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Tense Muscles - Symptoms Of Stress, Part 1

This is Part 1 of 9 Part Series - Tweaked Or Tense Muscles

Have you ever had one of those muscle spasms that about sends you through the roof or muscles that are so tense and painful. Hello – welcome to stressville! Tense and tight muscles are messages from your body. Your body is trying to get your attention about something. According to the Yahoo Health article, the person quoted on this suggests that this is just a part of the fight or flight response which is really not needed in our lives anymore. I would suggest that this is a very narrow view and is missing relevant pieces of information.

The fight or flight situation is our response to stress. If our nervous system is so overload and overworked where we cannot process stress coming at us, then we will go into the fight or flight response. Fight or flight is part of our nervous system and our biology. It is there to warn us when we are in danger but when the danger passes, we should be able to move beyond this and let go of it.

When the danger (or stress or trauma) is so intense that we it overloads our circuits, the excess energy has to go somewhere. It finds a home within us and within our muscles, our cells and our overall biology. Until we go deep into these danger points, we will continue to live with this pain and the tight or tweaked muscles. While we can find moments of peaceful relaxation doing all kinds of movements and exercises, we do not truly discharge these things until we go in and release them from ourselves. The good news is that it is possible to release and discharge this stuff from our bodies.

By consciously connecting and allowing ourselves to go into the fears that are locked up within these painful areas of our body, we can choose to let go of all of it. When we do that, we free ourselves from this and it recaptures so much stored energy (potentiation). As we go into these things, we not only get immediate changes in our body, but it sets us up to go further into ourselves and become more connected with ourselves. We are much greater than we believe and we have much more power over our biology than many of us think.

Symptoms Of Stress: (9 Part Series)

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  1. I agree and thats fine for the problems we know of, but if you have done councelling and faced all you know, its what is in the unconcious that we cannot remember, so facing the fears is not possible. Plus if you are stressed and know what the problem is and do your best internally to re appraise the situation to the best of your control, you can still be tense. It is not as simple as you are suggesting.

    1. Thank you for your comment. However, what I write about is from experience not only for myself but others I have seen and worked with. It is possible. It isn't always easy, but the possibility does exist. I've seen it happen in myself and others many times over. I'm not suggesting though that it is a simple thing, but once someone begins to understand this process, it gets much more simple. In the beginning, it is a struggle. Just stay open to the possibility, because it is there.

    2. By the way, I love your username "Sparkling Angel"

  2. Hi! I have the same problem. Tensed muscles all the time, so that when I dance, I never have "free" movements. My arms are always stiff. Do you think acupuncture treatments might help to relieve the muscular tension?

    1. Acupuncture, massage, stretching are all things that may help. Any type of deep relaxation also.

  3. What about tense muscle in back. What I do to help it. It don't help that I have anxiety disorder already and a 7 month old. Plethelp

    1. The anxiety can be somaticized into tense muscles anywhere in the body. If you add to that extra stress, it can just compound the problem. Getting in touch with your body and learning how to let go of stress/tension in it through bodywork and relaxation is the starting point. Keep reading the blog because I've written a lot on this subject, or check out my other website at

  4. Hello. I'm struggling with this problem. My doctor told me I have depression and gave me medication. I have not slept and my body has gotten tense and weak. I also can't really think and make decisions. Help me. Am I so stress just thinking about what I have b

    1. I was at that place at one point and I had to begin questioning everything I was doing. What didn't work for me, I had to start searching for things that did. It led me on a path of learning about relaxation to where I am today.

      Bodywork (like massage - especially the work that takes you deep into yourself) can be very helpful. Things like Yoga, Tai Chi, QiGong can also help. Just stopping in your day and resting is good.

      I had to identify where my stress was coming from and then begin to change it. Stress literally shows up in the body as tension or pain or other health conditions.

      Reach out to people in your local area and get the help you need and deserve. You will have to start the ball rolling, but in order to move out of this, we have to take notice of where we are at and get to the point that we need to find a better way - then seek it out with all the strength and energy you have.






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