Thursday, March 31, 2011

Clutter In Our Life, Part 3

Clutter #3 - Numbing Ourselves
Part 3 of 10

Whether it is through food, coffee, energy drinks, sugar, junk food or many other things, we numb ourselves. We look for substances to give us that high in our day and soothe us from the rigors that we force our self into each day. We feel low and down so we reach for the sugar or caffeine to pump us back up.

If it isn't food substances that numb us, we park ourselves in front of the TV or video games or the latest electronic fad on the market and obliterate every hope of actually experiencing all that life has to offer.

There are moments that we need to just chill out but in our day and age, it is an epidemic where we spend more time numbing out than we do feeling and experiencing life. When we do this, we bring on all kinds of health and body conditions as the years progress.

Come back tomorrow for part 4 of this series, Clutter In Our Life. Below are the various parts to this series that you can read as well.

Clutter In Our Life Series
- Introduction
Part 1: Spending our hours watching TV news
Part 2: Keeping Ourselves Constantly Busy
Part 3: Numbing Ourselves
Part 4: Following Blindly
Part 5: Food Choices
Part 6: Health care, Doctors, and Medicine
Part 7: Hydrating Our Bodies
Part 8: Thinking We Have The Answers
Part 9: Exercise Is For Another Day
Part 10: We Fail To Evolve
- The 30 Day Challenge

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clutter In Our Life, Part 2

Clutter #2 - Keeping Ourselves Constantly Busy
Part 2 of 10

Most of us go to a daily job or if we don't, we find ways to keep ourselves busy almost 24x7. Jobs are important but many times we fail to give ourselves down time after the day is done. These days with the mobile cellular devices and laptop computers, we are hardly ever disconnected from our jobs. There is always that email to answer or that person needing to have a question answered.

We live in a day of instant everything and 30 seconds is a long time for anyone to wait anymore. Than we get home and one child has this event to go to, another has another event. We've got to figure out how to get something to eat for everyone, do household chores, take care of a million other tasks and yet try to get a few hours of sleep before the next day starts up.

Each day we do this, we run a negative balance in the account of our lives and if we don't stop during the day and push the reset button, we travel at lightening speeds for all kinds of health care and body issues.

Come back tomorrow for part 3 of this series, Clutter In Our Life. Below are the various parts to this series that you can read as well.

Clutter In Our Life Series
- Introduction
Part 1: Spending our hours watching TV news
Part 2: Keeping Ourselves Constantly Busy
Part 3: Numbing Ourselves
Part 4: Following Blindly
Part 5: Food Choices
Part 6: Health care, Doctors, and Medicine
Part 7: Hydrating Our Bodies
Part 8: Thinking We Have The Answers
Part 9: Exercise Is For Another Day
Part 10: We Fail To Evolve
- The 30 Day Challenge

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Clutter In Our Life, Part 1

Clutter #1 - Spending our hours watching TV news
Part 1 of 10

I know, I know, I used to be one of those people. I thought I had to listen to it on the radio, the internet, the TV and read every bit of internet news coming out. To me, it was a badge of honor and being more knowledgeable of what was going on.

However, I found out that most of the news was based upon touching the fears that humans have. It is sensationalized so much to bring out those fears and insecurities so each person will watch it. Then it is repeated over and over, mixed and digested and regurgitated until you have heard the same news every which way that is known to the earth.

The 24 hour a day news channels really do a disservice to this world but yet enough people watch them to keep them on the air. In many ways, each person that watches the news is a willing accomplice. It doesn't matter if it is CNN, MSNBC, Fox or any other network. It is all the same. Each one just spins it differently.

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of this series, Clutter In Our Life. Below are the various parts to this series that you can read as well.

Clutter In Our Life Series
- Introduction
Part 1: Spending our hours watching TV news
Part 2: Keeping Ourselves Constantly Busy
Part 3: Numbing Ourselves
Part 4: Following Blindly
Part 5: Food Choices
Part 6: Health care, Doctors, and Medicine
Part 7: Hydrating Our Bodies
Part 8: Thinking We Have The Answers
Part 9: Exercise Is For Another Day
Part 10: We Fail To Evolve
- The 30 Day Challenge

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Clutter In Our Life, Introduction

There is so much clutter in our days and in our life. At the moment, I am not talking about the possession you have in your house, garage or mini storage units. I'm talking about the clutter that prevents you from truly living life to the fullest and robs you of precious moments that you miss.

While balance in life is the key, we all have places where we clutter our lives up with useless moments. Consider the clutter in our life to be like candy. However, in this example, instead of using the candy to add fulfillment to our life and moments of sweet ecstasy, we treat it as nutrition. In much of the same way, the following pieces of clutter are being treated as a must have in life that are essential to function. When in fact, if you took them out of your life, you would function normally and most likely much better.

We have convinced ourselves though that these are as clutter pieces are essential as breathing in life.

This is a ten part series, so come back tomorrow for part 1 of the 10 part series. See the topics listed below for each part of the series. Also after the final part of this series has been posted, there will be a 30 day challenge that I'm sure you won't want to miss.

Clutter In Our Life Series
- Introduction
Part 1: Spending our hours watching TV news
Part 2: Keeping Ourselves Constantly Busy
Part 3: Numbing Ourselves
Part 4: Following Blindly
Part 5: Food Choices
Part 6: Health care, Doctors, and Medicine
Part 7: Hydrating Our Bodies
Part 8: Thinking We Have The Answers
Part 9: Exercise Is For Another Day
Part 10: We Fail To Evolve
- The 30 Day Challenge

As I look at this list, I realize there could be so many more parts to this series. I'm sure you could list some as well and please feel free to comment with some of your own. By no means do I have all the answers. These are just the areas that I see repeated over and over again.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Is A Spirit Guide

This is a short excerpt from some class notes on a workshop I took, "Meet Your Spirit Guides". It was presented by Nicole Bowman.

A spirit guide is a highly evolved soul that once lived on earth as a human being. When we choose to come to earth in human form we also select a spirit guide that supports us from physical birth to physical death.

Often times, spirit guides are people that we knew in past lives. Their knowledge of what it is like to be human makes them fantastic teachers. They can empathize with the human experience and understand a full range of human emotions. Yet, they also have clear knowledge of the spirit realm, one’s life purpose, and the bigger picture at hand.

So, their advice is expansive and always for our highest good. They never leave us and are always there when we call.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fear Not

An inspirational thought for your day

Fear Not!

Fear not! Be not afraid! Take the fear and work with it. Let the fear be the motivating energy, the spark of creation, and the point at which you move forward. All that you need for the task ahead will be there at the exact moment you need it.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Bomb In The Brain

I found this study done on Adverse Childhood Experiences based upon Childhood Abuse. There is a ton of information in this presentation but it really shows the affects of child abuse on the person as they grow older.

To find out what your Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) score is, go to the following link:

According to the website of this information, , an ACE is described below.

Please note that the above links are no longer valid.  For detailed information on the study, go to

Growing up experiencing any of the following conditions in the household prior to age 18:
-Recurrent physical abuse
-Recurrent emotional abuse
-Contact sexual abuse
-An alcohol and/or drug abuser in the household
-An incarcerated household member
-Someone who is chronically depressed,mentally ill, institutionalized, or suicidal
-Mother is treated violently
-One or no parents
-Emotional or physical neglect

The ACE Study used a simple scoring method to determine the extent of each study participant's exposure to childhood trauma. Exposure to one category (not incident) of ACE, qualifies as one point. When the points are added up, the ACE Score is achieved. An ACE Score of 0 (zero) would mean that the person reported no exposure to any of the categories of trauma listed as ACEs above. An ACE Score of 9 would mean that the person reported exposure to all of the categories of trauma listed above. The ACE Score is referred to throughout all of the peer-reviewed publications about the ACE Study findings.

Here are some major points highlighted in the presentation that I found of great interest on this topic.

1) Two thirds of girls and one third of boys have been sexually abused.

2) Two thirds of British mothers said they hit they routinely hit their child in the first year of life.

3) Of participants struggling with obesity, 66% reported 1 or more types of abuse.

4) Physical and emotional abuse were most strongly associated with obesity.

5) People with more than a 5 ACE score were 7 to 10 times more likely to have problems with illicit drug use.

6) People with a score of 4 or higher, 16.1% became alcoholics as adults.

7) Adverse child experiences increased the attempted suicide rate two to five times.

8) Adverse child experiences showed a strong relationship to the presence of adult diseases including ischemic heart disease, cancer, chronic lung disease, skeletal fractures and liver disease.

9) Likelihood of becoming an adult smoker having a score of 4 or greater was 12 to 16%.

10) Chronic Depression accounted for 58% of women and 35% of men with a score of 4 or higher.

11) After 50 years from the time of the adverse childhood experience, more than 97% with a score of 4 or higher used antidepressant medications.

12) The more that people have experienced adverse childhood experiences, the more prevalent it is that they have unexplained symptoms when visiting the doctor that cause them pain and discomfort.

13) For a score of 4 or higher, 34% had impaired childhood memory issues.

14) The greater the number of childhood adverse experiences, the higher the absenteeism on the job, the more serious financial problems that exist and the greater the job problems for that individual.

15) The greater the number of childhood adverse experiences, the higher numbers of teens having sexual intercourse by the age of 15, the higher the number of teen pregnancy and teens becoming parents.

16) Having more than 50 sexual partners in your life time (sexual promiscuity) is greater with the increased childhood adverse experiences.

17) For those with a score of 4 or higher, COPD and breathing difficulties are found in 17.5%.

18) The greater the number of adverse conditions, the lower the life expectancy and by a very significant amount. About 20 years gets shaved off of the life expectancy of those with severe child abuse. It is not inevitable and you can do things about it but if you don't, than it is chilling what happens.

19) Exposure to physical abuse, sexual abuse and intimate partner violence in childhood were 3.5 times more likely in women to report victimization and men to be 3.8 times more likely to report intimate partner violence perpetration.

20) Child abuse by relationship to the victim is mostly by the parent (78%). Unknown abusers account for 3.9%, doctors and professionals at 1.1%, and relatives at 6.5%. Clearly, of the people in this study, the parents who are known to the children are the biggest perpetrators. Most child abuse victims know their abusers.

Much of this information is not surprising to me for I have lived through it and know it all too well. Some of the results were more dramatic than I realized but they make perfect sense to me.

Often people think that the unknown sex offender or child abuser living somewhere down the street is the biggest threat and time and time again, I continue to tell people, it is not so! Yes, they do abuse children and they should be watched closely. The bigger problem though is that most child abuse victims no the people abusing them and in this study, 78% of the abusers were parents.

All too often, we fail to open up to what is really going on in our society and until we remove the log from our eyes, child abuse is going to continue. Too much in our society is set up to give protection to those who do this. From churches offering forgiveness hoping the abuser will sin no more to the laws of our land favoring the abuser over the victim.

Please take a moment and view the presentation on YouTube that I have posted below. You will see first hand the stats I was trying to highlight in this blog post. The details are more chilling but again, we as a society need to wake up and say no more! We need to say, no child is going to be abused. Unfortunately we focus on everything else rather than what truly matters and so our children continue to be less than human in the eyes of our society.

How much longer can we continue to hide from the effects of childhood abuse and trauma?

Presentation Video on Youtube: The Bomb In The Brain, Part 1

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trust That Which You Know

An inspirational thought for your day

Trust That Which You Know

Trust that which already is unfolding for you. Trust that which you already know in your heart and your mind. The impressions, visions, thoughts, feelings, emotions are already in your possession and your consciousness.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Create My Life

My life, no matter how I sometimes wish it would be is exactly what it should be at this moment. In conjunction with this, my life is exactly a result of the choices that I have made to create this moment.

While my heart is full of joy after a time of reset in life, my fears claw at the door trying to keep me from opening it and stepping out. I truly give my fears more power than they deserve. I truly inflate my fears to be bigger than they are in reality.

So as much as I wish my life would be different, I need to acknowledge the path that has brought me to this point. I then need to open the door, taking the power back of my fears. As I do this, the brightness of the sunlight will illuminate the path ahead into the life I so desire.

I am once again reminded that I am the sole person who creates my day. I bring in the things that I focus on and if tomorrow I desire something different, all I need to do is shift my focus. By shifting my focus, I change my awareness and consciousness which leads me into more of who I really am in life.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mike Lew Events 2011 to 2012

Here are the upcoming events in 2011 for Mike Lew of Next Step Please feel free to share this with others you know who might benefit as well. There are many events around the world from the United States to Canada and Australia and beyond. Mike Lew, M.Ed., a psychotherapist and group therapy leader in the Boston, MA area, is co-director of The Next Step Counseling and Training Center.

I've been to a couple of Mike Lew's mini workshops at the conferences for the Voices Organization. Every time I have attended events that he has put on, I have walked away with more insight and healing for my life.

To learn more about these events or Mike Lew and Next Step Counseling at

Mike Lew is the author of two books for male survivors, "Victims No Longer" and "Leaping Upon The Mountains" which can be purchased on Amazon or in most bookstores.

Link To Event Details:

March 26- 29, 2011

Seattle, Washington, USA

One day recovery workshop for male survivors (March 26th ) sponsored by Shepherd's Counseling Services

For more information and registration for the male survivor workshop, contact Shepherd's Counseling Services or

2 days of professional training (March 28 and 29) sponsored by Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs (WCSAP)

For information and registration for the training days (Training Day #1 for therapists/counselors; Training Day #2 for advocates), contact Trisha Smith


April 9 & 10, 2011

Austin, Texas, USA

Mike will be offering a day long professional training on Saturday, April 9th and a day long male survivor recovery workshop on Sunday, April 10th sponsored by the Hays-Caldwell Women's Center. Details are not yet final. For information and registration contact Beverly Engel


April 29- May 1, 2011

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A public talk and book signing (April 29th 7-9 PM), and two days of professional training (April 30 and May 1). For further information and registration, contact Dean Colford at Mind, Body, and Soul.


May 7-10, 2011

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Mike will be doing a 1 1/2 day presentation for social workers, mental health professionals, police, survivors, youth workers, etc. on May 9th and 10th. There will also be an evening presentation for the general public on May 9th and a day long workshop for male survivors on Saturday, May 7th sponsored by the PEI Child Sexual Abuse Advisory Committee and PEI Rape and Sexual Assault Centre. For further information and registration details, contact


July 2011

AUSTRALIA (and possibly New Zealand): Events are still in the planning stages for Mike's return to Australia in 2011. At this time, only the men's weekend in Victoria and events in Broome, Western Australia have been scheduled. Other events will be posted on the Web site as they are arranged. Our hearts go out to our friends in Christchurch, New Zealand who are recovering from the devastating earthquake.

July 15-17 2011

Maldon, Victoria, Australia

Victims No Longer Weekend #5

Friday 15 July, 6pm – Sunday 17 July, 2pm

South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (SECASA) invites male survivors of sexual abuse/assault to participate in a residential retreat weekend facilitated by Mike Lew, the world renowned author of ‘Victims No Longer, The Classic Guide for Men Recovering from Sexual Child Abuse’, & ‘Leaping Upon the Mountains’.

If you are interested in taking part in an incredible healing journey, please join us. No longer forced to suffer alone, survivors and professionals continue to develop resources and support systems that move the recovery process forward.

This weekend workshop is for non-offending adult males survivors of sexual abuse and rape. It provides a variety of healing activities: sharing of stories, writing exercises, anger work, group discussions, shared creativity, relaxation and even fun in a safe, nurturing environment.

The event is for men who are actively engaged in recovery work, and is not a substitute for therapy/counselling. A letter of recommendation from your counsellor/therapist or support organization should accompany your registration. Considerable attention has been put into creating a safe, nurturing environment respectful of people’s needs

The weekend focuses on the reality of recovery as revealed by male survivors.

The workshop will be held in central Victoria at:
Derby Hill Blue Light Youth Camp, Phoenix Street, Maldon, Victoria 3463

The fee of AU$300 (inc. GST) covers accommodation and all meals. A deposit of AU$50 is required with your booking, with the balance payable by 1st July 2011 (with no refunds after 12th July 2011). Progressive advance payments welcome, following an Invoice request. No one will be turned away through inability to pay in full. A contribution to enable others to attend would be very welcome.

Please obtain an application form for completion, and return together with your deposit or full payment to: Maxwell Clarke – SECASA P.O. Box 72 East Bentleigh 3165 Telephone enquires 9928 8741 Email Maxwell Clarke


July 19-20, 2011

Broome, Western Australia

A day long professional training and a day long male survivor workshop sponsored by Anglicare WA and SECASA. For information and registration contact Karen Fitzpatrick


August 12-14 2011

Bangor, Pennsylvania, USA


Led by Mike Lew & Thom Harrigan

The past years have seen great positive change for people in recovery from childhood trauma, and for males in particular. No longer forced to suffer alone, survivors and professionals continue to develop resources and support systems that move the recovery process forward.

This, our 21st annual weekend workshop is for non-offending adult male survivors of sexual child abuse and other sexual trauma. Our goal is to offer a recovery experience in a safe, powerful environment of shared healing. The Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center is on a beautiful, wooded ridge top in the Pocono Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania.

The weekend will provide a variety of healing activities: sharing of stories, writing exercises, anger work, other emotional expression, group discussion, shared creativity, relaxation and even fun in a safe, nurturing environment.

As in previous years, if there are sufficient numbers and interest, the workshop will include a special track for survivors of abuse by clergy.

This event for men actively engaged in recovery work is not a substitute for therapy. A letter of recommendation from a therapist/counselor must accompany one's registration. The deadline is July 30th. Space is limited, so please try to register early to secure your place.

Considerable attention has been paid to creating a safe, nurturing environment respectful of participants' needs.The weekend focuses on the reality of recovery as revealed by male survivors.

Led by Mike Lew, M.Ed. and Thom Harrigan, L.I.C.S.W., of The Next Step Counseling in Brookline, MA. Mike is the author of Victims No Longer:The Classic Guide for Men Recovering from Sexual Child Abuse, and Leaping Upon the Mountains: Men Proclaiming Victory Over Sexual Child Abuse. Thom leads groups for male survivors and works extensively with survivors of clergy abuse.

7 PM Friday dinner through Sunday lunch $380.00 includes room, meals, and workshop.

Copy the form section below, paste into a new document, print and mail it to:
Kirkridge Conference and Retreat Center
2495 Fox Gap Road, Bangor, PA 18013
Tel. (610) 588-1793
or register online at

Registration deposits ($190.00) are non-refundable for cancellations within 14 days of the event. Prior to 14 days before the event deposits are refundable except for a $30 administrative fee. If possible, please register at least one month prior and use one form per person/event. Or you can register online at Kirkridge


August 12-14, 2011

Please Print:




State__________________ Zip_________________

E-Mail address:_______________________________________

Roommate request (all rooms double occupancy):____________________________

Amt. of Deposit Enclosed: $_____________(Balance Due on Arrival)

For Canadian Checks indicate "U.S. Funds" next to the dollar and word amounts.

You may pay by credit card (full amount must be paid when registering by credit card)

___ Visa ___ MasterCard ___ Discovercard


Expiration Date:________ Signature:____________________________________

For Scholarship Fund:____________________(All gifts are tax deductible)

Please note if you have a disability for use in making room assignments



October 21-22, 2011

Ithaca, New York, USA

A day long professional training and a one day male survivor workshop sponsored by The Mental Health Association in Tompkins County. For information and registration, contact Josephine Cohen


October 29, 2011

Glasgow, Scotland

One day male survivor recovery workshop sponsored by Speak Out Scotland and Rape and Abuse Line. For further information contact Christine Steverson


November, 2011 (first week of November - date to be determined)

Inverness, Scotland

Day long public event sponsored by Rape and Abuse Line and Speak Out Scotland. For further information contact Julie Fraser


November 5-6, 2011

Sheffield, United Kingdom

2 day male survivor recovery workshop sponsored by Asylum Associates. For further information contact Peter Bullimore


November 8-10, 2011

Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Mike will deliver a keynote address and workshop at a three day conference sponsored by Asylum Associates. For further information contact Simon Mullins


November 12-13, 2011

Wrexham, North Wales

One day professional training (November 12th) and one day male survivor workshop (November 13th) sponsored by FFynnon PPD. For further information contact Jonathan Skipper


November 19-20, 2011

Oslo, Norway

Weekend male survivor recovery workshop (and possibly a professional training on working with survivors of clergy abuse sponsored by ADAM/The Church Resource Centre Against Violence and Sexual Abuse. For further information contact Lennart Persson


May 8, 2012

Niagara Falls, New York, USA

Mike will speak at the 14th annual "Safe at Home: Seeking Solutions for Adult and Child Victims of Violence Conference" sponsored by the Child Advocacy Center of Niagara, Niagara County Department of Mental Health, Department of Social Services, and the Family Violence Intervention Project of Niagara. For further information contact Lisa Lannon


Other events in planning stages: Plans are underway for 2012 events in South Africa. Information will be posted on the Web site as it becomes available.

Visit our Web Site at:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Meditation For The Simple People

Meditation does not have to be a difficult process. It does not have to be something for just those people who are into that sort of thing. It need not be a long demanding process that prevents you from doing it on a regular basis.

Meditation can be so enriching to our life and invigorating to our path. It can give us a moment of pause as we allow our brain to catch up with the busy pace of our day. The process can be so simple to just allow us to connect our minds, our body and our spirit together as one.

Here are some helpful hints to give you some guidance as you find your own way of meditating. Remember, each person is different and unique. What works for some people may not work for everyone else. Finding what works for you and embracing it fully, is more important than subscribing to someone else's idea of what meditation is all about.

1) Do it regularly
2) Give yourself a set time limit with a beginning and an end.
3) Spend part of the time sitting up so you are alert and aware
4) Spend at least 5 minutes in silence
5) Find a quiet place where won't be disturbed
6) Focus on your breath and breathing to get started. Take some deep breaths.
7) Allow your mind to clear and focus on the moment you are in.
8) Acknowledge run away thoughts or worries and ask how they can assist you.
9) Whatever happens is meant to happen. Be kind and gentle to yourself.
10) Record any thoughts, impressions or feelings that come to you during this time.

While I'm sure others would have many more thoughts on meditation, this is the list that came to my mind. It is by no means exhaustive or complete. It just offers some guidelines to consider when creating your own meditation practice.

May your own meditation practice deepen as you open up and allow your connection of consciousness with your mind, body and spirit.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Supermoon, Oceans and Nature

Most likely everyone has heard about the supermoon which is ocuring this evening as I write this blog post. The supermoon is the moon that looks like it is much closer because it is actually traveling as close as it will get to the earth in its orbit for the next 18 years. Since it is also a full moon, it is expected to raise the tides all over the earth. Some say, it will have a significant impact upon the earth and while I have no way to agree or disagree with that, it will be interesting to see if there are any events that coincide with the supermoon. Many would just attribute this to folklore.

I'm always amazed at the systems in space and how they may or may not impact us as humans. Just to gaze at something that is only about 221,566 miles seems awe inspiring to me. I would love to be able to go and travel to the moon and actually step a foot on to it. If there is ever a wow factor in life, the moon and the planets or stars of the solar system would be one of those for me.

Coming back to earth though, I spent time at the ocean today just picking up seashells while dipping my feet in the 60 degree, cool ocean water. Seeing the ocean, hearing the roar of the waves, watching the sea gulls fly and being caught up in the moment of looking for seashells, the world around me seemed pretty small. Much like looking at the moon so many miles away, the earth seemed almost insignificant.

As we ended the day at the ocean, we spent time observing the birds and butterflies all around us. It was a beautiful site and once again, took me miles away from the world and all its troubles and problems.

There is no greater joy, no greater meditation and no better way to just be in the moment than to gaze at the sky, bask in the ocean and observe nature. If you want to let go of things that are bothering you, find your place in nature. Let nature revive you, ground you and help you find what it is that you need in this very moment.

Nature and the ocean and the moon are much bigger than anything we are experiencing. They remind us that we can transcend all that we are going through, if even for a moment. They remind us that we are part of something bigger and that we are all connected.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meditation Thoughts At The Park

Stop for this moment.

Feel the gentle breeze on your face.
It is a calming breeze, full of peace

Watch the butterfly zip about from tree to tree.
Notice the serene ripples in the water.
Hear these sounds of nature rustle through the tree.

What do they say to you?
How do they make you feel?
Can you pin point the place in your body where you feel them?

What do you observe?
Just stop and feel, sense and see.
Notice all that you are part of and all that is a part of you.

Just focus on these things and let them be your thoughts.
Observe and know that you have created all that you need.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Most Common Misdiagnosis In Medicine

matization and conversion of emotional and repressed feelings, personality disturbances and unconscious psycho-biological states are responsible for an incredible amount of misdiagnosis and human suffering.

Slide from Seminar with Dr. Paul Canali
Unified Therapy, A Breakthrough Nervous System Re-Regulation Therapy
Nov 2010

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dealing With Pain

On the LiveStream event with Yanni Live today, Yanni said, "the best way is to take pain on head first." So very true! It does hurt, but it is the healing force.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Creativity And Judgment Are Opposites

Recently, I saw a video response on twitter to a question by an artist regarding the art of creativity. The question that was asked about the advice Yanni would have regarding the creation of their own music. Yanni's response can be seen in the following video but it was exactly correct in what I have found in creation of my own music.

The best music, writing, paintings I have done were when I was totally in the zone and not judging what I was doing. In those moments, I was not aware of the process, but just allowing it to come through and surrendering to it.

Judging can come in many forms of thoughts and questions running through your mind. From what key do I play next, to how does this sound, to what word should I write or color should I use to many others. There is a great book on the art of Mindful Creativity written by Ellen J. Langer. When we are critical or judgmental about our creative work, we are in a mindless state, not a mindful state. In those moments of judgment, we are not in the zone.

And judgment can come in very subtle ways that inhibit us from connecting and creative to the flow coming from us. We may often think it shows up through distinct ways but if we observe our thoughts and our questions in those creative moments, we will learn more about ourselves and help our self go deeper into creativity.

It is a frame of mind and the more we practice allowing our self to surrender into this space, the more we can connect to our creativity. It is not always easy to do this with the demands upon our day but creativity also gives us a greater fulfillment in life. So take a moment and listen to the following video response by Yanni because it is very true. Check out the link below to Ellen Langer's book because even though it has an emphasis on painting, it applies to all who want to be more mindful not only in their creativity but in their life.

Further Reading
1) Music by Yanni
2) Book by Yanni - Yanni In Words
3) On Becoming An Artist (Mindful Creativity) by Ellen J. Langer

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Sacred Journey Of Healing

This was something I wrote for my friend, Trish Kalhagen, as her first post on her new blog, Trish is a wonderful person who specializes in Reiki, Labyrinth Workshops, Spiritual Direction and Personal Rituals. Hopefully you will check out her new blog and keep an eye out for future posts by Trish.

As we travel through life, we overcome the difficulties by challenging the fears we hold and seeing the possibilities of our life. We view the improbable as nothing more than a path that has not unfolded. This becomes our sacred journey through the individual path of life. The journey connects the spirit within me to the spirit within you. May we together embark on a journey of sacred healing moments as we uncover every cellular component of our life.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Reiki Attunement

Purples, green, bright white light.

Mixing and fading into pure peace, love and stillness.

Going from moments of wondering and questioning into discovery and connectedness.

Seeing more possibility of what there is, of what could be and that this is a part of the path.

Feeling the love, feeling the pureness and wholesomeness of the moment supported by the love.

Feeling full of gratitude for something so simple, yet so profound.

Just in this moment today, with nothing else but being here, connected to all that is present.

No need to strive to touch it, as it is just part of all that is here.

Through the breath, being filled with pure love, pure acceptance and pure energy, may awareness open into a new consciousness.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Journey Is Part Of Our Path

No matter what happens, there is a resilient spirit in people that if allowed to shine, will show through. Humans have the capacity to overcome all odds, all fears and really evolve and blossom into all that is meant to be.

Many people have been through some very difficult extraordinary events in their life that could quite easily take them under. In fact, for many, it has taken them under. But also for many, they have triumphed. It was never easy for them nor did it happen over night, but they found a way through the darkest of moments to travel their path forward.

In the end, everyone realizes that these events, no matter how horrible they might have been, are part of their path. It is a path that allows us to unfold, evolve and find our place in this life as we allow our life to touch the life of others.

Our existence here on this planet called earth, is how we connect with each other and the role we play. Each one of us has a different role, a different path. We must live our own life and our own path, never ceasing to uncover and discover all the pebbles along the way. May we all rise to the occasion and may we all encourage those around us to do the same, through love and understanding.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Get Over It

On my Facebook page, I saw something posted on the Eckhart Tolle page by one of his friends that I could not help but repost here on the blog. The quote is very powerful because I've had this told to me so many times by well meaning people, by family and others that just can find nothing better to say. Each time, I have tried to deflect the pain that this adds to whatever I am experiencing in that moment.

So here's the quote:

"When people say "Let it go," what they really mean is "Get over it," and that's not a helpful thing to say. It's not a matter of letting go - you would if you could. Instead of "Let it go," we should probably say "Let it be"; this recognizes that the mind won't let go and the problem may not go away, and it allows you to form a healthier relationship with what's bothering you." -- Jon Kabat-Zinn

One of the most healing things that you can do is to go into that which you are struggling with and be with it. If you explore all dimensions of it and learn how you can grow from it, than you will transform your life in many ways. By holding back and just hoping it will go away or trying to avoid it, your life will be full of misery and frustration.

More importantly though, these things that become our struggles and difficulties in life, are there to help us grow and evolve our mind, our body and our consciousness. There is a purpose for these to be in our life and when we understand that, we have become more conscious of who we are as a human.

Fear often gets the way of life and prevents us from going into things that we need to look at. Fear is the weapon of the ego that keeps us from going within. It is a powerful force and it loses its power when we grow and evolve in awareness.

So the next time someone says, "Get Over It" or "Just Move On"; confidently look them in the eyes and tell them, this is exactly what you are doing. By taking a look at the situation in your life, you are truly becoming healthier.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

A Shoulder To Cry On

Sometimes in life we all need a shoulder to cry on or an ear that will listen. All too often, we get just the opposite by people who mean well and believe they are doing the right thing. Never underestimate the power of just listening to someone or giving them a shoulder to cry on. Never underestimate how holding someone's hand in a moment of crisis can be such a life changing moment.

A little over a year ago, I was going through some very difficult moments. A rash had engulfed my body and itching was my closest companion. No matter what I did, the itching would not stop and I spent many days and nights awake anguishing in terror. There seemed like no end and it was a horrible painful time of frightening experiences that I went through.

I remember finally going to Dr. Paul Canali at Evolutionary Healing for a session. By the time I got there, I was so afraid that I could barely function in life let alone get myself into his office. My body was so wrought with fear that it took all the energy I could find to just get my body to function and physically move. In that moment, I was not sure if there was a way through this. I did not have hope that it would improve because I had already endured so much and for so long.

I'll never forget the words that Dr. Canali spoke to me and what he did when I first got on the table. He grabbed hold of my hand in a very firm, supportive and loving way while he looked at me and said, "I'm here for you!" It wasn't just the words either that were said, but I could tell the conviction in each syllable that he truly meant what he was saying. I also could hear through the words that he could back up what he was saying because he had already touched his own pain and sorrow. It was a life changing moment. I'll never forget that moment.

Today, I read a blog by Nicole Bowman that really reminded me of this point and so much more. All too often, we think we have to solve the problem or we are too mired in our own pain, that we cannot just be there for the person. We can't simply offer a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear? It is okay to go in and be in the depths of pain with people as long as we have done the work on ourselves so we can truly be there.

It took me a long time to understand that you can go into the pain with the person that needs it without losing yourself. It has nothing to do with shielding yourself from the person's energy or anything else. It is a matter of just holding the space open and walking along side by side through their journey helping them to take each step. It has nothing to do with us although it may trigger and connect with areas of our own life that we have not fully healed. We should welcome those moments because they give us further opportunity to evolve and heal ourselves.

I hope you will read Nicole's blog entry that I've linked to below, because she so eloquently states this concept. It is a beautiful concept and one that when practiced can truly be life changing for another person. The true essence of our humanity is how far we allow ourselves to heal and how we use that awareness and consciousness to help others do the same thing. There is no greater gift we can give others than to offer ourselves up with all our pains, inadequacies and healing so that together we evolve into more than we are currently aware of in this moment.

1) Nicole Bowman, Blog Post March 2 - Thoughts On The New Age
2) Dr. Paul Canali, Evolutionary Healing of Miami
3) Blog Post on August 19, 2010 - Stop The Itching

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Illusions In Healing

I am often amazed at how people, especially healers or people in the new age therapies or religious people of faith, respond to others when they are working to find their footing on the path of their life. So often, these people are inundated with statements from people that they did not solicit or that may not necessarily be helpful in the long run. The people giving the statements feel that they must say these things and so they do willingly and without stopping to consider what they are saying.

Lately, I've heard some whoppers being told to others and while there may be an element of truth to them, so much of what is said boils down to nothing more than belief, rather than truth based assistance. So many times in this world, the inhabitants fail to understand what truth really is while disguising truth with their own belief system. At the end of the day, if we are not careful to fully understand the difference, we not only hinder the advance of evolution and awareness along but sometimes in fact, we make it more difficult for others to find their way.

I grew up in a home where religious stuff was as rigid as a board and that if you did not believe this way, there was not only something wrong with you but that you were going to hell. There was no half way point, no discussion of ideas and no acceptance of anything that fell outside the realm of what was being taught in the religious setting. It was their way or the highway. You didn't get the chance to go in and check it out deep within you as that was not allowed. You were brought into the fold by accepting the truths of these people or cast out by your nonacceptance.

As I ventured into the healing word and the new age world, I have seen this play over and over again. All too often, I hear "truths" that are nothing more than beliefs. All too often, I see how people inwardly and silently roll their eyes if you don't agree with their set of beliefs. I see the beliefs and truths regurgitated at will without any real questioning as if they really have solid evidence or not. In the new age movement and the healing world, there are many who eschew religious institutions but yet, in many ways they are subscribing to the same procedure of a belief system. The only thing different is they are putting different labels, feelings, emotions and thought processes with it. At its root base or the core of what is being taught, the same practices are being transmitted to others.

Yes, I do know there are legitimate people out there doing work that actually evolves the human awareness and consciousness. Unfortunately, there are a vast majority of people who are into what I call the whooo whooo, no reality based practices. Please don't get me wrong because I am not saying that you cannot venture into the unknown and in fact I think the unknown is a vital part of life. The part I take strong disagreement with is when the whooo whooo becomes reality replaces the truth with a belief system. It is at that point, where these practices become dangerous and hurtful to others along their path.

Consider the following example for a moment. If you saw someone hanging off the edge of the cliff and their fingers were slowly slipping, what would you do? Before you answer this, consider some of the things that if someone was struggling in life, you would hear in a potential group of healers or religious people.

"You just need to think positive and imagine yourself being rescued."
"Just pray about it."
"You need to consider what the reason of this is."
"God has a reason for everything."
"Don't get angry or upset and fight this."
"Look at the good side of this, the happy side."
"Think happy thoughts."
"Don't take this frustration you have and turn it inward."
"It will get better."

I could go on and on forever with these statements and most of them I've heard recently. Now most of you would say, if a person is hanging over a cliff, you wouldn't say these things to them but you would either go get help, offer them a rope or help lift them back up to safety. It would seem logical and you're probably wondering what these statements have to do with pulling someone from safety.

Yet, if you think about it, when someone's life is struggling, instead of many people really being there for someone, we offer them pieces of yarn to help pull themselves back up. That is as far as we go and all the time, the person is slipping away off the cliff. We think we've given them something to help pull themselves up when in fact all we have given them is a flimsy piece of yarn that will not do much for them. It may give them an illusion that there is a rope to hang on to but most likely it will not hold their weight. So when they grab on to it, they will let go of the only grasp they have to the cliff and fall off into space. Of course at some point, the fall will be stopped by the earth but it will hurt and they will need to struggle all the harder to climb back up the cliff.

All too often, we fail to fully uncover and unearth that within us that holds us from truly connecting with others and being a light unto their path. We sometimes think we are giving them a lifeline of rope when we are not able to see that we are only giving others a piece of yarn. Until we learn how to open our own eyes and go deep within through our own fears and pains of the past, will we ever be there for others. We can give others the illusion that we are truly there for them and in fact we can give ourselves the illusion as well but until we understand that it is an illusion, it is nothing more than a magic trick.

Each one of us has the responsibility to become all we can be and evolve in awareness and consciousness. While we may not fully understand what all that means, it is our responsibility to go further in life and be all that we can be. We all have a path to walk and if we are just standing on the path, we are not walking forward. Until we recognize and realize that the pains and the fears we hold are motivating forces, we will stay stuck in the illusions of what we give to our self and what we give to others.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Simply Just Open The Door

The picture on this blog post was one taken by mistake but it just seems to have a story to tell. And so as I thought about it, the story begins to unfold. Of course, one could just look at it as a ladder leaning against a closet door but would be rather boring in many ways. Feel free to make up your own story on this but here's my take on the ladder against the door.

How many times do we go through life searching for that which we need. We may realize that what we need is in a closet or some area which is not readily seen by us. We may or may not know for sure that the item that we seek is inside the closet but sometimes our gut feeling says it is in there. We cannot see it, but somehow we just know that it is in there.

So then, we begin to figure out ways to get into the closet to find that which we are looking for. Most people would say, well why don't you just open the closet and look inside for the item. To most people standing back and not searching for the item, this would seem very obvious. However, to the person searching, it may be anything but obvious.

The searching person than decides that they are going to get into the closet and instead of opening the door, they do all types of hocus pocus tricks to get it to open. In this case, the searching person has gotten a ladder to see if they can crawl up and above the door to get inside. They go to all kinds of effort to bring the ladder to the closet, set it up so it is sturdy and then begin the climb up the ladder. The only thing is, they soon realize that with the ladder in the way, they will not be able to open the closet door.

Eventually the searching person realizes that the way into the closet is through opening the door. Of course, when they realize this, it is like a light bulb going off in their mind. In reality, the solution was right there before them and everyone but the searching person could not see it.

In many ways, we as humans do this. We search and seek something which we need for our lives and yet, we find the most difficult ways and methods to obtain it. We design elaborate systems to view what is beyond the doors only to give our self the false illusion that we are making progress. When all we really need to do is just simply open the door.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Source Of Possibility

So often in life, we look for what we don't see, or what we do not feel we have. We look at the half empty part of our glass as the source of possibility. Yet, at the same time, we fail to see the half full part of our glass.

This leads us on a wild chase of looking for that which is there but ignoring that which we already have. It is easier for us to have narrow vision when we need to be looking at the broader view before us.

Within our body is much wisdom, energy and strength. Outside of our body is a sense of false interpretations masking as the real thing. The more we listen to our body and the more we go within our body, will we find this wisdom, energy and strength.

As we travel inward, we give ourselves the opportunity to grow in awareness and consciously evolve as humans. To fully inhabit our body is to find something more solid and truth based than anything that any one could ever tell us.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Hope & Possibility Through Trauma Book Quote

From page 13, (Introduction and My Story), is a quote from the book I wrote, Hope And Possibility Through Trauma. This quote sums up so much of what I now see in life and for those who are experiencing some of the most difficult times, hopefully this shows you that there is hope and possibility.

"In the past few years, I have made tremendous progress in reclaiming all that I am. It began with going to massage school and continued through the trauma recovery work that Dr. Canali does. Slowly but surely, I began to reclaim those parts of my body that had been so traumatized. As I have done this, I am finding a sense of freedom, full of hope and possibility, unlike anything I have ever known. At one time, I was not sure if I could heal from these wounds and scars on my life, but now, I see there is a way through."

- Don Shetterly, Pg 13 - Hope And Possibility Through Trauma

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oprah, Male Survivors Airing March 10

I have found out that the episode of 200 Men (Male Survivors) standing together is airing again on March 10, 2011. This originally aired on November 5, 2010. In case you missed it or want to see this again, make sure you watch the Oprah show on this day. Check the schedule out on in case there are any last minute changes.

It is a good thing that this is showing again because for those that missed it, they will be able to see a very powerful show. I was one of the 200 men that stood together that day saying, no more, no way, no how to child abuse. I won't go into all the details here but if you check out the links below, you can see more about my experiences with this and what it meant to me.

One in six boys (1 in 6) are abused as children before they reach the age of 16. Think about that for a moment. Identify 6 boys that you know and then realize that 1 of them may very likely have suffered through child sexual abuse. It happens far more than we realize and far more than we want to admit in this country.

While everyone is often so afraid of that convicted sex offender living down the street or that perp hiding behind the bushes, most perpetrators of this crime are known to the children. Whether it is family members such as a father, mother, brother, cousin, uncle or even a minster, priest, teacher, boy scout leader, the victims more generally than not, know who the perpetrator is.

Please don't think for a moment that this affects some but does not touch every area of our society. We all are touched by this in one way or another. For when a child is abused (whether they are female or male), their life is altered and they are forced to deal with a living hell as they heal from it. We cannot stand by in our society and let this happen. We cannot turn a blind eye to any indication of this taking place around us.

We must protect our children at all cost. For if we do not stand with our children, we stand opposed to them and condone this behavior.

For more information about my experiences and some of the show highlights and resources, please visit the following links. Let your friends know that this show is airing again. Below this post are easy buttons for you to share this post by facebook, twitter, email and other ways. Please make use of these things and do your part to let the world know.

For More Information and Resources:
1) Oprah, Tyler Perry and 200 Male Survivors Stand Together
2) My Interview in the Daytona Beach News Journal
3) Interview in the Orlando Sentinel - Hal Boedeker Blog
4) Read About My Experiences On The Oprah Show
5) - 200 Men - Resources
6) Male Survivor Organization
7) Don Shetterly Official Website, Author Music Artist, Massage Therapist

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Step Of Trust Into Faith

Life has its synchronized moments where everything comes together at the right time, in the right place, and with the right people. When something that has been virtually impossible unfolds in a manner of seconds without any effort, this is a direct reminder of synchronicity.

For the past year or more, I have been trying to make something happen that I feel called to do. it seemed like every door had not just been shut in my face but slammed shut. Nothing was working and my income was not there. I felt pressured by people in my professional life when things were not happening. Most of all, I was just existing in life, not only financially but in life as a whole. I tried hard not to give up.

Finally after my moment of screaming out that I could not take this anymore, I vowed to the universe that no matter what my fears were, I would take a step of trust into faith that my path would illuminate before me. I knew that would be difficult for me but I also knew that if I was on the journey that I thought I was, all things would be there for me when I needed them.

This moment led to new things in my life and further self discovery. I took steps to learn something I was not normally open to previously. Through that learning moment, several new possibilities are unfolding. There was no way I could have seen or touched these possibilities.

And then, last night, the one thing I had give up on finally worked out in a matter of seconds. Of course, it is coming together in a different way than I imagined but again I will take a step of trust into faith that all things will work out as planned. For all we can do is show up, offer our evolving self and let the unknowns of the universe bring it all together.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Timing Of The Unseen And Unknown

The other day, I had three unusual events happen. I don't try to go out into whoo whoo land on things like this and get all weird or anything. However, I find it interesting that these things happened in the way they did with the timing of their occurrence. In fact, the timing of them was probably the most telling part.

The first event was with me trying to film the shuttle as it took off and there is actually two parts to this. I knew this was coming and did not want to miss it as we can often see it from our house. Coming back home from the fitness center, I saw a tweet on my twitter account that it was launching within minutes of arriving home. I hurriedly gathered my camera and tripod, racing out the door so I could film it. At the time I thought it was the very last shuttle flight but have since found out there are two more (again timing). I hooked the camera up to the tripod, got it turned on and saw the shuttle appearing in the sky. As the camera started to record, it went into sleep mode. Once I finally got it turned on, it said "battery exhausted". [the battery was fine earlier] Even though I knew there was little time to run in and get my other battery, I attempted to do this. By the time, I got everything going again, the shuttle had already passed and I missed the video shot I wanted.

Not thinking about this much at all, I went to a class that was one of those that just happened to come across my attention in the right moment at the right time. Someone had told me about a place Enchanted Soul of Cassadaga in Lake Helen, Florida. When I pulled up their website, it was almost like I just stumbled immediately into information about a workshop on "meeting your spirit guides". Again, the timing of it was perfect and so I decided to go. While it was extremely difficult to reach anyone to sign up for it, I knew that I would take a chance and make sure I went to the class. Fortunately a few hours before the class began, I was able to reach someone at the store and register. It was perfect timing in finally reaching someone.

The next timing scenario played out as I sat in class trying to record my observations about the spirit guide we met in a meditation time. A pen that I have been using and was showing no signs of running dry would intermittently work and then go dry while trying to record these things. It was almost like it was playing with my mind or just teasing me. At least that is how I felt but in an amusing sort of way. I still managed to record my observations.

Then after getting home last night, I was turning a hall light on and the light above me flickered and flickered for what seemed like several moments. At first I thought the light bulb was burning out and I would need to replace it but it kept flickering for the long time and almost like a strobe light going off and on. I didn't think too much about it until Jeff told me that the other light connected on this switch did the same thing. I was perplexed at that and thought of the guy on the TV show, I Survived Beyond And Back, who said he after he came back from his death experience, many electrical shortages and things such as this had taken place.

I could not help but wonder by this point, what was going on. It was unexplainable and as I write about all the events in the day, I can see that there was more than just one thing going on. What all of it means, I do not fully understand but there were too many instances of unusual events taking place to just dismiss them.

Of course, the pen that wouldn't work now is working fine with no sign of running out of ink. The lights in the hallway seem to be fine with no difficulties. The camera battery is recharged now. If I did not record these things, they would have slipped by without even knowing they took place.

I cannot explain these moments any more than someone else can but I'm smart enough to understand that they weren't just some random occurrence that has nothing to do with anything else. They are more than that. Just like the times when I heard the phantom doorbell or the phone ringing in the middle of the night only to discover, no one else in the house heard it. Or the first time I went to Cassadaga and went walking around only to come back to the car and discover a fair sized rock on the floor of the car, even though the car was locked and no one could get into it.

And sometimes, I don't think I have to fully understand what all of this is about or stress if I do not. In time, I feel like I am shown what i need to be shown. If anything, I realize from these moments that I am not alone as I travel through this life. I'm sure many different people would have many different explanations about all these moments, but those explanations would be what works for them in explaining the unknown through their own belief system. For me, I will just hold these things in my mind until I get further confirmation or clarification of why they showed up in the way that they did. I already do have some idea of what that is but for me, that is something personal that I hold within my heart.

And right now as I write this, I'm listening to Enigma and the music really seems to coincide with all that I just wrote. The music is very abstract and a little unusual but it is music that I love to listen to at times. Interesting and amazing again, the timing of the events.

Further Information:
1) I Survived Beyond And Back
2) Enigma - McMxc A.D.
3) Enchanted Soul Of Cassadaga
4) Cassadaga

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Looking For What We Need

So often we go through life looking and questioning and wanting what we need. Often times, it may be right before our eyes and we are just intent on looking for it that we miss what is before us.

More importantly though as we open ourselves up to what is all around us, we will find exactly what it is that we need to keep us moving forward. It is more than just finding our resources within for some situation we are currently facing because this current experience of our day is but one moment in the evolution of our awareness and consciousness.

If you're asking and searching and seeking for something to guide you through these moments, stop and take a look at all that is before you.

Take a look at all that is within you and what you feel deep within your body. It is in this way that you will discover the strength for the journey you walk.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Your Possibilities Are Real

Just think of all the possibilities there are in your life today. Dream of them, touch them, feel them and imagine all parts of these possibilities. In your moment of possibilities, see them coming to completion in spite of any obstacles that may seem to stand in your way. Imagine, them as if they were already here in your hand, your heart and your mind. See them with every ounce of energy you have and all the hope you can find. For your hopes and your possibilities are already real.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today Is Random Act Of Kindness Day, March 1

I am reposting this because today is March 1. Hopefully you'll find some way to show a random act of kindness for someone. Remember, the small things in life can be life changing for others. So why not impact the world and let your inner self smile at the same time.

(as posted on February 1, 2011)

I saw this event for March 1 on Facebook called "Random Act Of Kindness Day" and wanted to help spread the word. It is a wonderful idea and if you go to the facebook page you can read the details. Here are a few of the main points. The idea was created by Brenda Trotier

To help make the world a little brighter and happier, perform one, two, three or more Random Acts of Kindness. Here are the rules:

The first act of kindness should be to a friend, family member or coworker.

The second act of kindness should be to a stranger, and they must know that you are the person to perform the act of kindness (ex: hold the door for the person behind you, treat someone in line near you to a cup of coffee at Starbucks, etc).

The third act of kindness should be made to a stranger, and they must not know the identity of the person who performs it (ex: charitable contribution, pledge, even a few coins in a parking meter).

Please invite as many people to participate as you can; the world needs as much kindness as it can get.

Link to The Facebook Page, Random Act Of Kindness - March 1

And here is another concept that goes along with this which is a project I've been working on. It is called the Give A Smiley Project. I send out little smileys that you can download from my website and mail out to people you know or don't know. The idea is to help brighten their day a little bit and hopefully changes the world from a gloomy, negative one to one that is a little more hopeful and peaceful. Click on Smiley Project on my website.

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