everyone to follow their set of beliefs and opinions which often is held as truth.  Unfortunately, most don't understand that we are here to work on our issues.  We all have issues, no matter how perfect we think we are and that's why we came to this earth.

Too many of us have issues of being ignorant, proud, righteous, lacking self confidence, egotistical, anger, being full of ourselves, among others.  We go through our day wearing these things as our badge of identity.  It is like these things make up who we are.  In fact, many times we came into this world carrying all of this with us and so we don't even know what a life without these issues is all about.

On top of that, if we can identify the issues we struggle with, many people feel that to let go of these things or to begin to learn to let go, we would be cutting off a vital part of our self.  We may not say this and we might not be conscious of it, but if we could truly be honest with our life, we would see just how true it is.  Often it is hard to see ourselves accurately, because our mind filters everything through our own lenses of beliefs and opinions.  Many times, these things are just not true, but the filter keeps us from seeing the truth for our own life.

The best thing we can do is make a goal for our life that each day we become a little more conscious of who we are deep inside.  The more we allow our self to travel into the depths of our mind, body, and spirit, the more we become acquainted with who we truly are.  It isn't about having all the answers that matters.  It is about learning how to uncover and find the answers for our life.  However, if we feel like we have all that we need, then we will miss out on becoming who we truly are.

So, instead of making sure the entire world knows what your beliefs and opinions are, try to take more time out of your day to discover what really makes you tick,  Spend more time helping yourself to truly discover you while you learn to work on your own issues.  I always heard as a child that if you point the finger at someone else, you have three fingers pointing back at you.  In many ways, that says it all!  Focus on yourself and by doing so, you'll let your own life lead by example.

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