Friday, March 4, 2011

Timing Of The Unseen And Unknown

The other day, I had three unusual events happen. I don't try to go out into whoo whoo land on things like this and get all weird or anything. However, I find it interesting that these things happened in the way they did with the timing of their occurrence. In fact, the timing of them was probably the most telling part.

The first event was with me trying to film the shuttle as it took off and there is actually two parts to this. I knew this was coming and did not want to miss it as we can often see it from our house. Coming back home from the fitness center, I saw a tweet on my twitter account that it was launching within minutes of arriving home. I hurriedly gathered my camera and tripod, racing out the door so I could film it. At the time I thought it was the very last shuttle flight but have since found out there are two more (again timing). I hooked the camera up to the tripod, got it turned on and saw the shuttle appearing in the sky. As the camera started to record, it went into sleep mode. Once I finally got it turned on, it said "battery exhausted". [the battery was fine earlier] Even though I knew there was little time to run in and get my other battery, I attempted to do this. By the time, I got everything going again, the shuttle had already passed and I missed the video shot I wanted.

Not thinking about this much at all, I went to a class that was one of those that just happened to come across my attention in the right moment at the right time. Someone had told me about a place Enchanted Soul of Cassadaga in Lake Helen, Florida. When I pulled up their website, it was almost like I just stumbled immediately into information about a workshop on "meeting your spirit guides". Again, the timing of it was perfect and so I decided to go. While it was extremely difficult to reach anyone to sign up for it, I knew that I would take a chance and make sure I went to the class. Fortunately a few hours before the class began, I was able to reach someone at the store and register. It was perfect timing in finally reaching someone.

The next timing scenario played out as I sat in class trying to record my observations about the spirit guide we met in a meditation time. A pen that I have been using and was showing no signs of running dry would intermittently work and then go dry while trying to record these things. It was almost like it was playing with my mind or just teasing me. At least that is how I felt but in an amusing sort of way. I still managed to record my observations.

Then after getting home last night, I was turning a hall light on and the light above me flickered and flickered for what seemed like several moments. At first I thought the light bulb was burning out and I would need to replace it but it kept flickering for the long time and almost like a strobe light going off and on. I didn't think too much about it until Jeff told me that the other light connected on this switch did the same thing. I was perplexed at that and thought of the guy on the TV show, I Survived Beyond And Back, who said he after he came back from his death experience, many electrical shortages and things such as this had taken place.

I could not help but wonder by this point, what was going on. It was unexplainable and as I write about all the events in the day, I can see that there was more than just one thing going on. What all of it means, I do not fully understand but there were too many instances of unusual events taking place to just dismiss them.

Of course, the pen that wouldn't work now is working fine with no sign of running out of ink. The lights in the hallway seem to be fine with no difficulties. The camera battery is recharged now. If I did not record these things, they would have slipped by without even knowing they took place.

I cannot explain these moments any more than someone else can but I'm smart enough to understand that they weren't just some random occurrence that has nothing to do with anything else. They are more than that. Just like the times when I heard the phantom doorbell or the phone ringing in the middle of the night only to discover, no one else in the house heard it. Or the first time I went to Cassadaga and went walking around only to come back to the car and discover a fair sized rock on the floor of the car, even though the car was locked and no one could get into it.

And sometimes, I don't think I have to fully understand what all of this is about or stress if I do not. In time, I feel like I am shown what i need to be shown. If anything, I realize from these moments that I am not alone as I travel through this life. I'm sure many different people would have many different explanations about all these moments, but those explanations would be what works for them in explaining the unknown through their own belief system. For me, I will just hold these things in my mind until I get further confirmation or clarification of why they showed up in the way that they did. I already do have some idea of what that is but for me, that is something personal that I hold within my heart.

And right now as I write this, I'm listening to Enigma and the music really seems to coincide with all that I just wrote. The music is very abstract and a little unusual but it is music that I love to listen to at times. Interesting and amazing again, the timing of the events.

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