Monday, July 16, 2012

Quit Blaming And Start Changing

Some days I get philosophical about life and look at my own life in relation to the overall big planet we live on.  There are so many times that I don't feel like I fit in this world. I have felt this way from a very early age in my life, and sometimes today I still feel that way.  After all, I don't understand most of the human population, or why people act the way they do.

When you look at the people who just bury their heads in the sand, hoping that somehow what they are currently doing in their lives won't matter, I feel sorry for the sand.  Either they chase neon rainbows of bright pretty colors, or they see just how much they can disrespect and harm one another.

No one really stops to think about how their actions impact those around them or the rest of the world.  They just go through their day oblivious to everything taking place, acting as if they are the only ones that matter.  If they inflict a little harm here or there, they claim it is all done in the name of love or they act as if they are the ones with all the answers.

Some days I feel like I'm writing words that will float out in the air.  I'm not sure if the people who really need to read and understand these words have the capacity to do so.  If they have the capacity, no one stops to listen and ponder in their day.  They are too busy running here and there, talking at the tops of their lungs, and following the latest fad or news headline of the day.  There is very little time given to stopping and listening.

People these days act as if electronics and politics are the only things that matter, while people are starving, hurting and longing for someone to show care and concern for them.  We are so wrapped up in the fantasy of the latest reality shows, that we can barely understand what reality truly is.

We self medicate ourselves with all kinds of mind numbing religious, new age practices and prescriptions, so we don't have to face reality in our world.  It is easier to zone out, than it is to connect deep within where the answers are within our body.  It is easier to take a magic pill that continues to numb us from what is happening in our body and mind, rather than opening up to the source and root of our problem.

Where will we be in another year or even in five years?  Are we going to somehow magically progress forward and evolve, or are we going to continue down the path of self destruction that we seem to be enjoying?  Our country, world and civilization is so far out of balance, that I'm afraid something is going to have to jump on the other side of the scale to balance it out.

All of this feels like it can be avoided, but instead of focusing within, we point our fingers at everyone that we feel is the problem.  We see the people who don't agree with us as being the problem while our own rigid beliefs and views are the solution.  In many ways, we fail to see each other as human and we fail to see our own life as being something worthy of respect.

I am well aware that if we want things to be different, change doesn't happen with other people.  Change begins within us and as we change, it spreads throughout the world.  Blaming others, pointing fingers at others, and finding faults in everyone will get us nowhere.  Learning to truly love, care, and respect others is the way that we will not only help our world, but we will begin to understand more who we are as a human.

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