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Top Book Reviews, Nov 2011 - Into The Light

Into The Light
Dr. John Lerma
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Book:  Into The Light By Dr. John Lerma (Hospice Experiences)

I can safely say that one of my favorite authors now is Dr John Lerma.  A year ago, I read one of his books, Learning From The Light, and loved it so much.  Another of his books, Into The Light, is one that I just finished.  In fact, I liked it so much that I am actually reading back through it.  I do not tire of reading this book as it is uplifting and insightful but done so without interjecting a belief system.  A rare method of writing and communicating these days is found in this book.

Actually I believe this is the first of the two books that Dr. Lerma wrote.  I actually read them in backwards order but in all reality, it does not matter.  Reading the accounts of some of his patients in hospice during their final days and weeks of life, is so inspiring, touching and educational.  I've been a firm believer in that what we think happens after we die is probably far from reality.

You will have to read his book for yourself to see how it touches you but I'm sure that it will have deep meaning.  There are other books out there that touch on a similar topic but I find them to be more belief oriented, which is a turnoff for me.  I enjoy hearing personal accounts and experiences, not what people think or believe necessarily.

While I write these words, I am also reminded that throughout this book, each account is told through the filters of that particular person's mind.  Some who were more religious use their vocabulary to share their experiences while others who were not so religious, have a different vocabulary to explain things.  In the end, regardless of what vocabulary is used, the same ideals, concepts and experiences are discussed.

If you have any desire to understand the experiences of people when they leave this world, I would urge you to read either of these two books by Dr John Lerma.   I could share story and personal views of so many parts of the book but the until you've read these words and it has impacted your life, I'm sure my findings will have very little benefit to you.

Books By Dr. John Lerma (available on Amazon)
1)  Into The Light
2)  Learning From The Light

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  1. just lost my last email I was writing but...basically..I really loved this was lovely and I plan to buy several more for christmas gifts...thank you...JUST LOVED IT>>.

  2. @Mary Ann - his other book 'Learning From The Light' which I reference at the end of this blog post is just as good as the first one. I actually read that one first but it is his second book. I'm with you - I love these books so much. I love the first hand accounts. It would be a pleasure for me one of these days to meet Dr. John Lerma in person. I have great admiration and respect for the work he does. And I got introduced to him because someone gave me his book as a gift.






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