Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Learning to Let Go

In the past few months, I've had multiple times where I've had to deal with horrible events.  Events that strangle me emotionally with so much pain, I can barely make it.  None of it is easy.  It seems like no matter where I turn lately, I'm just confronted with loss and pain in one way or another.  Learning to let go is not easy for me.

I'm not trying to say I don't care about someone or some event if I learn to let go.  Its quite the opposite.  I care deeply and I feel it deeply.  I'm a very sensitive person and there is very little that escapes my attention.  What I do feel, I feel with such an intensity that it often overwhelms me.  So learning to let go is not something I say casually or lightly or with callous.

Learning to let go means that I feel all of this, but I don't attach my existence to those feelings and emotions.  It means that I honor and respect those feelings and emotions, but I don't allow myself to become them.  They are there for me to acknowledge, but my life is much more than this.  Again, I'm not saying that we become unattached to their existence, but that we don't attach our purpose in life to them.  It may not be an easy concept to understand in what I am saying.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Does The Doctor Know Best?

I think we need to have a serious discussion on this issue.  I see people exclaim that if you don't follow what a doctor says, somehow you are a bad person.  Somehow, you are misguided.  Somehow, you put everyone else at risk.  Its like everyone treats doctors as the current GOD of the universe.

So does a doctor know best or not?  Doctors know a lot.  They've been to a great deal of medical training and many of them have had years of experience in the real world.  While that is great and beneficial, it doesn't mean they always know best.  I'm not trying to tear doctors down in what they do, but I'm trying to see if we can all find a little more balance.

At one time, the medical establishment thought that leaches were good and that if you had blood coming from you, that the blood needed to be drained.  They considered "blood" to be a very bad thing in your body. Now we know that isn't the case, but at the time this was the medical knowledge that all were expected to follow.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Have One Without The Other

I often hear people talk about opposite emotions and opposite reactions in life.  Often, people exclaim how wrong anger is or how they want to take away pain, or how they only have love.  While these are noble and honorable parts of life, I really don't agree that you can have one without the other.

After all, if there is not pain in life, could one experience pleasure?  If there was no anger in life, would we know what peace was?  If there was no hate, would we be able to identify love?  Could we be happy without knowing sadness or depression?

Maybe I'm being too simplistic, but in many ways if you you only have one side of the emotion, would you really recognize it?  I'm not so sure we would.  I believe it takes these other sides of life to bring about our awareness into what is possible.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our Character

I'm seeing a trend that I don't like.  It affects me personality and it has to do with our character, our work ethic, and who we are as humans.  Either we're so numb and oblivious, or we just don't care any longer about our character.

One project I've been on, I take support calls.  While I try to be there for everyone and help them the best way I possibly can, it feels like I'm getting taken advantage of by many different callers.  Little effort is used to use basic common sense or troubleshooting skills, before calling me.  It always amazes me that these people are hired for these jobs and then act as if they don't have any way to troubleshoot or use common sense.  This is the part of these people that makes up their character.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where Two Or Three Are Gathered

While I'm not a person that subscribes to any particular religion, I realize that spirituality is part of the human experience.  Because of what I went through many years ago, what is taught in the church is very hard for me to align with in my life.  As a result, I recognize that there is a universal power or a source energy, but I try not to tie myself down according to how other humans perceive this through their own beliefs.

With all this said, I also recognize that in healing moments, we are never alone.  There are many forces in the universe that are there with us.  If we think we do the healing with someone, we are completely mistaken.  We are vessels, but we don't do the healing.  The healing comes through our abilities, skills, and willingness to be with another person at that moment in pure love.