Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ridiculous Platitudes

Every day they are posted and re-posted and spammed and slammed on social media sites around the world.  There is no shortage of them.  They are the ridiculous platitudes.  You know, the ones that make everything in life to be plausible in one short little statement.

Growing up, my father had all kinds of them.  Most of the time they really didn't fit the situation or make sense, but that didn't stop him.  Most people are the same way.  I would often hear Norman Vincent Peale thoughts spouted as if they were equal to the bible.  Of course, he neglected to realize just how awful he was abusing those around him while spouting the platitudes. 

We've all see the various statements.  Most of the time people don't have any clue what to say, so its far easier to just spout something off, regardless if it helps or not.  It makes them feel good and then they go merrily on their way.  Unfortunately, far too often these statements do more harm then good.

Being real and consciously connected to one's emotions is about as much of a well liked subject as explaining the various layers of the earth's atmospheres to everyday folks.  Its just far easier to numb out and to avoid life, rather than truly being a participant in life.  It is far easier to do a drive-by platitude and continue running on down the road of life.

Yet, the ones that proclaim the ridiculous platitudes like to make you believe that you're the one with the problem, not them.  They like to look down on you and say it is "your choice" in how you believe or what you do or what happens to you.  They like to frown upon you when you don't put on rose colored glasses and look at the same situations the way they appear as they look at them.

It is far more helpful to be real and genuine, to be compassionate and empathetic, rather than cold and heartless with your words.  It is far more helpful to connect with other humans in the moment, rather than having your own agenda and timeline of what others should do.  It is far more helpful to open your heart and listen to the person, rather than proclaim gibberish. 

All too often, we haven't healed our own lives and we continue to live in the cold and dark with a flash light turned on, thinking it is our truth.  We fail to go in and take care of our own business and so we project that on everyone we meet.  In fact, we have done it for so long and so often that we fail to see that we do this.

People don't need ridiculous platitudes these days.  People need someone to listen and care and show compassion without agendas.  People need to be treated with human dignity and respect, not looked down from those who must show others the errors of their ways.

Its time to get real.  Its time to be human or begin learning how to be human.  Instead of posting ridiculous platitudes that help no one, try doing something that makes a difference instead!

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