Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Impact Of Body Connections

Have you ever taken a moment to see just how much effect one drop of water can have on a pool or lake or container of water? If you put a drop of water into a container of water or pool, you will see the ripple effect through the little waves it generates. You can also picture someone skipping a rock across a lake and just watch the ripples of the waves go out from where the rock hits the water.

If you keep watching the ripples of the waves, you will see how the waves go to the opposite shore or edge of the container and then bounce back. As they come back, if you create more ripples, those will bounce into the returning waves. You could go on and on playing with this concept and in fact, if you have a body of water close by, go out and play with it. Study it from all perspectives and see just how much impact one tiny little rock, touch to the water or water droplet has on the water body you are playing with.

As you will see, the water begins to carry a life of its own, deeper and deeper into that which we cannot see. We can tell that the surface effects are there, but so much of it we miss with our eye. The events are too subtle and quick for us to see it. In one video on YouTube, you can see just what happens to a drop of water. Check this video out from the Jan 19, 2010 blog post, A Drop Of Water.

In many ways, this is how we impact the body and others around us. One little touch, one little word or action can have significant impact far beyond that which we can see. It can generate a life all to its own in the body which then goes on to have a much greater impact.

Something said out of love, honesty or in a positive way will be different than something said out of hate, negativity or leading someone on. Imagine a touch of support rather than a swat on the backside of a child and how that impacts the body. What about actions that say you honor and respect someone rather than using them to further yourself or your ego along? What impacts would each of these moments have upon not only the person or body you connected with but all the others that this person connected with?

I'm not writing this to make anyone feel bad for anything they have done. That is not my intent. The reason I write this is to be aware of your actions, words and touch in how it impacts other people. What may seem benign to you, may in fact be a tidal wave to someone else. While you cannot always go around in life watching every little minuscule thing you do, you can be sensitive to others and loving when you realize that you have harmed someone.

All too often, we worry about our own ego and our pride which keeps us from connecting with others in the way that we should. We hurt others because of our own fears and insecurities while not being human enough to own up to these things. Our words, actions and touch can either be a staff of support or a sharp knife of hurt and pain inflicting wounds. It is all up to us and how we get in touch with our own ego and fears as to what we will send out to other people.

Just having the happy thought of sending out love is not enough. It can be a good first step but if you still go and hurt others through your words, actions and touch, than sending out love is not enough. It is like a clanging symbol instead of an act of love. All too often, the healing community and humanity in general fails to see this. Yet, each day of our existence, we hurt way too many in our path. Even though people act as if they have the highest intention possible for others, the body sees the authentic nature of the connection clearly and without distortion. Our body stores that as energy which will either move a person forward or become a moment of challenge that will need to be healed.

May we be more mindful of our actions, words and touch and may they be full of awareness. May we be more authentic with the words or rituals we do rather than just giving the false illusion of following regurgitated illusions. For as humans, we have the potential to evolve and grow in awareness if we allow ourselves to travel this path.

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