Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Connect With Joy And Gratitude

I find it is so easy to want a more fulfilling life, than despair about all the problems I face.  It is like I want to connect with joy and gratitude in life, but I forget how to do this.  Maybe I sabotage myself into the thought patterns of the past, believing I cannot do this, but who am I fooling?

Once again I remind myself that I can strengthen my life just by connecting with joy and gratitude in my heart.  As I remind myself of all that there is, I only need to stop and feel how these things replicate in my heart.  It is through the connection that we experience them in some very powerful ways.

All I need to do, is just stop and feel my heart.  As I take my hand and place it over my heart, I begin to think about things in my life that make me feel full of gratitude and joy.  When I do this, I begin to feel a warmth inside my heart.  I feel the smile that connects to it, and the sense of peace that covers me in this moment.

It is easy to forget to connect with joy and gratitude.  The busy seconds of our day or the difficult moments we experience, can often knock us off from realizing we have forgotten this.  It is in those moments that we really need to sync up with the gratitude and joy in our heart.  As we do this, we will find a power and a strength much greater than ourselves, that will push us forward.

This may seem like a fairy tale that is just too simple to be effective.  However, the more I practice it in my life, the more I see just how life changing it is.  Yes, sometimes it becomes difficult for my mind to accept this and to do it as well, but when I get past myself, it is then that I truly find the depths to my life.  It is then that I connect with the vast amounts of joy and gratitude in my life.

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