Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Clutter In Our Life, Part 1

Clutter #1 - Spending our hours watching TV news
Part 1 of 10

I know, I know, I used to be one of those people. I thought I had to listen to it on the radio, the internet, the TV and read every bit of internet news coming out. To me, it was a badge of honor and being more knowledgeable of what was going on.

However, I found out that most of the news was based upon touching the fears that humans have. It is sensationalized so much to bring out those fears and insecurities so each person will watch it. Then it is repeated over and over, mixed and digested and regurgitated until you have heard the same news every which way that is known to the earth.

The 24 hour a day news channels really do a disservice to this world but yet enough people watch them to keep them on the air. In many ways, each person that watches the news is a willing accomplice. It doesn't matter if it is CNN, MSNBC, Fox or any other network. It is all the same. Each one just spins it differently.

Come back tomorrow for part 2 of this series, Clutter In Our Life. Below are the various parts to this series that you can read as well.

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Part 1: Spending our hours watching TV news
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  1. yes, the tv and the news truly can be such an effect on the body and mind. Being a very sensitive person when i see all the world's violence and negative stories I sense my heart beating faster and my mind gets a bit sad too. I think it is good to be aware of the news but not to watch it over and over, we don't realize but those negative events and feelings that are left within our minds effect our bodies. I like to think finding a balance is the key, but if one is not able to do that than I suggest not watching the news. Because the news does create fear, which seems to be what they are trying to do..the fear created on the news separates people according to their beliefs, religions, cultures, etc..






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