Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Simply Just Open The Door

The picture on this blog post was one taken by mistake but it just seems to have a story to tell. And so as I thought about it, the story begins to unfold. Of course, one could just look at it as a ladder leaning against a closet door but would be rather boring in many ways. Feel free to make up your own story on this but here's my take on the ladder against the door.

How many times do we go through life searching for that which we need. We may realize that what we need is in a closet or some area which is not readily seen by us. We may or may not know for sure that the item that we seek is inside the closet but sometimes our gut feeling says it is in there. We cannot see it, but somehow we just know that it is in there.

So then, we begin to figure out ways to get into the closet to find that which we are looking for. Most people would say, well why don't you just open the closet and look inside for the item. To most people standing back and not searching for the item, this would seem very obvious. However, to the person searching, it may be anything but obvious.

The searching person than decides that they are going to get into the closet and instead of opening the door, they do all types of hocus pocus tricks to get it to open. In this case, the searching person has gotten a ladder to see if they can crawl up and above the door to get inside. They go to all kinds of effort to bring the ladder to the closet, set it up so it is sturdy and then begin the climb up the ladder. The only thing is, they soon realize that with the ladder in the way, they will not be able to open the closet door.

Eventually the searching person realizes that the way into the closet is through opening the door. Of course, when they realize this, it is like a light bulb going off in their mind. In reality, the solution was right there before them and everyone but the searching person could not see it.

In many ways, we as humans do this. We search and seek something which we need for our lives and yet, we find the most difficult ways and methods to obtain it. We design elaborate systems to view what is beyond the doors only to give our self the false illusion that we are making progress. When all we really need to do is just simply open the door.

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