Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Physical Body Issues

We need to have a chat about this topic.  I mean, while most of us truly understand this, somehow it has been hidden from our consciousness and so its like we don't understand much about physical body issues.

Everyone wants to blame physical body issues on some "name" or "condition" or "health condition".  While they may be the result of this and you might be able to prove that it is true, you're missing half the equation of healing.

Its like having a hole in the bottom of your rowboat and you think that the only way to keep sailing is to take a paper cup and empty out the water.  You only focus on the paper cup (i.e. the name or condition or health situation) and focusing on it to take care of the issue which is water coming into your rowboat.

In my little scenario, you have overlooked the hole in the boat which is what is behind the boat filling up with water.  You see it and you realize it, but then the mind says, I must focus on the paper cup.  I must empty the water coming into the boat.

Sure, we all do this.  We see the physical body issue as the focus in life.  However, we fail to realize the condition we are experiencing can be addressed by understanding what is beneath the issue showing up.  I know, we all give lip service to this and we do some research and we go to the doctors, but we fail to really sit down and take a hard look at our life.

So much of what we experience every day is stress.  If it isn't stress, it is experiences that we all face each day or have experienced in the past.  These moments impact our physical body.  What 99.9% of us do, is we ignore this.  Yes, we ignore it.  Sometimes the experiences aren't fun to look at so we paint the clouds and act as if all is behind us or nothing ever happened.  Its the human existence that does this.

We do very little to discharge all that our body accumulates.  A vacation connected by cell phone once a year or a night out with the gals/guys having a beer, or a drive to the lake isn't going to discharge all that has built up.  It might help you feel a "high" in life temporarily, but it won't take care of it.

To discharge, you need to do bodywork that focus on connecting what the body has stored and accumulated and what the mind perceives.  When you connect the two of these things together, your body may rumble and rattle and roll and pitch, but its getting rid of all that stuff that is no longer needed.

If you don't discharge this stuff, it begins impacting the cells and tissues of your body and begins to alter the function of how those areas of the body performs.  As it does this, body systems and organs in your body then need to make up for the impact and so they begin changing production and output levels.  Before long, you body is so out of balance, that the tea kettle is whistling, before the tea is ready.

We all do this.  Its human nature.  The only thing is, we have been conditioned to focus on pills or on health condition names and other things to be our saving grace.  We have been conditioned to think that if you just petition some force greater than yourself, all will be good.  We have been conditioned to think that ignoring and neglecting the root cause of the physical body issue is the norm.  We see it as everyone does this, so why should I do anything different.  It feels normal.

However, if we truly want to heal ourselves, we need to wake up.  We need to start feeling all of it in life and connecting to all those moments.  I've said it a million times already, "the answers are not out there."  "They are inside of us."  I'm not putting down medical doctors because they are needed, but I'm trying to get everyone to see that if you neglect the source, a pill will only heal so much.   Let's advance modern medicine by realizing that there is more to our physical body issues, than what we currently know.  Let's look at the whole picture, not just one piece of it.

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