Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things To Expect Going To A Therapist

Here is an article that Debbie Owen passed on to me, who is the creator the site, . Since it has some good information presented in a very simple format, I thought I would share it on my blog.

On the Couch: 10 Things to Expect When Going to a Therapist

Going to a therapist can be a difficult decision to come to. Movies and books make therapy out to be for crazy people and often put a bad spin on what goes on when you’re on the couch. While it may be hard to open up to loved ones, sitting down with a therapist gives you an opportunity to air your feelings in a judgment-free zone.

Don’t mistake therapy for something that has to go on for the rest of your life. Many do see a therapist for a number of years, but others see a therapist to deal with hard decision or crossroads in life. This means you can see a therapist for as few as three sessions or well into the next decade. Only you and your therapist can decide the right plan of action, but here’s what to expect once you sit down on the couch.

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  1. working as a therapist, I find that Therapy can be useful in many different ways and the ways can be different for each person. Personally, this is my view of therapy, I believe that most/if not all people know all things but they are hesitant to make decision or sometimes have a hard time seeing through the cluttered mind. Being a spiritual person, I feel that every spirit is in perfection and so therefor sometimes it helps to help someone just to listen to the person, and like a shepard just to guide the person on their path of realization, while using, awakening, and realizing person's own strrenghts. At times of course, one's spirit has opened up itself for more than it can handle and those are the times when a person may develop depression, etc..Of course there are medications, and more heavy duty skills that can be used in psychiatry or psychotherapy, but I like to start with the least intrusive way to help out an individual. I also utilize a lot of spiritual thoughts reminding people of their own greatness, perfection and being human. The message and advice of my spirit guide when I asked him what I can do was, "just listen to them", and truly I think this is the best place to start. Listen with love, no judgement and awaken gently. A perfect creator , creates perfect beings..and we have to allow ourselves to be who we are and love ourself. Also, not to worry about the judgement or thoughts of other people, as so many times so many problems are there due to the thoughts of other people whom we learned from. Nothing wrong with therapy, it is lovely to have someone who will listen and be of a friendly guide. Therapist must also remember their own morals and ethics.






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