Friday, April 15, 2011

Plants Are A Model To Us

One of the things that I enjoy doing is growing vegetables in my earthboxes. While this looks like just something that is a hobby, it is more than that to me. No matter what is going on in my day, week or year, I can always count on my plants to be there, doing what they do best - growing.

So here are some pictures of my plants (just click on the links below). A few facts for the gardeners out there. These were all planted on Feb 19 and the growing zone is in Central Florida near the Atlantic coast. I have six earthboxes, 3 of which are planted with tomatoes, 1 with sweet corn, 1 with peas and 1 with cantaloupe.

EarthBox - Tomatoes Picture

EarthBox - Sweet Corn Picture

EarthBox - Cantaloupe Picture

EarthBox - Peas Picture

Growing vegetables and plants not only gives me a feeling of being connected to mother earth, but it helps center me when the storms of life hit the hardest. Just being out there around these plants gives me a feeling like no other can give. It is like nothing else matters in that moment. When the plants have finished their growth cycle, I find that sadness fills me as I see the end of their lives appear.

Just like plants, we too grow in cycles with our lives. We emerge and discover through the rocks, soil and weather conditions of the environment surrounding us. Hopefully we grow strong roots that can carry us through these various cycles. As we emerge, we head towards the light, learning and yearning for all that there is. Plants are a model to us and they are beacons of hope, living in that they encounter.

More information on the earthboxes can be found at . They are unique growing systems designed to maximize resources and provide an abundance of produce. They last for years and are very efficient systems. I have been growing garden vegetables with the earthbox for almost 4 years now.

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