Monday, April 11, 2011

Life Looks Easy For Everyone Else

Life looks easy for everyone else. Me, I have struggled all my life and every moment has been tough. People have explained it one way or another as to why it has happened. At the end of the day, some things resonate and others I question. In fact, many I question.

I don't understand fully why I have experienced the things I have but yet, somehow I have made it this far in life. On all accounts, I should be dead but I was given a second chance. It was not my time that day in the hospital. With everything I have been through, the odds are not in my favor.

Sensitive sums up my life and the more I discover about myself, the more aware I become, I see just how far that goes to explain my life. I cannot even begin to describe what all I sense but it is often overwhelming. Many times I am frightened and confused by that which I sense.

Most just see me as knowing things but sometimes it is a living hell to me. I'm not always sure what to do with this information that I sense. Neither do I trust it fully. It is like a beloved and hated twin. At the same time, I want to know more, discover more and understand more of that which is around me and that which I sense.

There seems to be nowhere to turn. All the people who act as if they have the answers don't understand enough to really know what they are saying. Yet, it does not stop them from trying to offer or sometimes force their answers upon you.

I know that this journey I am on is one I must walk. I know I have to hold on to the courage and strength that I have deep within my soul. Deep down, I know there is a purpose for the struggles I have endured. However, it has not been fully revealed to me in full clarity. I sense it is not yet time for this to occur.

So, I continue to walk step by step hoping that as I do, all of this will be revealed more clearly. I attempt to keep my fears at bay, as I continue to ready my ship for sail.

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  1. I always felt only the good question themselves.I know that each person experiences all they do for a greater reason than what our human senses allow us to know. think of each experience, even those we think are negative and we learn a lesson through them. i.e. losing my mom at age 5 made me curious about afterlife,beginning age 11 I raised my own self when I left my family in a different country and came to states..I had to deal with my own feelings of being alone and today that very same feeling made me a survivor, and a strong person. Sometimes it was so easy to pity on my own self, and the little prayer I would say to god at night felt like my solace to my heart. when people see themselves as victims to anything, they give their personal power away and for this reason I don't like the word victim. Through being a service to others I found not only happiness but also myself. The other side of the fence always seems greener, but it may not be..I believe people just cope better..when negative thoughts come to mind why not replace them with positive ones. positive attracts positivity and negative attracts negativity. For this reason and others I enjoy the spiritual contact of Esther Hicks whom speaks with a group of spirits known as Abraham. They truly bring this important message out. No one is safe from making human errors, but we can all slowly learn from them, and it is okey to make what we call is all about being a human in physical form. about 4 years ago I had a spiritual awakening, even as of yesterday I asked Father God, is this all for me or am I supposed to do something with it. (it has been a blessing for me in my personal life) I put my communication with God in my blog and for the time being I feel that is what I can do..even if it is one person that it may serve, than blessed be. I use the loving messages in my own career, with people , with family, etc..Being an enlightened person can be hard, because people are unable to understand you or sometimes even to accept you, for this reason I manicure my thoughts around others who may not be as aware, because we can't convince anyone of anything..only our own selves. We are blessed to be a sensitive person, who can pick up on so many things that others can't, but we are not anymore special than anyone is just every spirit has their own journey and path to follow. And as you said, we do have to walk on our own path..but, there is a reason why we have to walk alone, it is because if we were in the company of others who were enlightened than as human beings we easily listen to them, identify with them and therefore not encourage our own self to grow. This is the best solution I thought for first I thought..God, I wish I had more friends like myself..because i felt lonely on the path..but, with time the waves calmed down and I realized I caused my own feelings. So, here I am sitting on my purple wood chair 4.5 years later, still with much curiousity to seek, while trying to live a "normal" life. and Life is Good. There is no perfect, it is what it is and each day I try to be my best, allowing god to use me as a tool as many other blessed people too. I also had to learn to keep my thoughts to myself too, because when you tell people that you hear god's wisdom,people wonder about you and unless they know you, they think you are crazy. In my heart I know I am well, smart and a loving being and that is all matters. I don't need other people's approval and/or judgement, because the God whom I know does not even judge his own children. I don't have to say or do anything to impress anyone, I live with morals, ethics and kindness and that is all I have to do. everyone's own heaven is within them, not on the otherside of the fence.

    I enjoy your blog,I see you are human like me and there are millions of us. Never feel alone because no one is alone. Try see if you find the wisdom of Abraham enlightening that comes through Esther Hicks, she is just a mouth piece remember.

  2. Yes, there is a time for everything Don, for all of us and in the meantime we just have to find a balance to live our lives as fully as we can. For me also the path is lonely at times, my spiritual path, but this has its benefits. Have you ever heard of Esther and check out their web site..she is a medium and her wisdom she receives truly is comforting to one's human life...blessings..

  3. I have heard of Esther Hicks. I don't follow them as closely as some do but they have some great things to say.

  4. I have never followed anyone or anything but some people and some writings just resognates in my mind and abraham is one of those things as well as A Course in Miracles. (by Helen Schucman, but she did not want her name identified until her death as she was also not wanting judgement and persecution by others. which sadly people do even now after her death) And I can understand her. Life is interesting and truly the miracles in our spirits and minds are amazing.






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