Friday, July 13, 2012

Tomorrow Land

Recently on a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, I enjoyed one of my favorite places in the park.  The one area that I really enjoy is Tomorrow Land because it helps take us from our momentary existence and pushes forward into possibility.  When you walk through there, you can't help but think of how things could be and the potential that exists in our world.  You see, in my tomorrow land, there are many things that I hope will exist.

Peace is one of those things that I hope will exist in my tomorrow land. I want everyone to see each other with respect, acceptance and humility, rather than domination, control, and self-righteousness.  I want to see people at peace within themselves, not using the war within them to view the rest of the world.  For when we begin to understand who we are and find peace within ourselves, it is then that we can open up to the world.  Please keep in mind that this is not a fake it until you make it approach, but one of true genuine peace within where you can connect your mind and body together as one.

Advancing where we are as humans is one thing I hope to see in tomorrow land.  We all have so much potential, but it seems like we do the same things over and over every day of our life.  We reinvent what already has been invented.  We take the easy way out when it comes to creativity and problem solving.  We just accept the status quo and go on with our lives, failing to connect with all that we are.

Awareness of who we are and how we fit into the overall plan of the universe is one thing I really hope to see in tomorrow land.  All too often, we go through our days acting as if we know everything there is to know in life, while we hide all that we don't understand.  We fail to truly connect and listen to our body and instead of awareness, we live in a numbed out reality.  Awareness begins within our mind and body.  As we become more aware, we then begin to see our role in the universe and our entire civilization in a whole new way.

Sitting down at the discussion table with those we disagree and learning to listen to one another are things I hope will show up in tomorrow land.  So many times in our day, we observe our self and others as doing more talking and shouting, than listening.  It may be through an online comment or the latest news story of the day that we share on Facebook, Twitter or consume by the minute from TV.  We fail to see the bigger picture because our own ego has to be right and if it is not, then we feel threatened in life.  May the tomorrow land show us how to listen and communicate, rather than yell and scream.

Tomorrow land is a place where I hope we come together as one people and one planet.  When you look at the earth from outer space, you don't see the borders of each country.  Instead you see one planet full of colors that amaze the eye.  May we focus on how we are similar to one another and lift up one another as fellow travelers on this earth, rather than seeing just how hard and quick we can tear each other apart.  There is more to our existence when we work with one another.  Let us find our similarities and by doing so, may we help strengthen the entire civilization of this planet.

I'm sure if you travel into tomorrow land, you would be looking for many more things than I can write about in this tiny space.  It is okay to see other things because when we combine all of our hopes, dreams and existence for tomorrow land, we will find new possibilities and potential that we did not know existed.  Together we can do so much more.  Together we are more in tomorrow land.

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  1. We have a group of 12 people that are sharing their journey from hardship to peace. Maybe you will find it helpful as well.






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