Monday, October 20, 2014

Bad Emotions

This is a topic that touches me deeply from personal experience.  I read postings constantly from people who have good intentions, but in all reality the things they are writing hurt others more deeply then they realize.  This isn't anyone person, but a collective that I have seen from many different people.  It is almost like in order to be a new age healer or a new age thought person (or even a religious person), you must subscribe to this way of thought.

Too many claim that there are good emotions and that the bad emotions are just not healthy and should be eliminated from your life.  It is harming to those that struggle through some very rough moments in life.  It is damaging to the recovery and healing of those walking through some very treacherous ground and intense fire.

To claim any emotion is bad, is failing other humans.  In many ways, I wonder if the people making these claims are still giving residence to these same emotions, but attempting to hide it from the world.  I cannot speak for them.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Abuse In Sports

I'm reading the stories about Sayreville, NJ about the horrible acts taking place in the locker rooms.   Reading the details makes me want to vomit from here to eternity.  It should make everyone so angry, but unfortunately some don't understand just how bad this is.  They think you are attacking their precious game of football.

It was not that long ago that NFL had the video in the news of the player abusing his wife.  At the time, it was the outrage and it doesn't appear to have slowed down the people who worship football.  Maybe that's too harsh, but it really bothers me when we get worked up over a story one day and forget it the next.  Too much of sports is about money and wining and these appear to be more important than human dignity.  I'm sure there are other details that took place here, but I don't follow every nuance of these stories.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Greed Makes The World Go

Doesn't anyone care?  Doesn't our world understand?  Or is it just become such an accepted fact that greed makes the world go?  I struggle to understand how we can sit by as a collective community in the world and be a part of this.

Do you have to put on a sack cloth and ashes in order to not be part of the greed problem?  Absolutely not!  I think there are people who have figured out life and have more to financially give then others.  There are people who have been given talents and skills and gifts to use in order to help others.  There are people who have been given bigger hearts to share and spread love throughout the world.

Unfortunately it is just too common to see greed living life to the fullest and sucking up every warm blooded person in its wake.  The attitude from the greedy, "I'm not sharing and what is mine is mine," is one that will doom our society and our world.  You can see this in various countries and parts of the world already and I believe you can see it in our own country.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Innocent Comments Of Hate

My new t-shirt from HRC
Yesterday was the Come Out With Pride event at Lake Eola in Orlando, Florida.  Estimates put the number of people attending it around 150,000.  The parade was close to an hour long.  The energy level never died down around the beautiful downtown lake.  Fireworks captured the nighttime sky as everyone felt accepted, loved, and wanted.  The Swans moved around as if it were another day.

As I was talking to a friend and recounting similar experiences of innocent comments of hate, he too shared some stories from his past.  Yes, I'm sure one could say we just have to develop a thick skin and not let it bother us.  Unfortunately, I think people either need to lose their ignorance or not prove to the world through their words, just how ignorant they are.

Comments such as "those queers", "those fags" or gawd they are weird are about hate and ignorance.  I've overheard people say to other ignorant people, "you're not afraid he will do something to you, right?"  I've heard that in the work place, and amongst people who I thought were friends. I've heard it amongst those that thought they were self righteous and holy.

Monday, October 13, 2014

I Will Miss You Crystal

I kept saying, one of these days I need to get back to Miami and stop and see her.  After all, she had become a friend to me ever since I went to Educating Hands School Of Massage.  Time and distance had taken my life to a different location.  I figured, though, there was always tomorrow.  There was always plenty of time.

Last night, I found out my friend had gone to be with the angels after a long battle with cancer.  My heart is heavy and the tears keep welling up in my eyes.  No, I'm not sad she is now out of pain, but I am sad because I will miss her.

Crystal accepted me with open arms.  In a time when I had just lost my own mom to a tragic car accident and I was coming to terms with being gay, she just accepted me.  She treated me as if I was a normal person, deserving love and respect.  She treated me as a friend and a valued member of society, as if this was the only way to treat other people.