Saturday, May 9, 2015

In Honor And Tribute To Mom

On Mother's Day, we all stop to say 'thank you' to a very special lady in our lives.  For each of us, it is different in how we celebrate and honor this day.  Our moms mean so much to us and to list all they do would take many hours, days, or weeks.

My mom put up with a lot from an abusive husband, an older brother that constantly challenged her and people who just didn't get her.  She had so much to offer, but was often overlooked because of how mild and meek she could be.

I remember my mom saying "sometimes it takes a stronger person to just not say anything" when another individual is yelling and screaming and being obnoxious.  She knew that when the going got tough, the tough got going and that was one of her favorite thoughts.

She was a lady of class, but very simple and down to earth.  She knew how to whip up a beautiful dinner, and go outside and do lawn work.  She knew how to put her all into a job, but come home to a family that she so cared for deeply.

She was an individual that not only cared about her family, but for others that she met.  She knew how to listen.  My mom was very compassionate and would not turn anyone away.  People felt comfortable talking to her because she truly cared.

My mom was not just a mother, but a very creative individual.  She often saw her creations as less than they should be, while creating some beautiful things with very little training.  She was smart and intelligent, but she never acted as if she was superior.

How my mom put up with the members in our family that created turmoil and havoc, I'll never understand.  She had grace under fire, and a gentleness that carried her through her days.  She might have not pronounced it from the mountain tops each day, but she was the strongest person I've ever known.

I miss my mom and on Mother's Day it brings that front and center.  I honor and respect not only my own mom, but all those who are still living.  Moms do a lot for us and sometimes it is so easy to not see all that they do.

On this Mother's Day, please take a moment and give your mom a hug.  She probably doesn't need fancy items.  She just wants to know that her life is appreciated by you and that you love her.  Its simple of course but sometimes we make it too difficult.  Just let her know today and every day what she means to you.

This CD is one I created especially for Mother's Day in celebration and honor of my own Mom.  I lost my mom many years ago to a tragic auto accident and I'm still learning to fill in the void that was left behind when she died.  This CD, Relaxing Mother's Day Music is my tribute to her.  It is how I keep her memory alive.

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