Monday, April 4, 2011

Clutter In Our Life, Part 7

Clutter #7 - Hydrating Our Bodies
Part 7 of 10

So many people turn to soft drinks, tea, lemonade, alcohol, coffee to hydrate the body. However, very few us drink the amount of water in a day that we need. According to the mayo clinic website, we should at least drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day.

Keep in mind that this is "pure" unadulterated water, not water in tea, coffee, etc. When you mix in other substances into the water like sugar, caffeine, tea, etc., you body has to work harder to discard those substances and utilize the water.

In many cases, the other substances alter the pH of your blood which then requires your body to work overtime to bring the pH back into balance.

Our bodies are made up of more than 60% water and in order for our body and our brain to function properly, they need to be fully hydrated.

Yes, I know that sugar flavored drinks taste much better to water but if you set a goal to start drinking more water, you will find that in time, water is perfectly fine and tastes as good. It may take a little time if you are not used to drinking this much water but if you can stay with it, in time you will be much more healthier as a result.

Water is so important to the body of a living organism and without adequate water, we are really stressing and pushing our bodies towards disastrous results.

Come back tomorrow for part 8 of this series, Clutter In Our Life. Below are the various parts to this series that you can read as well.

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