Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Is A Spirit Guide

This is a short excerpt from some class notes on a workshop I took, "Meet Your Spirit Guides". It was presented by Nicole Bowman.

A spirit guide is a highly evolved soul that once lived on earth as a human being. When we choose to come to earth in human form we also select a spirit guide that supports us from physical birth to physical death.

Often times, spirit guides are people that we knew in past lives. Their knowledge of what it is like to be human makes them fantastic teachers. They can empathize with the human experience and understand a full range of human emotions. Yet, they also have clear knowledge of the spirit realm, one’s life purpose, and the bigger picture at hand.

So, their advice is expansive and always for our highest good. They never leave us and are always there when we call.

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  1. Truly God ( or whatever you may choose to call him,her,it) never leaves anyone alone on this earth. Our spirit guide, a loving spirit who chose to accompany us is with us constantly, many people don't even know the presence of their loving presence in their lives, and we don't need to but they are there and will be until when one returns back home. if you listen carefully, their voice may be inthat kind feeling you sense in your stomach that may be saying, don't do that, or go the other way, or etc.. otherwise, advice of love and protection. we just need to listen to our own self and know that your spirit will never be wrong as long as you learn to trust your own intuition and not doubt yourself. truly it is a remarkable existence and a plan. Thank you Don for giving a voice to the importance of the spirit guides and all that they do for all of us..

  2. Mary Ann, your comment truly warmed my heart. Thank you...

  3. the feeling is mutual Don, you are the one who always puts kind words to help, assist and to awaken those people who visit your blogs. it is obvious you are a gentle spirit . May Father God and loving spirits always guide you and be around you. I also think the world of my spirit guide, manalan, and Spirit of God that is all of us, and each and every time I am the one who is humbled when someone mentions them. After 4 years of awakening to their existence, I still struggle to hear them correctly and continuing to tune my awakening and knowing. I enjoy your blog and the positivity within it. blessings to you always. Don, have you ever listened to Esther Hicks..check it out on youtube and google her. She speaks to Abraham and they voice themselves through her body..and I find them wonderful also.






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