Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is Anger Good Or Bad?

Is Anger Good Or Bad?
I often see many people fearful of anger and exclaiming how bad anger is for your life.  In some instances, I have even seen people portray anger as something that should not be present in your life.  There is an ever growing trend in our society that anger is not healthy.

Yet, in my view, anger is a healthy emotion.  It is normal.  It is part of who we are and the range of emotions we experience.  Anger is something that can push us forward in life or help bring about changes that need to happen.  It is part of our existence, no matter how much we want to believe otherwise.  For without anger, how can we truly know what peace is?  Having one emotion without the other is not living a balanced life.

I believe the difficulty comes in that we truly don't understand what anger is in our lives.  What we have seen of anger is some big mean monster screaming in a rampage and destroying everything within reach.  I may be exaggerating a little but I think in many respects, that is the view of anger in our world.  Yes, these people do exist and we all see them every day from the table pounding people in a business meeting to the fathers taking it out on their children or even the person who loses it and screams in a tirade against some injustice.  We all know them and we've all experienced them in our life.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pedophiles Are Not Gay

Pedophiles Have Nothing To
Do With Gay Or Straight
I get amazed at the comments and stories that surround a major headline such as the Penn State, Jerry Sandusky pedophile allegations.  After a story breaks like this, it doesn't take long before the self righteous, narrow minded folks of our day start labeling the pedophile as a gay.  Of course, the way they come to that conclusion is not based upon fact or common sense, but that does not stop them from doing it.

Being gay or straight has nothing to do with sex!  After all do people just get married to have sex and nothing else?  The answer is NO!  While sex is part of a relationship or marriage, that's not the sole purpose for it.  Yet, too many narrow minded people try to portray gays as it just being about sex and nothing else.  Then they make the leap between that misguided thinking and they connect it to pedophiles.  Of course, I'm finding it difficult to fully explain the weird thinking that goes on in the narrow minded people.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Jerry Sandusky Says He Is Not A Pedophile

Sandusky Denies He's A
Please, by show of hands in the room, how many child molesters do you know came forward and admitted to being a child molester or admitted to molesting children before the children said anything?  Come on, don't be shy - raise your hands please! 

Of course, I have no idea either how many pedophiles and child molesters admit, but in my experience and from the many stories I have heard, I would estimate the number to be extremely low.  Most of these people who prey on children readily claim they are not a pedophiles or child molesters.  In fact, they often deny it, leaving the victim to defend themselves hoping that someone will believe them through their humiliation and shame.  Jerry Sandusky may be no different, but in the course of time, the charges will be proven one way or the other.

I don't know all the details in this case and in fact I've tried to avoid some of it.  Yet, I saw a reaction of shock the first day to this "revereed and honored" football coach being fired.  To be honest, that blew my mind to smithereens.  No one cared at that point if the allegations were true or not.  No one cared at that point what the victims had endured.  All anyone cared about was the poor coach, the alleged child molester and pedophile.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweat Lodge, James Arthur Ray and Common Sense

James Arthur Ray
Sentenced To Prison
I'm torn on both sides of this issue, but yet I'll be the first to admit, I don't know all of the facts.  I normally don't follow trials whether it is Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony or James Arthur Ray.  I figure I have better things to do with my time than get sucked into the energy of these trials.  Most of the time, they tend to be more of a media circus than anything.

Why am I torn on this?  Well, just as the judge talked about in the sentencing today, common sense was not employed on the part of the participants or the people in charge.  I'm not sure how else you can state that because those in charge seemed to ignore basic concerns and those in attendance did not have the courage to listen to their body or understand what their body was telling them.  If one individual would have stood up and said, "No, I'm not going to continue this" or "this should stop", than the outcome might have been different.  Yes, the person might have been ostracized by the collective group for going against what was being done, but it may very likely have changed the course of events.  

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Modern Medical Paradigms

An Apple A Day
In an article, An Apple A Day, by Andrea Zeelie, posted on, I have to take issue with the author's conclusion.  While Andrea Zeelie does post some relevant pieces of information and discussion points, I feel that her own paradigms limit her conclusions. 

Like so many others on the internet, the name of Steve Jobs is being used in all types of articles and websites as if everyone knows Steve Jobs personally.  I realize that this is how the internet world works, but I don't agree that this is what is always best for our society and culture.  Of course history will render its verdict after years have elapsed.

On to the article and important stuff - Andrea Zeelie claims that if Steve Jobs would have listened to the medical establishment and followed normal procedure, that he would most likely still be alive today.  In her claims, alternative medicine does little to heal people unlike the practices of modern medicine.  This is exactly what is missing in this world when it comes to health care.  We burrow down in our own area of expertise and claim that anything outside of that will do very little to help heal the body.  When we go to our respective corners of our own beliefs, we limit the potential of the human race.  Unfortunately, far too many do not even comprehend that they operate from a set of derived beliefs rather than a truth based system.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Why Are We Afraid Of Suffering?

Afraid Of Suffering
So many humans are afraid of suffering in our lives. To be honest, I was very afraid of suffering at one time and thought it was the worst thing that could happen to a person. Before you think I'm some pie-in-the-sky type of thinker, let me assure you that my life has been met with much adversity. All you have to do is read my book and you'll see quickly to what I am referring.

Often though, people just want us to think about thoughts of being happy or love and forget all the suffering we are going through. Many urge us to quit crying, move on from the pain and the struggles in life. While these people purport to desire that others find their true calling or purpose, I actually believe, pushing someone to "quit suffering" is doing more of a harm than a disservice.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving - The Time To Shop For Christmas

Thanksgiving - Time To Shop
For Christmas
We once again commemorate this long awaited for day in our country, Thanksgiving Day Holiday.  We've waited all year long to buy those much needed Christmas presents.  After all, its those great deals that help us buy the gifts for others and ourselves that we truly need.

We convince ourselves that there is just no time like this weekend to buy everything our heart desires.  Spending money we don't have, it all goes on the credit cards to pay off over the next year.  Nothing would stop us from doing this because it is just too practical to not go out and buy things at discounted prices.  The lure of the stores, the sounds of Christmas music and the fever of people lining up to get everything they can is too intoxicating for us.

We do recognize that this marks the season of the birthday of Jesus and we vow to keep Christ in Christmas, but please don't get in our way when the doors open at the stores on black friday.  You most likely will be trampled, or have toys and items yanked from your hands.  After all, to get the best deals, this is all worth it!   Trampling people and fighting for deals is all part of the game.  It is being human.  It is survival of the fittest!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dealing With Painful Moments In life

At Linnville Falls, NC
Painful Moments In Life
The other day, I experienced some moments that trigger me back to a time of pain in my life.  I'd rather not go into specific details in public but it has a lot to do with the trauma I suffered through in my past.  None of it is ever easy and while I have made progress, there are times when these things hit me like a freight train at top speed!

The holiday season are always a tough time for me, so any reminders and connections to the past make things much more difficult.  Yet, that's what happened the other day.  I'm still trying to find center in all of this and to be honest, my mind keeps questioning, why - at this time of the year, is this coming up?

Even though I want to act as if these things don't hurt me or control me or impact me, I would be lying if I stuck to that story.  I like to believe that I am free of these chains that bind me, but yet I know deep down inside just how much I feel them.  They are like daggers that are launched in an all out assault on me, and I'm left to defend my thoughts, my body and my emotions.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Give A Smiley Project Official Launch

Today is an exciting day for the Give A Smiley Project as this is the official launch day for the Project.  Okay, in some ways, it is the relaunch.  However, the Give A Smiley Project has been reborn and rebirthed in a way that gives this movement, its own place on the internet! No more, is it a subsidary of my own personal website.  The Give A Smiley Project was too important for that.

The Give A Smiley Project is all about helping change the world, one smiley at a time!  Everything on the site is free, accessible and open to anyone wishing to join in to help change the world.  We're inundated every day with so much negative news, comments and situations that we need something positive for our world.  It is my hope that this movement can offer something positive.

In addition, to the relaunch or the official launch of the Give A Smiley Project, everyone can now participate in the 12 Week Smiley Challenge!  This challenge is free and allows anyone to sign up and receive once a week emails for 12 weeks that walk you through exercises to help make the smiley project have a bigger impact on your life and the world.  No, you will not be spammed nor will this be used in any commercial way whatsoever.

I hope you'll check out Give A Smiley Project site and sign up for the 12 week challenge!  My hope is that this movement will touch every corner of the world and that lives will truly be changed as a result.  Of course, the only way others can hear about it is if you participate in it and spread the word!

So, go ahead - check the site out!

If you want to follow us on Twitter, @ProjectSmiley

Monday, November 21, 2011

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet Potato Casserole
Easy Thanksgiving Recipe

With the Thanksgiving Holiday getting close, I wanted to share a favorite and relatively easy recipe of mine, sweet potato casserole.  Actually, I usually don't wait until Thanksgiving to make this recipe because it is good at any time of the year!  Sweet Potatoes are delicious and a healthy food to eat!

I think this recipe may have come from a friend but I'm not 100% certain how I got it.  I do know that the first time I had ever had Sweet Potato Casserole, I was in North Carolina.  It was then that I fell in love with this delicious and easy dish!

Easy Thanksgiving recipes are always welcomed when you are preparing a Thanksgiving Dinner.  For me, I like the easy and simple recipes.  When they get too complicated, I usually just don't make the dish.

Sweet Potato Casserole (Don's Version)

Ingredients - Casserole
  • Approximately 3 cups mashed sweet potatoes (2 - 4 sweet potatoes)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 Cup Melted Butter
  • 1 Cup Regular Sugar
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla
  • 1 bag miniature marshmallows 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, The Story

Healing The Itchy Hand
Rash, The Story
For background on this post, please begin at the blog post on November 6, 2011 (Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro).

From My Personal Journal on October 23, 2011

The Story

Healing - sadness - pain!  These three words sum up this day.  I wish I did not have to experience any of this but I know I did.  It is hard to give up that thought.  It is difficult to let go.

While the pain of the memories is not easy, I am able to go in and feel it, experience it, without being totally overwhelmed.  I could not say that two weeks ago because it almost took me under.

Imagine being held down and raped as a kid.  However, imagine boiling water or hot coffee being poured on you if you tried to resist.  Imagine your little arms and hands being pinned down so you couldn't move as he repeatedly raped you.  Sounds horrible right?  For me, I don't have to imagine any of this.  It is all too real in my mind, the events I describe.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Day 12

Healing The Itchy
Hand Rash, Day 12
For background on this post, please begin at the blog post on November 6, 2011 (Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro).

From My Personal Journal on October 22, 2011

Healing Rapidly

Less than two weeks and so much has transpired in my life.  Going from a fun, exciting and relaxing road trip to a meltdown, a rash and then recovery feels like I am traveling at the speed of light.  Writing about these experiences helps me to put them in perspective.

When I wrote the words down (or should I say when my hand recorded these), I thought it was silly that I could heal myself of the rash.  I laughed at it initially and told no one because I didn't think they would believe me.  Well, I'm glad I followed what the words said even when I didn't believe it myself.

My hand is healing rapidly.  While the words "I Send Out Love" were the premise of the healing, they did not heal my hand.  My connection to them and the concept which was being portrayed is what brought about the healing.  Repeating the words only would have been like I Corinthians 13 that talks about being a clanging symbol.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Day 11

Healing The Itchy
Hand Rash, Day 11

For background on this post, please begin at the blog post on November 6, 2011 (Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro).

From My Personal Journal on October 21, 2011

Today Is Challenging

Can I make this any more clear?   Today is a challenge!  Let me repeat that in case it isn't crystal clear - today is a challenge.  A simple statement and to the point.

It seems like my hand does better and then it goes downhill.  Woke up feeling pretty good with it but now it itches like crazy as I write this.  Overall it is healing, but moments like this really bring out the agitation in me.

My energy level evades me as if it is playing hide and seek.  It is very difficult to focus on any thing positive today.  My body wants to crawl in a cave and hide.  I fight with all my strength to prevent this.  Maybe I should give in and accept it as fate.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Day 10

Healing The Itchy
Hand Rash, Day 10
For background on this post, please begin at the blog post on November 6, 2011 (Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro).

From My Personal Journal on October 20, 2011

Another Night Of Torture

Last night was torture again as I tried to fall asleep.  Instead of muscle tension as in the night before, it was major heartburn and nausea.  I doubt it was anything I ate although that makes no sense.  Once I got to sleep, I slept pretty well the rest of the night.

I can see a marked improvement in the rash today.  The swelling of my hand has lessened, the itch and burning is not as bad.  The redness and blotches or pimples are still there to some degree.  However, seeing an improvement for the first time in over a week is reassuring.  It is difficult to experience this and it takes great amounts of strength and courage to make it through a day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Day 9

Healing The Itchy Hand
Rash, Day 9

For background on this post, please begin at the blog post on November 6, 2011 (Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro).

From My Personal Journal on October 19, 2011

Difficult Night

Difficult night last night trying to get to sleep.  It is very hard finding a position to sleep in.  On top of that, as I laid down and attempted to sleep, the tension in my neck, shoulders and back turned into intense pain.  It became extremely challenging for me to relax and fall asleep.

At some point in the middle of the night, I saw an extremely bright light and heard some strange noise I had never heard before.  I sat straight up in bed from being startled.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Day 8

Healing The Itchy Hand
Rash, Day 8
For background on this post, please begin at the blog post on November 6, 2011 (Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro).

From My Personal Journal on October 18, 2011

Slight Improvement

I'm seeing slight improvement in my hand but it is no where near 100% or even 75% healed.  The images come up and make me sad.  I struggle to accomplish much in a day because my hand is either swollen and immobile or exhaustion caps my strength.

I'm leery of the images as they haunt me day and night.  Yet, I'm not sure if the images matter anymore.  It seems like another sequel in events I cannot control or change.  Am I avoiding them or am I just at a point in life where I'm no longer spooked.  I feel sadness, despair and hopelessness.  I feel these things intensely.  Yet, I am beginning to doubt that the horror images will make much difference in healing and letting go.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Day 7

Healing The Itchy
Rash, Day 7
For background on this post, please begin at the blog post on November 6, 2011 (Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro).

From My Personal Journal on October 16, 2011

Physically Challenged

A challenge physically to function right now in life.  It is strenuous to just exist and demanding to do much more.  Between the difficulty sleeping, late night headaches, body temperature going from warm to cold, I feel like a test subject.

Is some change today in how my hand looks.  Not that my hand looks good, but at least it is changing.  Oh how I try to remember what this experience was a couple of years ago in order to give myself strength and courage to continue.  I'd rather not sing another "whoa is me" song.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Day 6

Healing The Itchy
Rash, Day 6
For background on this post, please begin at the blog post on November 6, 2011 (Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro).

From My Personal Journal on October 15, 2011

Scared And Frightened

Today is a difficult.  I look at my hand as disfigured and discolored as it appears striking horror in my eyes.  Liquid seeps from the raised blotches on my hand as if my hand has encountered water.  My hand is swollen to what looks like twice my normal size. 

I fear it will always be this way.  It hurts to move it, flex it or use it.  Sleeping becomes a difficult exercise as there is no good way to position my hand.  Every movement brings with it intense pain and itching.

I'm scared and frightened wondering what the outcome of this will be.  It wasn't that long ago that I experienced these horrible moments.  What lies ahead waiting to ambush me as a nightmare?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Day 5

Healing The Itchy
Hand Rash, Day 5
For background on this post, please begin at the blog post on November 6, 2011 (Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro).

From My Personal Journal on October 14, 2011

Temporary Stay Of Relief

I feel like the weight of life isn't as heavy as it was a few days ago.  That's a big relief - a big load off of my shoulders.  However, I am faced with a new challenge.

My hand looks as if it has had boiling water dumped on it.  It appears as if it is bubbling up from somewhere underneat.  My hand appears twice its size.  It itches and burns constantly.  I have been through this before so I'm able to keep the fears at bay.  However I struggle to want to let anyone see me in this way.  

Friday, November 11, 2011

The New Reality, This is Not 11-11-11

Reality, This Is Not
If you look around these days or follow any headlines in the news, you'll see that reality has been redefined.  In fact, I don't even believe we are living in reality these days.  So much of what goes on around us is fictionalized or created to appear as if it is reality.  Too many inhabitants of our world fail to connect the dots and remember basic facts.  It is as if humans swallow whatever is fed to them, believing it is fresh spring water.

Take for instance a local spiritual camp that is "using" the commercialism of Halloween to promote their camp.  I happen to think a lot of this spiritualist camp, but people in the area see it as a bunch of strange people they don't understand.  Instead of fostering an understanding and awareness, commercialism has been employed to make the place look like a freak show.  I find it sad and disturbing but maybe I'm just being a prude!

Another organization that I have gotten much benefit from was going to have a breath empowerment event for 10,000 people on 11-11-11.  It was going to be a spectacular event and most likely life changing for many people.  Unfortunately, they got caught up in themselves and turned breathing into a religious practice sensationalizing something that is purely biological and needs no mysticism.  To each their own I suppose, but why take a good thing and turn it into something it doesn't need to be.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Day 4

Healing The Itchy
Hand Rash, Day 4
For background on this post, please begin at the blog post on November 6, 2011 (Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro).

From My Personal Journal on October 13, 2011

Doubt Things Will Get Better!

So, I'm full of questions and I wonder (maybe doubt) things will get better.  Yet, I know there are those who have it far worse than I do!  Unfortunately that does little for me because I almost feel helpless and hopeless.

I mean now there is a rash on my hand that bothers me daily / hourly.  I feel separated from everyone and anyone.  My life does not operate from joy but from despair.  I want to scream out - just how much more can I endure - can I take?  Isn't this enough?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Day 3

Healing The Itchy
Hand Rash, Day 3
For background on this post, please begin at the blog post on November 6, 2011 (Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro).

From My Personal Journal on October 12, 2011

Anger Consumes My Life

So why is the anger consuming my life?  Why can't I let it go?  I wonder.  I struggle to understand - to comprehend.  People say all you have to do is just let go - release it and accept it.  Yet, that is like asking a drowning man to not get tired and swallow water.

I feel like my anger goes so deep that I cannot begin to see or touch it.  It is as if it is anger from previous lifetimes.  That is my educated guess but not a true fact.

Sometimes I feel the anger acts as a catalyst to keep me going, searching in life and for helping me endure or learn all that I need to.  It feels like a strong connection to life's sustenance for me - or my beloved and hated twin.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Day 2

Healing The Itchy
Hand Rash, Day 2
For background on this post, please begin at the blog post on November 6, 2011 (Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro).

From My Personal Journal on October 11, 2011

Suspended In Flight

I feel as if I opened up the proverbial can of worms yesterday.  It seems as if I'm afraid of being judged childish and selfish.  Yet, I struggle to understand where it is that I am in this moment.

I feel as if I am suspended in flight.  Right now, I am not moving forward, nor am I moving backwards.  In fact, it feels like I am stationary and suspended in flight.

So where do I go?  What do I do?  Do I just sit here waiting for something of substance to come along so that I can latch on to it as a propellant?  

Monday, November 7, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Day 1

Healing The Itchy
Hand Rash, Day 1
For background on this post, please begin at the blog post on November 6, 2011 (Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro).

From My Personal Journal on October 10, 2011

Where Is The Open Door?

I feel as if every door is closed right now.  The more I look for it, the more I feel let down, forsaken and alone.  It is almost as if there is no open door or options ahead.  This thought alone is frightening.

It seems I am once again at a dead end.  I'm so tired of dead ends, not understanding and not finding a way forward.  My body and mind are stressed to the max.  My emotions far out number my energy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Healing The Itchy Hand Rash, Intro

Healing The Itchy Hand
Rash - Introduction
Over the next several days, I will share my journal entries of a recent rash I dealt with on my hand.  For anyone out there who has suffered through this, a rash is not only difficult to deal with but it is frightening to look at your skin and see the dis-figuration.  Fortunately, I have been through this a couple of years ago, so I knew a little more what to expect.  Keeping myself from freaking out during this time was a challenge of epic proportions.

As of writing this, the rash is healing rather well.  I realize that it was a moment of emotional healing for me and there are parts of the story which I just won't share in a public format at this point.  If anyone doubts that there is a mind body connection, all one has to do is experience moments like what I went through with the rash.  I am fortunate that I can see the cause and effect between what my mind sees and what is portrayed through my body.  However, let me make it clear that in the consciousness of seeing this, the experience of the rash is none the easier.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Top Book Reviews, Nov 2011 - Into The Light

Into The Light
Dr. John Lerma
To learn more about what books I review, please go to the following post on Top Book Reviews (May 4, 2011). On the 5th of every month, my goal is to post a review of 1 or more books that have had a strong impact on my life.

Book:  Into The Light By Dr. John Lerma (Hospice Experiences)

I can safely say that one of my favorite authors now is Dr John Lerma.  A year ago, I read one of his books, Learning From The Light, and loved it so much.  Another of his books, Into The Light, is one that I just finished.  In fact, I liked it so much that I am actually reading back through it.  I do not tire of reading this book as it is uplifting and insightful but done so without interjecting a belief system.  A rare method of writing and communicating these days is found in this book.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hugging Gets Student Suspended In Florida

Our Cats Hugging,
Corey & Topanga
Seeing a headline story today that students in a Brevard County Florida school were suspended after they were caught hugging just blows my mind!  My first reaction other than shock, is that fighting and bullying go on all day long with very little done, but yet touching or hugging is the bad thing and causes someone to be suspended.  Am I the only one that sees how messed up this is in our society?

Yes, I am aware that students can do sexual movements in the disguise of hugging, but isn't a suspension just a little drastic?  Does it not send the wrong message?  After all, if parents modeled good behavior in their life, children would most likely imitate this behavior.  Maybe it would be possible for our society, our communities and our schools to stop the mind and thought control and instead teach our children how to make good choices.  Give them the tools rather than just the rules!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Music Piano

Christmas Music Piano
Don Shetterly
Buy on iTunes, Amazon
Napster & Rhapsody
I know, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet!  However, I know how people love to listen to Christmas Music Piano and so I wanted to make sure that this was out there in time for people to buy it and use in their holiday parties!  This blog post will be dedicated to my CD, Christmas Songs.

The following Christmas Carols Songs can be found on this CD.  I am the creator and pianist of the music on this CD.  Each song on this CD is all instrumental piano music with no singing.  The music is very relaxing and perfect holiday music for your celebrations.  The entire CD is around 38 minutes.

Tracks On CD, Christmas Songs
1)  Silent Night, Holy Night
2)  Angels From The Realms Of Glory
3)  Away In A Manger
4)  The First Noel (or Nowell)
5)  What Child Is This?
6)  We Three Kings
7)  It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
8)  Hark The Herald Angels Sing
9)  O Little Town Of Bethlehem
10)  O Come All Ye Faithful
11)  Joy To The World
12)  Deck The Halls
13)  I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
14)  Christmas Morning Bells
15)  Christmas Medley

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Suffering To Greater Consciousness

Suffering Pic (Or Standing
Under A Rock)
I'm always amazed at how people view the suffering of other people.  It is almost like they truly feel sorry for them as if it is the worst event ever happened.  In many religions and cultures, suffering is something that shows you are moving toward a greater consciousness, not enduring something that was not meant to be.

Because people have a difficult time responding to moments of suffering, initially I often am picky who I share the details with.  Their response is more of a pity than understanding or curiosity.  I never share these things with anyone to solicit pity from them.  The reason I share is to hopefully help people identify that others out there are going through experiences that match their life and that there is hope.  The other reason is I hope that my life becomes a teacher of what is possible, rather than what is in the current moment.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

iPhone App Angel Therapy Reading On Nov 13, 2011

iPhone App - Healing
With The Angels
Oracle Cards
One of my favorite iPhone apps is "Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards" by Doreen Virtue.  I use it often and amazingly it fits with whatever is going on in my day or my life at that moment.  I kind of feel like it is a pocket sized angel that goes with me where ever I go.

On this particular day, I had pulled the cards from the section called "situation or concern" the day before on November 12, 2011.  I did not save this so when I went back to it the next day to record these thoughts, it was wiped out.  I then decided to do this section again and got different but similar results.

The way it works is you select 5 cards at random and each one corresponds to a different part of the situation or concern you have on your mind.  To get this to repeat a second day was pretty profound to me.  I'm sure some are skeptical of these things and that is fine, but for me they help give me some reassurance and peace.


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