Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Saying Thank You

By a show of hands, who has forgotten to do this in a day?  I mean, really saying thank you to someone for something they did for you.  I'm sure we all have forgotten this. Yet this simple little act of stating these two words can really impact someone's day.  It is all too easy to forget to do, but imagine lifting someone's life up in a moment by saying thank you.

I know, we get busy and we don't stop and think to do something such as this.  I get in that same boat as well.  Yet, I'm sure that if you are like I am and most other people, you like to hear these words from time to time.  They make you feel appreciated and wanted and cherished.  The same applies to those around us that impact our day.  They are just like we are when it comes to needing to hear how their life positively impacted our life.

It is really simple to do and of course we know that.  However, we just fail to stop and connect in those moments where we need to be saying thank you.  We might have to remind ourselves at times of how it impacts our life and then apply that to others around us.

Just imagine though, how much this could impact the life of those around you and in so doing this, it could impact the world.  More importantly though, when you say these two words in a heart felt and non patronizing way, it boosts your own energy in a positive way.  You give as much to yourself as you give to others.

Be genuine with others and honor their presence in your life by stopping to notice the positive things they do which impacts your own life.  For the more we honor the spirit inside of other people, the more we honor the spirit within ourselves.

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