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Medication Side Effects, Part 5

This is a continuation from part 4 of the Medication Side Effects series. It is the final part in this series. Please read part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 before reading this part so this particular blog entry will make sense. Again, this is for information purposes and is not meant to be considered as medical advice. Please read the disclaimer below for more details.

While I realize I am not a medical professional and that I don't know all there is to know about health and medications, the one thing I do know is that when you look at all the drug advertisements on TV, the list of side effects is frightening.

According to KaiserEDU.org, health care costs rose 2.3 trillion dollars in 2008 from 714 billion dollars in 1990. This equates to about $7,681 per resident and about 16.2% of the nations GDP. It is among the highest of all industrialized nations. Those numbers are so staggering that one can hardly put them in perspective.

Yet, as we have spent great amounts of money to heal us and make us well in this country, we are still not healthier than we were back in 1990. We have continued down the same track and I would suggest that we have done this in a blind fashion.

You see, when we fail to take care of ourselves and heal our life from the inside out (the mind body connection), we then end up running to the doctor and hospital for tests to determine which type of medication we should be taking. Yet, in our quest to be "healed" and to "get better", we fail to see just how harmful the side effects of these medications are to our bodies.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers want you to keep coming back and they want you addicted to their drugs. For if you don't, than where will their profits come from for their shareholders and where will increased earnings come from for the stocks? When over 16% of our GDP is spent on health care, something is completely wrong with the picture.

I offer that we cannot continue down this path. There is going to be a point of no return for our civilization and our bodies. When you take some medicine to alter the function of one part of your body (get rid of the symptoms you are experiencing), you impact other body systems. The impact may go unnoticed for some time but eventually it will catch up with you.

We can continue to go down the path we are on or we can begin to wake up and question what it is we are doing in our life and to our bodies. Accepting the status quo or going along with what the establishment tells you to think is no longer good enough. It does not support optimal health. Of course, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know deep down inside but of course when fear gets ahold of you, these words become nothing more than garbled noise.

My hope through this series of blog posts is that it will being to wake you up to medications and how we treat our bodies. I'm not asking you to immediately stop taking any medication you are taking. That is not my intent. My purpose is to get you to look at this and begin using your conscious brain to make the best choices possible for your life.

Within humans, we do have the genetic code to produce healthy cells but every time we douse them in poor nutrition, habits, exercise and health care, we are altering how our cells function. We can continue to spend trillions each year on the latest health care fad or we can begin to change who we are and evolve our awareness. This is up to each one of us to discover but if we sit there on our butts, we'll be like a long lost voyager lost at sea.

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Further Information:
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4) KaiserEDU.org - US Health Care Costs

This blog post series is not meant as medical advice nor is it meant for you to stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor. You should always make those decisions with a qualified medical doctor. I am merely pointing out information my own study of a different way to view the body. Remember, the more you understand about how your body works, the more impact you can have upon your life. Just to make this crystal clear, consult your medical professional before making any changes with your medications and health. This is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice.

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