Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Caring Is More Than Saying You Care

I see far too many times when people just don't even begin to go far enough.  They say they care, but their words just don't show they care.  I'm sorry to be the one to state this, but actions speak louder than words.

Caring is more than saying you care.  It really is.  If you can't listen and try to understand, your words are meaningless.  If you can't take the time to truly show you care, than your words just don't mean much.

All of what I'm saying is what most have probably heard before and it may sound harsh, but it really irritates me and disappoints me when I see people do this.  This is not behavior fitting to a human.  This is not what our civilization should be about.

There are many that are hurting.  There are many that just need a listening ear, a helping hand or someone that will say, "let me sit with you while you tell me what is weighing on your heart".  Instead we give the "I'm too busy" approach and tell someone, I'll call you later.

We give people the "don't bother me" approach because I need to watch my socks dry on the clothesline.  After all, don't they know that my TV programs and my latest social media rants are far more important.

We give the people, "subscribe to my way or hit the highway" approach because God only knows that we're right and everyone else is wrong.  They surely don't know what they want or what is good for them, but hey - that's ok, we know what is best.  What we have to say or how we think is far more important than anything someone else may need in that moment.

Caring is more than saying you care.  It is more than a social media like or share.  It is more than passing a happy thought and meme along.  It is truly showing another you care - in deep and personal ways that really make a difference.

Caring should not be the exception to our day like it is now.  Caring should be the norm.  Listening should be second nature, but instead we chatter along in our days, screaming and ranting online and to each other as if that is superior to listening.

If we can give caring to one another in this world, our human race is doomed.  We cannot sustain all that life requires without caring for one another.  The kingdoms of this planet will never prevail when caring is nothing more than an after thought.

So, what do you do each and every day in your own life to show people you care?  As you answer that, be brutally honest with yourself that you are showing caring in the way that you say you do.  When you do this, the entire world will benefit from your caring and there may still be hope for us all.


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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Avoiding Healing

If you're like me in my own healing, you've probably done some avoiding of what you needed to do.  It is easy to avoid healing in our lives because this path is not easy.

Healing is sometimes long and treacherous.  Sometimes it is exhausting.

The only thing is, if we avoid healing in our lives, it will come back up and bite us.  Our body and our mind will work to get our attention and the more we avoid it, the more it will increase.

I know from experience that avoiding things in life, numbing and disconnecting will only take you down a path that isn't pretty.  For me, it took me into a conversion disorder where I was paralyzed and almost on my last breath for good.

It isn't easy to heal, especially when you've been through trauma or child abuse or been molested and raped as a child.  These experiences harm people in so many ways and to get your life back is an exercise in exhaustion at times.  I know, I've been there.

Be real in our healing...

We just need to be honest with ourselves in our own healing and be real with what we are doing.  Are we avoiding healing through various ways, or are we truly going in and doing what we need to be doing.

There are many ways to avoid healing and even if I tried to list all that I could, there would be many more.  I think at a subconscious level we understand when we are avoiding what it is that we need to do, but often times it doesn't rise to a level of consciousness and awareness.

So, how do you avoid healing or how have you done this in the past?

What are your ways that you numb and disconnect, rather than take a long hard look at what is truly taking place on your healing journey.


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Monday, February 20, 2017

Manifesting – the Aladdin’s Lamp of our Earth Existence

(by A Happy Medium, Amanda)

We all remember the story of Aladdin, the poor boy who finds a lamp with a genie inside, ready and waiting to grant his every wish. I’m sure a lot of us have even lamented about not having our own genie. What would you pay for a force that would grant your every whim and wish?

What if I told you that you already have it?

You do. It’s the Universe.

“Wait a second, Amanda,” you might be saying, “if I had access to a genie that granted my every wish, I wouldn’t be living this life. Get off the crazy train.”

The Universe is a field of infinite possibilities, and you have the power to manifest anything you would like by your own intention and attention.

I offer you two lessons that are easy to remember:
  1. Where your attention goes, energy flows; and,
  2. What you resist persists.

Have you ever noticed that when someone buys a new car, or you decide that you want a certain make of car, you start to see them absolutely everywhere? That’s a great example of manifestation.  I still remember when my Aunt bought a new Jeep. I hadn’t seen it, I’d only heard about it and all of a sudden I was seeing Jeeps everywhere!

I read a really interesting book on manifestation by Pam Grout called E2 in it, she lays out a number of experiments for playing with this field of infinite possibilities and your own ability to manifest the things you want in your life.

You can test this theory in a lot of ways. You can decide today you are going to see green cars. Make the intention in your mind when you wake up tomorrow and see how many green cars manifest.  For me,  I find the most effective manifestation comes when I either journal or I talk to the Universe when I am driving.

When you are driving, your literal mind is busy driving and your creative mind is open to send and receive information between you and the Universe. January has been a really quiet month for readings. I think that this is because people are paying their Christmas bills and maybe don’t have the money right now for readings. Anyway, I was having this conversation with the Universe last week asking where my clients are. I literally said, “Okay Universe. I want to be doing more readings, more writing and more speaking. BUT HOW?!!?”

That afternoon I received an email about two psychic fairs, and the following day, my mentor referred me to another medium that is hosting a third psychic fair. I had five emails in my inbox from five new  potential clients as well. I actually thought to myself, “wow! The universe sure works fast when your intentions are clear.” I had another event like this this week, where I asked the Universe for exactly what I wanted and it put what I wanted directly in my path.

According to the Law of Attraction, when you put yourself in the vibration of having what you want, your desires cannot resist you.  Focus on the things you want as if you have them. A good tip for doing this is with journaling. You can journal about that awesome new job you have in the field of your choice. What does your office look like? Does it have windows? What’s hanging on the wall? What type of company is it? Be as specific and detailed as possible. As you write, you are going to find yourself feeling great!

BAM! You are in the vibration of having what you desire. Keep yourself here.

Remember – where your attention goes, energy flows.

The opposite is also true. You could say to me, “Amanda, I am always thinking about my desires. They are not getting any closer to me.” Here’s where the tricky part comes in. It’s important when working on manifesting your desires that you are focusing on having the thing you want, not focusing on the lack of it. When we focus on lack (not having something, being stuck etc) we become more stuck and attract more lack.

A major worry for a lot of people is finances. There may be more month than money and maybe instead of focusing on how abundant your life is and how you always manage to pay your bills and take care of business, you focus on the end of the month and the dilemma you are going to face when you don’t have enough money. You’re going to attract more money troubles in this vibration. Sometimes, you can be in the right place vibrationally, but your beliefs need to change. You may think that you are not worthy or deserving of that great job or that abundant flow of money.  Even when you are doing things absolutely right with manifesting, if your vibration and your beliefs are stuck in patterns that aren’t in alignment with abundance, you will end up with more of the same.

Let’s say you’re working a job you hate. Every day, you lament about how much your job doesn’t serve you, and how you think you should be doing something better, but nothing good is coming along. You’re convinced that you are doing everything right, but wait a minute… you are in a position of resistance and lack. When we resist, we block the flow of life so things are unable to come to us and inspire change.

Remember – what you resist persists.

Once you accept your situation for what it is now (maybe the job isn’t great, but it’s an income and it isn’t permanent. There’s hope for change), you’ll find that the right opportunity just falls right into your lap!

Try this principle out with something small, like seeing green cars today and check out how quickly it works!

The world really is your oyster. Once your attention and intention are in alignment, your desires won’t be able to resist you. Step into the flow of infinite possibility!

-    Amanda

Amanda is a regular columnist on Mind Body Thoughts.  She writes A Happy Medium monthly column.  This article is written by Amanda.

To learn more about her and see all her other articles, go to Amanda's Page, A Happy Medium.

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