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Friday, April 30, 2010

Ragged Cuticles - Symptoms Of Stress, Part 3

This is Part 3 of 9 Part Series - Ragged Cuticles

I’ve got to admit that when I read this on , I had never considered ragged cuticles as a symptom of stress. However, reading that nervous habits of nail biting as being channels of our stress, it makes sense. We all have nervous habits. People do all kinds of things in a day that just about bug the daylights out of others. Often times, the people doing these things don’t even realize they are doing them and people around them are afraid to bring it up for fear of angering these people. It sometimes is not an easy condition if you are easily annoyed by nervous habits of others. Here’s an interesting web page about the nervous habits that people have.

Nervous habits can be defined as a constantly repeated gesture, mannerism or body motion which is either unconscious or compulsive. In “Measurement Of Nervous Habits” by Willard C. Olson, there are many nervous habits. These include nail biting, shrugging the shoulders, raising eyebrows, biting lips, nodding, shaking your head, clenching fists, scratching, yawning, swallowing, clearing your throat, hiccuping, coughing and sighing. Willard Olson al found that nervous habits are aggravated by poor general health, inadequate nutrition, emotional tantrums, nervous fatigue, stress and too much exercise.

If our nervous system is overloaded, than the excess energy has to find somewhere to go. Unless we find a way to discharge that energy, it will show up in various ways with our body. Of course recognizing that you have nervous habits is a good first step but then when you see the nervous habit show up, try to connect that to what is going on in your life. Most likely you will find something happening in your life that is major and is a connection to this. When you look for that and connect the two things together, you will find relief and a greater awareness of yourself.

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