Saturday, June 4, 2011

Abundance Beliefs

Abundance is more than telling someone that they should be increasing their yearly income by 10% or leading people on that abundance is all about money.

I’m sure if you told that to the person living in the cabin in the woods, that they would stare at you in disbelief, knowing that everything they needed was within an arm’s reach.

What about convincing the person that won the lottery, and bought everything their hearts desired, only to question if the “wealth they received” was truly abundance when their heart desired more in life?

It is so easy to prey upon people who have very little and we are living in times where there are many of them around but please, let’s keep abundance as a pure concept and not adulterate it for our own good. Let’s not sell out something that is a spiritual concept just so we can become wealthy ourselves.

Of course, I do know that the ego is strong and it desires, money, control, power and it manipulates others. However, that is not abundance.

Abundance is much more than money or getting the things your mind desires. It is about a way of living where you feel complete and fully satisfied no matter how many dollars you have in your pocket.

It is a moment of true connection to your path in this life in how you impact the world on a daily basis. Abundance is much more than any of us can describe, especially those that are holding the measuring stick of achievement.

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