Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Diving Into Cold Water Fears

When I read the article on CNN.com, Diving Into Coldest Water On Earth, I was intrigued with some of the comments the swimmer, Lewis Pugh, shared. While I myself would most likely not look for the coldest bodies of water to swim in and I'm sure most people would feel the same way, there is much to be learned from this experience. For the entire article, you can read the article through the link below.

Lewis Pugh stated that "the most immediate thing you have to do is to just squeeze out the fear, because otherwise the fear will just paralyze you." He is so correct in this and I'm sure I am not stating anything that everyone does not already know. However, we as a human species tend to understand this intellectually but not consciously.

In fact, in healing the body and the mind, fear is the number one block to holding us back from true healing. While fear can be a powerful motivator for healing in our life, all too often, it becomes a paralyzing force. I understand that completely because of the Conversion Disorder (paralysis) that I experienced several years ago.

Often, we don't even realize the way that fear grips our every day life. In fact, most humans just see things they do as standard events in the course of their life rather than fear that is holding them back. It is much easier to accept the false illusions that life gives us rather than go in and ask the hard questions that we must all face. Fear is at the root of everything we do and we either learn from it or we cower in the corner as a result.

Then, we question why nothing happens in our life or why we still struggle with pain and despair. The result is just like Lewis Pugh stated, "I remember thinking to myself, if things go bad, I'll get out after 500 meters... If you think about a swim like that, that's the worst way of thinking. What you're doing is confusing your subconscious, because you're planning for victory and defeat at the same time."

You see, if we follow the healing modality belief system of the day whether it is current medicine, a new age sensation or a religious belief, we often keep ourselves from going deep into the fear. We claim we want to take the swim (dive into the fear) but then we look for ways out. We confuse the subconscious. It is not until we let go of the fears (the ideals and beliefs that we hold on to) that we will begin to see more clearly and really begin to heal. It is at that point where we will come to know ourselves. It is at that point where we are one with our subconscious.

Hiding in the belief system that is regurgitated at will in our world, gets us no where. Opening ourselves up and taking the swim into fear, is what will take us to our goal. Let us begin to question all that we do, all that we feel and all that we assume to be a part of us. Let us not accept it as fact but view it as a stepping stone to greater awareness.

Allow the fear to empower us and motivate us forward, rather than living in the past realm of hurt emotions, shut off sensing and rigid thinking. There is a greater world out there when we step outside of the fear and it is ours just for taking the steps into awareness.

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