Thursday, April 23, 2015

Much More Than We See

Let's say you've lived in a world where you never saw a tree.  Maybe you were stuck inside and couldn't go out or look out a window.  Maybe you just lived on a remote island that had no trees.  Now, let's take for a moment that someone comes along and starts talking about trees.

Of course, at first you think, what is this person talking about.  What is a tree?  You have no room to understand that or comprehend what a tree is.  You don't even know what color a tree is or the shape it comes in or the height.  You don't even know what the purpose of a tree is or how beautiful it can be.  It is totally a foreign concept to you.  It is totally beyond your level of comprehension and awareness. 

Now, lets begin to go through the process that happens in the lives of many people.  You begin to learn and grow.  Your awareness increases and your knowledge grows in leaps and bounds.  You start to discover things that had no consciousness to you.  Things that were once not even seen or understood all of the sudden come into view.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

These Lands

The past few days I have gotten to see parts of this country that I've never seen before. It has been a beauty that seems so surreal. Even though there is much dry and arid conditions, there is so much life and wonder.

I'm amazed at how things grow in the universe around me.  It fascinates me and captivates me. The bright and beautiful flowers which are sprinkled around to show contrast or the rabbits and deer and lizards that go roaming, are so perfectly placed in their surroundings.

I always thought that the desert was nothing but dry, brown sand.  I never realized just how much "life" there was out there.  I never realized just how much beauty and color existed.  The blue skies seemed more blue than I had ever seen and the wispy clouds just added to the depth and dimension of the entire area.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Grounded And Recharged at Desert Botanical Gardens

Today, I saw beauty.  Today, I spent several hours in the hot sun at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona.   Just as many others said, "this place does not disappoint".  I had just been to the Botanical Gardens in Miami a few months ago and while the vegetation is different in the Desert one, both places offer an unique perspective on the world in which we live.

I love the variation and mixture of plants and animals as well as the variation from one geographic location to another.  When you stop and think about how many species of creatures and plants inhabit this world, it is mind blowing.  I've only seen a small subset of the entire population.

Walking through this area, it felt so good to be out in nature.  The stress load has been high lately and I needed to find grounding in life and just needed to re-energize my batteries.  It is moments like this that help keep me sane in amongst a stressful and hectic pace.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Missing Them

I'm sitting on this plane as I'm traveling back home.  My heart is heavy missing someone that meant so much.  I've lost too many people I know lately and it sucks.  There is no easy way to deal with it.  It just sucks.

I know that if they didn't mean much to me, I would probably not miss them so much.  I know that if they had not impacted my life in the way that they did, it probably would matter as much to me that they are gone.

Yet I fully understand that as people like these come into your life, there is a role and a connection that you share.  It isn't just a coincidence.  

I find myself missing them at moments and I wish I could just call them up on the phone.  There have been many moments where I wanted to call them up and talk to them.  It is then that I realize how much I miss them. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hiding Things From Our Mind

To know yourself is the greatest gift you can receive.  Yet, all too often, many of us do not really get to know ourselves.  If you crawl into the back corners of your mind and dig into the closets of your life, sometimes there are things that are ugly and scary.

If you look at it like many in my family do, you would say that sometimes we all have skeletons in our closets.  You might also go looking at it like some in my family, that sometimes it is best to leave things untouched.

In many ways, we use our mind to discover new things about ourselves, but we also use it to hide so much from our consciousness.  We don't truly know that which we hide from ourselves because we spend too much time running and hiding and numbing from it.  Its easy to just ignore it and go on in life singing lullabies to the world.