Friday, April 28, 2017

What You Read and Watch Affects You

So often during the day we go through and preach love and acceptance to the world.  We talk about how we should all work together and be accepting (especially for the others in the world).  While that is a good thing, I think we might be missing something.  Let me explain further.

We tend to dismiss what we do while looking down our noses at others, gasping at what they write, create, or upload as a video.  We gasp at the news.  We gasp at the politicians.

However, we don't stop and pay attention to how we play a role in all of this.

What you read and watch affects you.  It impacts your thoughts now and into the future.  It impacts how you view the world and those around you.  It impacts so much of your peace and joy in this world.  It really does.

It really does...

Now I'm not saying to walk around with your head stuck in the ground, ignoring what is going on in the world.  With that said though, most of what you read online generally sucks these days and much of it isn't true.  The rest is so biased and slanted, no matter what source you use.

There is no reporting of fact.  There is no fair and balanced in any of the media. Sorry if that shakes the ground below your feet, but hey - that's about the only fact that has truth to it these days.

So when we glue ourselves to every tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook, or video that is uploaded, we are impacting our life of joy and peace so much.  We are often destroying the life we are meant to live when we can't step away.  When we follow every news pundit, news station and politician, we're giving our mind and body empty calories.

Consuming the garbage...

The more we spend our every minute consuming the garbage that is put out in the world today, the more we are robbing ourselves of something we need.  We can't have love and acceptance of others while filling up our belly on this garbage.  There is no value to it.

Plus, the more you consume this stuff, the more that is going to be put out on a daily basis.  Do you think that if people stopped watching this garbage and paying attention to every hateful and disrespectful tweet, that it would continue to come out?  The more you pay attention and watch and read the stuff, the more they do it.  If everyone got as wise as they think they are and stopped consuming all of it, things would change.

It really is up to each one of us to make a choice as to what we let into our lives.  No, you can't live being completely oblivious to what is going on, but too much of it takes up far too much of anyone's time these days.  We are so unconscious as a human population, that there is no wonder why the garbage propagates faster than a virus.

You can't control what others do, but you can control the choices you make and what you let into your life.  Don't say that you're for acceptance and then retweet and share everything that comes along.  You're basically no better than that which you despise.

We need people who are more conscious in life.  We need more people who truly walk the talk and have love and respect from deep within their heart.  It is more than mere words.  We need people who are aware, not following whatever is being said on their TV, in a tweet, or a video.  We've got to be better than that if we want this civilization to survive and  thrive on this planet.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Unsolicited Advice Gimmicks

So I was logging on to my Twitter account and I read a tweet someone sent me that made my eyes bulge out of my head.  I'm not going to name the individual because I do not want to give them any publicity for the way they tweet others.

The tweet said, "Shed Up To 16 pounds in 14 Days".  That's all it said, and it was tweeted to me directly.  Really?   Hmm!

Yes, I know - these automated direct messages and tweets that many think are how you market make my eyes roll 50 times around my head.  And yes I know...  they are so annoying and ridiculous, but...  that's not my point of this blog post.

I would hate to lose 16 pounds.  Maybe a few could be okay, but 16 would be a lot for me and ridiculous.  So, for someone to automatically think I need to lose weight without even knowing me personally, I really question their motives.

Yes, I know, people do all kinds of tricks and gimmicks on Twitter.  Giving unsolicited health advice like this is just plain wrong.  It is foolish to do things like this and could be harmful for people.  Of course, they most likely don't care because they are just trying to get you to buy something.  They are looking for a sale.  Who cares about the health of a person!

Weight is secondary to the mind body...

I don't focus on weight gain or loss.  It is secondary to what is going on within the body and our emotional health.  It is like putting a Band-Aid on someone who was in a car accident, and thinking you're doing something good.

I don't use my Twitter feed to promote gimmicks, and this person was obviously doing that in the initial tweet and in their responses.  More power to them if they think this is acceptable behavior, but I find it reprehensible.

You can't just go around throwing unsolicited advice to everyone thinking that this is okay.  There are other factors to consider, and these quick weight loss things are a joke!  Sorry if that offends anyone, but there are far too many weight loss gimmicks out there.  If they worked, they would never be needed again.

I do realize that many on social media don't care about facts and truth.  They just want to make money.  Making money at the expense of other people's health is less than human.  Find a way to have some respect about yourself or just don't do it.

Regardless of what others may choose to do, I refuse to partake in gimmicks like this.  If you think my Twitter feed and blog are about gimmicks such as this, you have completely misjudged the content I create. 

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