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Clutter In Our Life, 30 Day Challenge

Clutter In Our Life Series
30 Day Challenge

As you have been reading through this 10 part series, feel free to not be in agreement with all of what I have written. I am perfectly happy to accept that. However, before you complete write these things off, take a moment and test something out.

Try this challenge for one month. Then, come back and let me know what happened in your life as a result of the challenge. The best way to see if something works for you is to challenge yourself until you find the answer that fits in your life.

So here are the parts of the challenge for at least the next 30 days!

1) Turn off the TV news including the internet. If you want to subscribe to an online service with headlines, let that be the most you do for a month. You'll actually find that most of what you need to know can be found reading the headlines. Honestly, it is true.

2) Limit your time on places like Facebook for a month and actually give up the games for one month that you normally would play on Facebook.

3) Try to put the cell phone/pda/mobile device/iphone etc, in a different room from you so that if someone calls, you can go get the cell phone but you won't be tempted to just spend countless hours on it.

4) Evaluate your day and see where you are spending your time and is it matching up to things that really matter in your life. Be critical of it from an observers view, rather than your regular view.

5) Spend some time out in nature each day if it is nothing more than sitting outside for 5 minutes, listening to the birds, feeling the warmth of the sun or the coolness of the breeze.

6) Spend a few moments reading that book you always wanted to get to or writing something in a journal if you feel so led.

7) Pick up some paints or other craft things and enjoy just creating in the moment.

8) Book yourself a massage or try Yoga once a week for the month or spend some time walking, going to the fitness center, bicycling, swimming.

9) Spend time with people you love like a partner, spouse, child or pet and just enjoy the simple moments with them.

10) Find things to do that give you simple moments in life. The goal is to slow down and observe, enjoy and be in the moment, not try to find everything possible to keep yourself busy.

11) Try changing what you eat at least once a week. Really go all out to see if you can find something so healthy to eat that your taste buds dance the greatest movement known to this world.

12) Double the amount of water you currently drink for at least a week and see if you don't notice a change.

If you do this for a month, I have a feeling you will not want to stop these things. Yes, withdraw may be tough at first and you may feel disconnected from life, but in time, you will come to understand what truly matters to you and what does not.

To each person, it will be different. I cannot state what will be right for you no more than you can state what is right for me. Until you truly and honestly go into these moments, what matters to your life, will remain a mystery.

There is much more to life than we currently understand. We are in an epidemic of hiding from the moments of connectedness in our life and giving ourselves the false illusion that the clutter moments are what matters.

It is easier most likely for us to living in a mindless world but if we learn to live mindfully, being connected to the moment, life will give us so much more.

I challenge each person reading this to take the challenge I just stated and see what happens. What do you have to lose? The world will still be here after these 30 days are up. Who knows, you might just be pleasantly surprised in a simple and easy way.

If you are just finding this blog for the first time, please feel free to read all 10 parts of this series by clicking on the links corresponding to each section below.

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