Friday, October 26, 2012

The Choice To Go Into Pain

In a recent situation, my friend was experiencing headaches that were very severe.  They were in the migraine stage.  I have been through these in the past and I know first hand just how rough they can be.  After a few days of the headaches not going away, we made a trip to see Dr. Canali in Miami, Florida.  Granted, we had not been there in several months so both his nervous system and mine were way out of balance.

It would have been easy to go into the fear of the situation and chase every remedy known to man.  Some probably felt that we needed to do this, but because of our experience with the concepts of what Dr. Canali teaches, we knew there was another route.  This method of treatment is effective because it honors and respects what is going on within the body.  It recognizes that if the nervous system is out of balance, things like headaches and other pain will appear.

In addition, I had done some body work on my friend and while it didn't completely alleviate the headaches or pain, it took him from a 10 (on a scale of 1 to 10) down to probably a 5 or less.  He was able to sleep through the night, rather than scream out in pain.  In my mind, I knew that this was nervous system related and not some other thing.  I listened to my intuition.  We were also in touch with Dr. Canali as to the course of treatment.

It didn't take long for things to start to reverse after the work Dr. Canali did on my friend.  By the afternoon, I could see a dramatic shift and change in him.  He was still dealing with pain and soreness, but not to the degree he had been.  With some ice throughout the evening, the pain subsided.

When I was there I got a session as well because the stress had been over the top for me.  It was amazing that afterwards, I was able to sleep so deeply that night.  There is nothing like re-regulating the nervous system and getting rid of stress in the body.  The choice to go into pain is not always easy, but in the end it is where the healing begins.  I'm amazed at just how quickly you can reverse situations like my friend was in.  

The body is a miraculous thing and it can either take you into pain, or it can take you into freedom and empowerment. Of course, its each person's choice and hopefully in the process a person wakes up just a little more.

For more information on Dr. Paul Canali and his work, Unified Therapy, go to Evolutionary Healing Institute.

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