Thursday, July 19, 2012

Let Aaron's Wish Be Your Example

I came across a recent news article that touched my heart and obviously many other people felt the same way as I did. It is one of those moments where you see that there is good in this world and there are other people who want to make a difference as well.  All too often, we are possessed in this world by those who are only out to get all they can get and enhance their own lives out of selfishness and greed.  In this case, it shows the humanity of this world.

You may have heard of Aaron's wish that he left in his will.  Of course, you can read his story by going to the website his brother set up for him, .  One of the things that Aaron wanted to do after he died was leave a generous tip of $500 to a waiter or waitress.  This was intended to be a tip to a server for a simple meal or in his words a pizza.  He intended to really impact a person's life in a way that would be memorable and change their life.

You can see the following video of how the family did this where they found a waitress at random and gave her the $500 tip.  She was over joyed at the gesture and was speechless.  You can see her reaction in the video on YouTube of Aaron's Last Wish.

Since that time, this story has went viral on the internet and it has been picked up by various news organizations.  Donations are pouring in to help keep Aaron's last wish going.  If you feel so inclined, you might want to consider donating to this cause because it is an excellent idea.

I love it when I see people doing something such as this.  It makes a difference in the lives of people and ultimately, it impacts the world.  It helps balance out the selfishness and greed that is all too prevalent, while giving someone a chance who needs it.

This is not the only idea that you can do, but it is meant as a story of inspiration and hope to others.  After all, we know someone around us or we run into people in our day that need someone to just make a difference in their life. It always warms my heart when I hear of stories of people paying for someone's meal, or buying them a tank of gas or even paying for their groceries.  It warms my heart even further when people do it anonymously without secretly drawing attention to something good they did.

There are many ways we can give to the world at large and they don't all require money.    I would ask anyone reading this to search your heart and see what way you could impact the world by helping someone in one small way.  Maybe you can't give $500 or even $10 to help someone out, but there are many other ways to give of yourself and your time.  Find the one that works for you and exercise it!  Let's Aaron be your example to follow.

You may also want to check out something I did called the "Give A Smiley Project". 

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  1. This is a very touching post, Don, and it's uplifting to hear stories where others go out of their way to help people. Especially when there's no chance reciprocity, no scratch my-back-scratch-your-back stuff ;) Thank you for sharing...

    1. Exactly JW - acts giving from the truest and purest part of our life - our heart.






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