Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Struggling But Hopeful

Right now, life is difficult.  It isn't easy to hang on or go forward or function.  I'm struggling quite hard right now but I'm hopeful things will change.  That's my hope at least and its all I have to cling to at this moment.  All else is just words and thoughts and philosophies.

Sometimes we are tested to the ends of our rope.  Sometimes we bring this on for ourselves, but never-the-less we have to deal with what is in our day.  Running from it or hiding from it won't help us overcome it.

I've burnt the candle at both ends of the stick.  I could list the reasons why I do this, but they are insignificant at this moment.  For now, while I'm struggling, I remain hopeful that I will find my way back home in my life.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ridiculous Platitudes

Every day they are posted and re-posted and spammed and slammed on social media sites around the world.  There is no shortage of them.  They are the ridiculous platitudes.  You know, the ones that make everything in life to be plausible in one short little statement.

Growing up, my father had all kinds of them.  Most of the time they really didn't fit the situation or make sense, but that didn't stop him.  Most people are the same way.  I would often hear Norman Vincent Peale thoughts spouted as if they were equal to the bible.  Of course, he neglected to realize just how awful he was abusing those around him while spouting the platitudes. 

We've all see the various statements.  Most of the time people don't have any clue what to say, so its far easier to just spout something off, regardless if it helps or not.  It makes them feel good and then they go merrily on their way.  Unfortunately, far too often these statements do more harm then good.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Body Healing and Movement

Body issues often arise from the moments of torture, abuse or other experiences we go through.  If we allow those to continue to take up residence within, then they are holding dominion over us.  They have robbed us of our power.

It is up to us to allow ourselves to free the trapped energy of these moments from our body.  Through a Unified Therapy healing session, I realized that the movements I was experiencing on the table were a direct result of what I had been through.  You can read more about this on

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Embracing Mediocrity

Too many people and too many businesses just don't see the whole picture.  Some think that if they try to much, what is the point.  Some think that if too much is expected, then it makes them look bad.  Why do people, businesses, governments, and organizations embrace mediocrity?

I've worked with far too many people and places in this.  Its almost like they just want to put in their time, collect some money, and go home.  They take very little or no pride in the quality of what they put out.  Its more about gimme the money and don't ask me to do correctly what it is that you're paying me to do.

I've seen far too many organizations and governments and other places do just enough to get by and not go beyond that.  Its easier to be part of the status quo then to hold expectations of being all that you can be.  Its far easier to just get by, then go above and beyond.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Time is My Most Precious Asset

Lately, I have been pushed and pulled in many directions.  My cell phone has become a ball and chain.  Email consumes me.  Everyone needs me.  Everyone demands my  time.  However, time is my most precious asset.

I navigate these moments trying to figure out how to do what it is that I am expected to do, but yet maintain my life and find a center point in the day.  Most other people could care less that my life is being intruded upon.  It is like a thief in the night that visits you all day long.

I try to push back, but it seems like it takes more energy then I have to give.  I become exhausted by the fight and by the pushing back.  Yet, no one seems to care.  They hold the baseball bat of what is expected over my head, waiting to make me flinch if I dare stand up and say no.

I feel like I'm in a room full of children that won't take "NO" for an answer.  Even if they hear "NO" the first time, they keep asking and demanding as if you had not said it moments ago.  It becomes irritating and more stressful than words can describe.  It begins to haunt me day and night.