Monday, May 11, 2015

Bully In The Workplace

I figure I'm not the only one dealing with this situation.  Most likely many people who go to work have to put up with this and no one in top management seems to care.  It is like, see no evil, hear no evil.   I mean if you don't acknowledge it, it just doesn't exist right.

It really is sad these days because we have far too many bullies.  Whether it is the workplace or in politics or law enforcement or churches or schools or I could go on and on and on.  They are just everywhere and they think they have the right to run everyone's life.

Here are some ways that I've seen bullies at work.

  1. Treats you as less than significant on conference calls and pointing it out to everyone.
  2. Immediately discredits, makes fun of, discounts any idea or thought you may have.
  3. Calls you day and night, 7 days a week as if your time means nothing and if you don't pick up, they constantly and repeatedly text you.
  4. Screaming at you rather than trying to talk to you in a normal and civilized tone of voice.
  5. Making jokes about your sexuality.  
  6. Tell you constantly that you don't know anything.
  7. Every time you try to raise an issue of importance, you are put down and blamed for some unrelated event you have no control over or may not exist.
  8. Talking to other employees outside of your group about how stupid they think you are.
  9. Not listening at all to anything you have to say.
  10. Ignoring your emails but quickly responding to emails of other people on important matters.
  11. Assuming and demanding that you work day and night without giving you so much as a day off.
  12. Blaming you for something that was due to their lack of attention.
  13. Calling you names on the phone.
  14. Having inappropriate conversations in a passive aggressive way.
  15. Making sexual jokes thinking you're just one of the guys that loves this type of thing.
  16. Throwing your weight around and making statements as such.
  17. No matter what you do, its never enough for the bully to stop.
  18. Humiliation by the bully during meetings and phone calls.
  19. They can scream and ridicule you but if you stand up for yourself, you're the one with the problem.
  20. You're not left alone by the bully.  The monopolize your time.
  21. Cornering you into a conversation that you don't want to have and not respecting your right to say, not now!
  22. Showing you their guns that they carry with them as if you want to see it (and after knowing you have no desire to see them).

These are just some of the ways and I'm sure anyone could offer more.  If you have ones you've seen or witnessed or experienced, please share them on this blog.

What irritates me the most is that these people are never punished.  I mean the bullies are allowed to continue this behavior as if it is okay and acceptable.  It doesn't matter if everyone knows how the bully operates, they just let it go and continue.  What is worse is when they try to promote the bully or shift them over to another project.

It amazes just how blind business can be.  In the end though you have to go and work where you are valued and appreciated.  If it isn't working in the place you're in, then by all means - don't walk - run out the door.  Find a place that knows how to respect and value all its employees, not just the bully type.

Would the last person out, please don't forget to turn the lights off.

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