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iPhone App Angel Therapy Reading On Nov 13, 2011

iPhone App - Healing
With The Angels
Oracle Cards
One of my favorite iPhone apps is "Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards" by Doreen Virtue.  I use it often and amazingly it fits with whatever is going on in my day or my life at that moment.  I kind of feel like it is a pocket sized angel that goes with me where ever I go.

On this particular day, I had pulled the cards from the section called "situation or concern" the day before on November 12, 2011.  I did not save this so when I went back to it the next day to record these thoughts, it was wiped out.  I then decided to do this section again and got different but similar results.

The way it works is you select 5 cards at random and each one corresponds to a different part of the situation or concern you have on your mind.  To get this to repeat a second day was pretty profound to me.  I'm sure some are skeptical of these things and that is fine, but for me they help give me some reassurance and peace.

Keep in mind that you select the cards at random and there are many in this app.  So for the cards to line up in an order such as the way I used this is not something that is preassigned.  It truly is random because if you tried to do this multiple times, the combination of results are endless.

So here is the reading that I got from this iphone App.

  • Current Situation:  Surrender and release - let go and allow God and the angels to help you.  Everything you release will be replaced by something that is better.
  • Expectations:  Believe in yourself and have faith that God and the angels are with you.
  • Hidden Influences:  Miracles are happening all around you right now.  Even though you may not see them, try to notice them.  The more you notice them, the more you will experience.
  • Advice:  Cherish your Soulmate.
  • Outcome:  You have manifested new opportunities and abundance.

If you feel led and you have an iPhone, you may want to check out the apps by Doreen Virtue.  They are a wonderful way of having these tools close by when you want to use them.

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  1. I love Doreen Virtue and her work within the Angel Realm, I wish I could also see Angels..and also from what I understand Angels don't really communicate with people often like the Spirits do and so therefor Doreen Virtue must be a wonderful spirit/soul for them to this through her. Yes, of course there are skeptics out there, but you know what all reality is what our own thoughts make it out to be..so, if you believe in them than you sense and know their presence in our lives, and my gratitude to them as the quiet soldiers of God who do so much work on earth, much more than what our human eyes and senses feel. My most humble gratitude to them and the purpose they serve for our wellbeing..






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