Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pedophiles Are Not Gay

Pedophiles Have Nothing To
Do With Gay Or Straight
I get amazed at the comments and stories that surround a major headline such as the Penn State, Jerry Sandusky pedophile allegations.  After a story breaks like this, it doesn't take long before the self righteous, narrow minded folks of our day start labeling the pedophile as a gay.  Of course, the way they come to that conclusion is not based upon fact or common sense, but that does not stop them from doing it.

Being gay or straight has nothing to do with sex!  After all do people just get married to have sex and nothing else?  The answer is NO!  While sex is part of a relationship or marriage, that's not the sole purpose for it.  Yet, too many narrow minded people try to portray gays as it just being about sex and nothing else.  Then they make the leap between that misguided thinking and they connect it to pedophiles.  Of course, I'm finding it difficult to fully explain the weird thinking that goes on in the narrow minded people.

I was abused by people who were straight, married and were in no way gay!  So, if I applied the same logic that these narrow minded people do, I would have to say that all straight people are pedophiles.  Yet, I'll be the first to agree with you that this statement is about as absurd as it gets.  There is no truth to it, no evidence to back it up, other than a misguided mind who cannot see the forest for the tree in front of them.

Child abuse is not done because some one is gay or straight.  It is done because the abuser has power and control over the victim.  The pedophiles and molesters aren't really after sex.  They are after the control!  Yes, sex is used as part of that scenario but it is not the ultimate motivator.  Most child abusers in my experience get enough sex, so it isn't like they are deprived of this need.

We can continue in our society blaming gay people for pedophiles but it will get us nowhere because there is no factual basis to this concept.  And if you think that only men abuse children, you need to think again.  I've heard so many gut wrenching stories of children being abused by women just as much as they were abused by men. 

If you are one of those that loves to leave comments on the internet that gays are pedophiles or if you are one of those that don't want a gay person to work with children because they are gay, please grow up!  Your assumptions are not based upon facts.  Your assumptions are based upon ridiculous narrow minded thoughts that have most likely been told to you by people you follow.

After reading this, if you think you know all there is to know about child abuse, how about reading some actual facts about sex offenders on the following website regarding Megan's Law.  It might just help you become an informed human, rather than an ignorant one.

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