Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Flight 2451

Sometimes I see events for what they are and realize that they have life ending potential.  I don't think I'm special in this because I'm sure others could see the very same thing.  Yet, on Flight 2451 leaving Memphis the other day, fortunately the right events came together to stop that flight.

We were in the boarding process when all of the sudden they stopped the boarding and began taking everyone back off the plane.  I was within moments of stepping on to the bridge way with hopes of reaching my destination at the planned time.

First, it was confusion on everyone's part that there would be an initial two hour delay.  Of course, this set everyone scrambling for other flights because that meant the connections in other cities would be difficult or impossible to make.  I was like all the others and could see that there would be no way to make my connection.

Fortunately I felt good that an airline rep for Delta assisted me with another flight so I could still reach my destination.  As soon as I settled down for some greasy airport food, my phone began ringing again.  This time, the delay had been pushed out much later.  It was beginning to get annoying and the patience of many passengers were growing thin.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Are You Authentic?

In these current days, I see fake and I see a disconnect in the world around me.  Are you authentic?  I mean, really authentic?  Its easy to display one thing to the world, one to our friends, and one to people very close to us, but at the end of the day, are we really what we show we are.

Our actions often speak louder than our worlds.  I grew up with people who claimed to love Jesus and be the best Christians they could be, but their lives were often quite different.  What they said and did in public, was much different from what they did in private.  Many of their private actions were inconsistent with what they claimed and professed.  It is still that way to this day.  Again I ask, are you authentic?

We see the modern day world of marketing and glitz and reality shows.  Many think that these things are so real that they truly have the first hand knowledge that no one else has.  We see the media reporting and news punditry portrayed as if it is real and authentic, yet it is so far from this point, the lines are blurred constantly.

In our minds and our bodies, we often neglect what they need or what they are telling us.  We don't stop, listen, and feel.  We just go on about our day acting as if our physical and biological processes are infinite.  We burn the candle at both ends of the stick.  We stuff our bodies with food that many would reject without thought.  Our days are one blur of unconscious experience after another, while thinking we have the bull by the horns.  Are you authentic?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Improve Your Life Through Concsious Engineering

I first became acquainted with Mind Valley, founded by Vishen Lakhiani, a couple of years ago when I saw the advertisements for Unlimited Abundance.  At the time, my opinion and view of the program and the company was not great as you can read on my blog.  However, over time I have come to like different products available through Mind Valley.  The Unlimited Abundance program in particular has been quite helpful to me.

The one thing I do know is that Vishen took a company with very little money and made it into a very successful online company with products that help people to improve their lives.  He did this partly through affiliate marketing, which I have participated in on this blog.

I do want to be upfront as always that I am an affiliate marketer with Mind Valley.  However, I don't just promote stuff to promote it, like many do on the internet.  If I have not tried the product and been successful with it, I generally don't promote it.  After all, how can I share what it will do for anyone, if I have not tried it myself.

I generally don't take requests to promote stuff on this blog because I don't really want it to only be one sales pitch after another.  This particular case is a little different, because to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that this product is being introduced to the general public.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mind - Body Thoughts: Sickened By Those Who Support Wife Beaters

Mind - Body Thoughts: Sickened By Those Who Support Wife Beaters: Yep, it happened again!  Should I say, surprise, surprise?  Most likely not, because this is a serious issue that happens every day in ou...

Sickened By Those Who Support Wife Beaters

Yep, it happened again!  Should I say, surprise, surprise?  Most likely not, because this is a serious issue that happens every day in our world.  Too many women including wives and girlfriends are beaten by their husbands and boyfriends/partners.  Yet, the world goes on turning a blind eye to it, screaming out with gasps when it becomes public.

Am I upset because a recent NFL player (Ray Rice) is caught on video beating his wife?  You bet I am!  Am I upset because those around them probably knew it was going on and did nothing.  You bet I am!  Am I upset because the NFL owners and executives had the tape but failed to know anything about it?  You bet I am.  Am I upset because many fans will continue to watch the NFL and support them with their dollars while screaming out anger for what was done?  You bet I am!

Maybe its not fair to lump everyone in these scenarios together, but you know what - either you are part of making the world a better place, or you're part of the problem.  Supporting sports like the NFL and others that allow these things to go on is being complacent.  Its being part of the problem, not the solution.  Am I being harsh about this - maybe - and maybe not!