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The New Reality, This is Not 11-11-11

Reality, This Is Not
If you look around these days or follow any headlines in the news, you'll see that reality has been redefined.  In fact, I don't even believe we are living in reality these days.  So much of what goes on around us is fictionalized or created to appear as if it is reality.  Too many inhabitants of our world fail to connect the dots and remember basic facts.  It is as if humans swallow whatever is fed to them, believing it is fresh spring water.

Take for instance a local spiritual camp that is "using" the commercialism of Halloween to promote their camp.  I happen to think a lot of this spiritualist camp, but people in the area see it as a bunch of strange people they don't understand.  Instead of fostering an understanding and awareness, commercialism has been employed to make the place look like a freak show.  I find it sad and disturbing but maybe I'm just being a prude!

Another organization that I have gotten much benefit from was going to have a breath empowerment event for 10,000 people on 11-11-11.  It was going to be a spectacular event and most likely life changing for many people.  Unfortunately, they got caught up in themselves and turned breathing into a religious practice sensationalizing something that is purely biological and needs no mysticism.  To each their own I suppose, but why take a good thing and turn it into something it doesn't need to be.

If that's not enough, there's a group that I am well acquainted with who really tries to help people make money by learning to properly market on the internet.  It isn't a scam but a legitimate process and that in itself is refreshing these days.  However, now they are going in the way of major search engines and putting too much emphasis on social networking.  One of the measures of effectiveness at an author site they operate, is how many times the articles you write are shared among social networking.  I'm sorry but if social networking online is a measure of anything, than we've really lost our way.

Speaking of social networking, I find it interesting that people share some of the things they do on these sites.   I saw some twitter friends share very personal details in the open twitter feed.  Does anyone not stop to think of their privacy and how an unsuspecting follower could use that information against them?  These days, there are people waiting and preying upon those that give them opportunities.  I'm extra cautious these days in what I share online. 

Some of the healing communities and practices that I see come around feel that a long list of "rules" to practice their healing belief or charging ridiculously high prices gives validity to what they do.   Or am I mistaken because when God created the earth, he created money first, and then money created humans?  Please correct me if i am wrong!  Some of the people that need help and healing the most, do not have the resources to engage in it.  There is just way too much "ego" in all of these practices these days and one day, these people will wake up.  Hopefully that is before it is too late.

I saw something in my reading online where a person claimed that prayer was much more powerful than the mind body connection?  Excuse me?  Really - they really believed that!  If you are a christian, do you not read the passages in the bible about the mind and body being one?  It is really important in the bible, but yes, they must have overlooked it.  More importantly though, why does there have to be a competition between prayer and the mind body connection?  Seems rather foolish to me as if one is building their house upon sand.

By the time you are reading this, the world was supposed to have ended once again.  Yes, there are those that act as if they follow the bible and predict when the world will end.  Somehow though, they fail to read the passage in the bible that no one knows the last hour.  It appears they believe what they want to, but dismiss that which doesn't serve their needs.  In many ways, they are no different than most humans on this earth today.  Why challenge our thinking when you can just accept that which is spoken freely.

Last but not least are politics, corporations, movements, protests and every day people who belly up to the bar of drama, feasting on it as if it is their last meal.  Each word that is spoken, argument made or plan promoted, is tweeted as if it is the gospel truth.  At one point, a set of people champion one set of realities and then in the next breath, they are ruling over the exact opposite.  At the same time, public opinion sways too and fro at the thoughts of the pundits for any given moment.  We arm our self with the truth that matters or so we tell ourselves, but unfortunately we are walking on a cliff with our eyes closed.

You see, we all practice reality as it applies to our life and we all have our purpose for doing this.  A friend of mine reminded me of this the other day.  Sometimes it gets us through the moments when we can barely face another day.  Other times, it gives us solace when everything around us seems to be crumbling.  Yet, there are many other reasons too numerous to list.

The falicy though if we are not careful is that when we redefine reality, we actually lose site of reality.  To not challenge our existence and all that we hold dear on a daily basis is the same as stuffing our brain into a very small confined box.  What we hold on to that is so dear in our life, may not be as substantial as we have led ourself to believe that it is.  We humans are very good at tricking our minds into thinking something and then believing that it is true.

Yes, we do need to escape from reality at times and I think that is one of the great abilities of humans.  However, if we are not careful and we live in our escape, than reality will cease to exist.  The redefining of reality will then become the escape and at that moment in time, we have lost much more than our humanness. Our new reality will no longer be what we know as civilization.

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