Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anti Sissy Therapist

Anderson Cooper has done a story about Kirk Murphy. When Kirk Murphy was only 5 years old, his parents took him to this "new therapy" that was being advertised to help eliminate the "sissy" out of boys. As his mom was quoted in the AC360 story, she wanted him to grow up normal or what she refers to as normal.

Of course, the therapy involved neglect, withholding of love and affection, abuse, beatings and the common decency any child should receive. Keep in mind that this was all because little Kirk played with toys and things that his parents decided were not normal for a boy to play with. They, like many others in our society feels that it is their authority which gives them the right to say what the child should do and decide what they should not do. They feel it is justified in their mind at least without any concern to actually respecting the child.

Of course, as the story unfolds, George Reeker that did all of this research and founded his anti gay establishment on this research which was limited and one sided, could not help but use a gay guy to carry his luggage on a trip. Carrying his luggage was of course the "official response" of what he did when he hired someone from a place called rent I'm not suggesting you go to that site but looking at that website, it is easy to see what it is about. You cannot convince me that George Reeker did not know what was going on and that nothing went on between him and this person he supposedly hired to carry his luggage. I'm sorry, but try as hard as you want, you can't convince me!

Back to the story though as I feel so sad for Kirk and his brother and sister. The mom - well that's a different story. If she was so unintelligent that subjecting her little boy to this abuse because they were the experts, than she should not have been a mother. I heard her act as if it was George Reeker that murdered her son and I'm like, excuse me but you are the one responsible here. You enabled George Reeker to do this. How can you sit there and act as if you are innocent! The lengths we as humans go to in order to excuse our actions!

What is even more sad is that this research that George Reeker did where he claims to have changed Kirk from being gay to normal has now been used against so many others. This therapy that tries to change gays to straight is about as absurd as it gets! God made us all in his image and there is no need to change ourselves because some narrow minded bigot thinks that gays should not exist. These are real people with real lives and breathing hearts!

Normally, I try not to get this controversial on this blog but I'm just astounded to the lengths that some people will go to in this world to hate others through their own misguided life. You can call it what you want but gay people are normal people and the sooner we learn that in this country and the world, the sooner we can advance ourselves as a human population. We all have something to bring to the table and if we learn to focus on what we share, rather than the differences between us, we might just take a big step toward becoming human.

Kirk, may you rest in peace and I'm so sorry that you chose this way out. I hope your life will shine the light of truth on these people that try to change gays into something they are not. I hope your life will help others to wake up and that you will not have died in vain. Fortunately, we've come a long way since the day you were a little boy but we've still got a long ways to go!

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  1. it is so sad that we think we know everything, and the way we are is the correct way. BOTH are wrong, in actuality people truly don't know much and what we do may work for us but not for another..DO YOU KNOW WHY..because, the loving creator created all in perfection, whether you are black, white, handicapped, gay, straight..whatever..when people think they have to change someone, in actuality they want to change themselves..and it is so sad that people's naivity is their worst enemy. You, I and all of us are perfect, with all of our imperfectiontions, diseases, illness, shortcomings, we are perfect..however, we have to be able to accept and love ourselves just the way we are. Love others the way they are, they will love and accept you just the way you are. We cannot change anyone except our own, why not just "ALLOW", don't tolerate, just allow..."Let my children be", said Father God, but we don't hear this.






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