Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Cat Knows

I'm always amazed at our cats for they seem to know what we are going through when sometimes, we don't even fully understand it. Our two cats are very perceptive and I am sure many could say the same thing about their cats. These cats just seem to feel, sense and know what we know but without all the distractions of life.

The other day, I was struggling and not able to focus. Our orange cat, Corey, knew this and was by my side to offer his assistance. His assistance though in amongst the purrs and sharing his love with me was the desire to play.

Even though I didn't really want to be bothered at that moment, I tried to oblige him by playing for a few moments and then letting him be on his own. That was not good enough for Corey and so he would find ways to get my attention and bring me back to a place where we could play. He did this repeatedly until I gave in to his play time.

Yet, I learned that the playtime wasn't really for him. It was his way of helping me get my mind off of some things and just stop for the moment. Corey knew deep down that if I did this, he would help me immensely. Of course, Corey loves to play and he loves to look after his humans but this particular day, he was there to help me out.

Cats are so amazing and I would really be lost without them. I've had a cat most of my life. They are just there when you need them most and it is wonderful to come home and see them meet you at the door or to just have something loving to greet you when you take a break.

We often say that they are "OUR" two cats but I think if you asked our cats about this, they would say, we are their humans that they watch out for and love!

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  1. When i was a little girl and suffering trauma, my cat used to lick my tears away and walk four blocks every day to pick me up from school.:)

  2. That takes my breath away Natalie, reading your comment.

  3. I love my cats too.. couldn't live without them. They always do "know".

    Hope you are well!

    PS - I love the cat bunk bed thing you have!

  4. Yep cats rule! We're doing well. Nice to hear from you.






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