Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 Things I’m Thankful For

1) That I’m taking care of myself more and more and really continuing to discover all there is about myself. No more do I go through life just as a human but as a human that is evolving.

2) Having a partner that cares so much about me, that loves me unconditionally and puts up with all my faults, heartaches, fears and quirks. I’ve never had that in my life until I met Jeff and I’m so thankful that we met and are spending our lives together as we just marked our 9 year anniversary.

3) Having a house that stayed dry through the hurricane and not losing everything we owned like many in our areas did.

4) Having a home which we just love and enjoy and gives us a nice quality of life.

5) Having two new kittens that are so adorable and fun to be around along with snuggles who is the ruler of the kittens and the house or so she thinks.

6) Getting enough income this year to make it through the year without completely falling on my face. In addition, I was able to make some purchases that I badly needed and had put off for many years.

7) A new president being elected who is down to earth, a common person and hopefully one that will truly be a President of the people. It is refreshing to see the President elect embrace those who are gay instead of bashing them and for that I am truly thankful.

8) All that is growing in my garden and the great vegetables that I get out of it.

9) The things that I as well as many others take for granted. Things that appear to be necessities when in fact they are luxuries. It wasn’t that long ago in my life that going to be on a full stomach was quite an accomplishment for a day.

10) Friends far and wide who I know in person or online, who have moved away or we moved away from them, for some that I speak to frequently and for some it feels more distant.

What are you thankful for?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting Through Those Trying Times

Sometimes in our lives, we endure some very difficult times. Things that we had planned for, hoped for and expected don't go as we thought they would. During those times, it can seem like one of the most darkest hours in life but when we frame these moments with perspective, it is then that we see, the road continues ahead. While the road may not be illuminated very far ahead of us, just knowing that it continues can bring a renewed sense of determination to our step. It gives us strength, energy and resolve to continue taking each one of our steps no matter how difficult they may be.

Of course once we get through these difficult moments that we may encounter in our lives, we are able to look back and see a beautiful sunset behind us instead of the dark stormy clouds that were hovering over us. Our minds may have momentary difficulty understanding why a place in our journey looked so dark and now it is filled with beautiful sunlight but as we progress down our journey, so to will we understand with a greater depth what blocked the sunlight from our view.

As we find ourselves under the dark stormy clouds on our path, let us not forget what all we have brought along in our journey for there is much that we carry with us. From the strength of the good times, to the courage of facing our fears we hold tight to the friendships, the love, and the never ending hope that no matter what comes our way, we will go on. So take all of the good times and the bad times that you carry with you and allow them to help illuminate your path ahead. For they are part of you just as you are part of them.

Take a moment to pause and reflect on all that is in your current path. While it may seem difficult and unending, know too that there is something that is trying to bring a greater awareness and knowledge into your life. It is an opportunity to grow and to prepare you for future steps along your path. It really is not the end of the world but most likely a beginning of another world for you. It can be an exciting time filled with intrigue, mystery and amazement. Be the observer and do not miss a single moment of all that surrounds you for there may be great discovery in just viewing it through the eye of the beholder.


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