Thursday, December 8, 2016

Do We Need To Engage?

Balance is not alive and well in our country today or in the world.  It seems that everyone is at polar opposites and either on one side of an issue or another.  There is no common ground.  Furthermore, we take that to social media and we engage on every subject and tweet that comes across our screen.

I think being human is learning to pick and choose your battles.  If an army fights every enemy that it thinks exists, can it sustain this?  Can the fighters go continuously before they are exhausted and depleted?

This is what I see today online in social media and in the news if I happen to catch it.  We are so conditioned that we need to have a response to every situation and event and statement put out in a day.  It is that moment where we engage when maybe we do not need to engage.

At one time, I would have heard this as someone creating drama, but these days it is so commonplace that we don't even know drama from reality.  It all appears the same to us and we can tell that by what gets tweeted, liked, and shared along with the topics that are trending.

It will take something so outrageous...

If you keep your engines revved up constantly, you are going to burn out or run out of gas.  Everyone will get used to hearing your engine and will no longer notice it as something out of the ordinary.  The more you try to rev the engine up, the less it will get noticed and so it will take something so outrageously loud for anyone to hear you.

Sometimes we need to focus and find balance.  We need to find that moment where we really are passionate because it is something that personally affects us and we need to go for it.  However, make sure you don't become a clanging symbol in the band, or the music will not be anything anyone wants to hear.

We are losing site of what matters in life and we are doing it at breakneck speed on social media as if humanity has already been obliterated.  Sure, I am passionate about subjects as well, but a well thought out answer or plan to help elevate the discussion will get you much further than throwing bombs everywhere you go.  Not everyone that disagrees with you are bad people.  We need to learn to embrace that from our heart.

We need to find balance because the more we yell and scream at one another, the more we are hurling this planet into a galaxy that may not be good for us.  It may take us to the point of no return and we all have a choice in the role we play in this every day.  Choose wisely because choices have impacts upon others and the world in ways we don't always see.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Yanni Talks About The Creative Process

Wow, I saw this video by Yanni, and I was like blown away.  Sorry, for using cliche' phrases, but I'm just in awe. 

He explained in such detail how the creative process works for him.

Yanni was totally in his vulnerable state sharing which makes it even more special to me.

I love Yanni's music.  It has always been an inspiration to me because he just allows himself to create from his heart and from that deep space.

I love seeing these videos where he shows a side of himself that we don't normally get to see.

In the video he talked about when you're in the creative process, you can't observe it and if you are trying to observe it, you aren't in it.  (watch the video below)

I've found that the music just flowed from me when I was in the creative process.  Like a conversation is how I normally describe it.  We don't think about the conversation with a friend that we are having, we just talk to them.  For me, how I create is much the same way.

It is something that comes up from deep within me where it just spills out.  It just happens.  It just comes together.  If I try to force it (or in Yanni's words, observe it), it stops.  If I just surrender to it and let it happen, it shows up.

One of the things that I've never mastered and it may be in how my ability comes through, is whatever I create on the piano, I am never able to play again.  I wish I could, but if I try, it feels like one big blank space in me and I just stare at the piano.  So, all of my music has to be recorded at the time it is created or generally it is lost.

This is why I compare my creative pursuits on the piano to a conversation.  While you might try and paraphrase the conversation after it is over, you cannot repeat it.  I can't repeat it.  So, unless I'm recording, the music is lost.

I still remember the song, Meditation Music: Healing Angels, that I recorded some time ago.  I sat down at my keyboard just to mess around on it.  Sure, I felt this stuff that was bubbling up in me, almost like energy that needed to come out.  Yet, I didn't expect to be writing a song.

I sat down with my recording equipment running and put my fingers on the keyboard.  What came out of my hands at that minute surprised me.  Of course, in the moment I did not hear what I was playing.  I never do when I'm creating.  It isn't until after I'm done and listen to it, that I actually get to hear it.

Through that song, I felt so much warmth and energy and feeling and emotion.  I was crying hard.  I was swaying to what was going on.  I felt this empowerment come over me almost making it difficult to keep my hands on the keyboard.  When I got done, I had created the song, Meditation Music:  Healing Angels.

Most of the time, the songs I create are named for whatever thoughts are going through my mind at the time.  I jot them down and then find a title that brings them out so others can understand.  The songs are feelings and emotions and a conversation from a place I can't even describe.

Hearing Yanni talk about the Creative Process just helped me understand where I create from especially on my keyboard.  I have not recorded anything new for some time and I'm beginning to feel the urge to sit at my keyboard and do this again.

Often when I go through difficult periods of life, I'm not in a mood to sit at the keyboard.  Generally though, it is after I'm coming out of the difficult moment where I sit down and record.  I think until I've found my way through it, even if it is hard for me to see in that moment, that's when I can share it through the notes that I play.

Thank you Yanni for sharing this video.  You helped me understand myself a little more.


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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Control Is Fertile Grounds For Abuse

I tweeted this out the other day because I see many parallels to current events that were identical to what I went through as a kid.  I take no pleasure in this connection.

It is extremely triggering to me.  It allows me to see things from a different perspective because I have lived through them once before.  The triggers are overwhelming right now and I really have to modulate my time seeing some events unfold.

I know I'm not alone.  I know others have had to deal with this very same thing, especially those that have endured child sexual abuse.  In order for abuse to take place, there needs to be someone in control.  That person in control has absolute power over not only the victim, but all those associated with them.

The tweet I wrote was, "I grew up in a home where you could not disagree with those in charge.  It allowed abuse to flourish.  It was brainwashing."

Not only was I sexually abused as a child, but the brainwashing that followed me every day of my life was one that I still struggle with today.  I was taught how to think, what to say and what to do.  At no time was I allowed to make my own decisions or follow what I thought or felt.  I was not allowed to say anything that went against what the supreme ruler dictated in our family.  The minister in the church was just as bad as what I faced at home.

Of course, the supreme ruler and his subordinates will be the first ones to claim I'm the one that is crazy.  They will say I was led to say these things by others.  They will claim that they gave me nothing but love and respect.  They will claim that they were great and loving.  They will claim that I was always allowed to think and say and do what I needed to.  They will claim, I am wrong and have no clue what I am saying.  They will claim, I was brainwashed by others outside of the family and church.

Their ego is too large...

You see, those that control others will never admit they are wrong.  Their ego is too large.  I used to think that people who controlled others were very strong, but I've since learned that they are so fearful of everything in life.  They are so full of fear that they will do anything to keep others in their line of thinking and control, so as to not allow them to touch their own vulnerability.  They will not risk anyone seeing the real person they are and they do that by controlling and abusing others.

But, it isn't just the ones that control others that allow horrible abuse to take place.  It is those that sit on the sidelines with their eyes closed.  They were just as plentiful back in the days I was being abused and raped and to this day, they still sit with their eyes closed.  You cannot care about others and have love if you sit by and watch others be abused.

Humanity is not about the control of one another even though it appears that way at this moment.  Humanity is about working together and coming to know more of who we are each and every day we are alive.  It is about inspiring one another to be more than we are and reaching for the outer limits of what we cannot see in this moment.

Control and manipulation and abuse are not signs of a strong person.  They are signs of a weak person.  A strong person allows someone to say and think and do what seems normal to them, while honoring and respecting that individual as a human being.  A weak person just controls and holds everyone down, thereby extinguishing the flame within us.

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