Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Religious Fanatic Laughs At Conversion Disorder

Sometimes I read stuff that makes my blood boil.  Sometimes I wonder if people that write and spout rubbish actually have enough working brain cells to function in a day.  I'm sure you're probably wondering why I am so upset and angry.  If you read what I did moments ago, you would most likely feel the same way especially if you have suffered from conversion disorder.

This religious fanatic starts off talking about conversion disorder and what it is all about, especially when it comes to the Leroy, New York case.  Unfortunately, as much truth as he begins to write about, he then goes and jumps off the cliff with his ridiculous statements.  While I would love to put the link on here, I do not want to give him any traffic from this blog.  His ridiculous blog does not deserve much attention.  If someone wants the link, please contact me.

“Conversion order” – that is the term I know. It describes what happens when a person is converted by the grace of Jesus Christ and brings order to life."  - this quote is directly from his blog.  

Please now - you care nothing about science or trauma or treating conditions that are experienced in the brain?  Of course, he bases all his conclusions on a few stories in the news and throughout history.  His entire answer to this condition is the grace of Jesus Christ.

While I fully believe there is a higher spiritual force present in this world, you can't have things both ways.  Just to act like knowing God makes everything perfect and whole, is about as baseless as claiming water never freezes.  To denigrate a higher spiritual force to spread this dude's whacked out ideas is disgusting.

Conversion Disorder is a real problem and it isn't just about fainting, screaming and shaking uncontrollably because everyone has nothing to better to do with their life.  Yes, some will mimic the symptoms, just like some will get up and regurgitate opinions as belief and truth.  I hope and pray that this guy never has to go through the experience of a conversion disorder, because if he does, he will be eating every word he just wrote and begging for forgiveness.

I grew up in a God-fearing home that practiced all these beliefs he so adamantly focuses on as truth.  If the grace of Jesus Christ is supposed to take care of everything, was our faith in him not enough?  Yes, it was as real and genuine as it could be, but hey religious fanatic, don't let facts get in the way of your opinions.  I went through conversion disorder and I have healed from it, but not by the ignorant thoughts you use.

In fact, we all somaticize stress and trauma into our body.  You most likely do it like all others of the human species.  I'm sure you would probably claim that you never have back pain, neck pain, stomach discomfort, colds, flu, allergies, headaches or other body symptoms that result from stress.  I'm sure you would probably claim that since you believe in the grace of Jesus Christ that you never experience any somatic symptoms.

Just so you have a little more of the facts and are not so ignorant, conversion disorder is essentially taking somatization to the fullest level.  There are those of course that don't feel much pain because they feel very little in their body.  As a result, they follow all kinds of whacky thought systems to escape reality.  This includes religion and new age practices.

Of course, I know you don't want to fully understand the condition as you would rather joke about it.  To people who suffer with this, it is no joking matter. 

Why though, do you treat people with contempt and hatred, rather than love, compassion and understanding?  Did you happen to miss the parts in the bible about how Jesus talks about loving one another and healing others?  Did you happen to miss the part in the bible that if we neglect fully knowing our body (or the temple of the Holy Spirit) that we are not following God as he directs?

While I'm sure this religious fanatic doesn't care what I write as it is quite obvious from the ignorance in his blog, I cannot let this go unanswered.  I know many people who are suffering from this and I know there is healing.  The healing isn't in following someone's belief system, but it is in learning to connect and release trauma or stress from one's life.  This is the highest spiritual concept one could engage in because when you get to fully love your body and mind, you are becoming all that God wants you to be.

To all those that suffer from conversion disorder, continue to find the truth within your body and mind.  The healing is there for each one, if we search for it.  Don't let this religious fanatic who is making a joke about this condition, carry much weight for your life.  He has no clue what he is talking about and he has very little compassion for others.

Now, to all my regular readers, I apologize for allowing this religious fanatic to get under my skin.  I realize he is just showing his ignorance, but this is a person thing for me.  There are so many out there struggling and trying to find healing, but conversion disorder is overwhelming on the body and the mind.  I just could not stand by and be silent.  I do realize that what I wrote will have little impact upon this person, but like I said earlier, I hope and pray he never has to deal with this condition.

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