Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Give A Smiley Project Official Launch

Today is an exciting day for the Give A Smiley Project as this is the official launch day for the Project.  Okay, in some ways, it is the relaunch.  However, the Give A Smiley Project has been reborn and rebirthed in a way that gives this movement, its own place on the internet! No more, is it a subsidary of my own personal website.  The Give A Smiley Project was too important for that.

The Give A Smiley Project is all about helping change the world, one smiley at a time!  Everything on the site is free, accessible and open to anyone wishing to join in to help change the world.  We're inundated every day with so much negative news, comments and situations that we need something positive for our world.  It is my hope that this movement can offer something positive.

In addition, to the relaunch or the official launch of the Give A Smiley Project, everyone can now participate in the 12 Week Smiley Challenge!  This challenge is free and allows anyone to sign up and receive once a week emails for 12 weeks that walk you through exercises to help make the smiley project have a bigger impact on your life and the world.  No, you will not be spammed nor will this be used in any commercial way whatsoever.

I hope you'll check out Give A Smiley Project site and sign up for the 12 week challenge!  My hope is that this movement will touch every corner of the world and that lives will truly be changed as a result.  Of course, the only way others can hear about it is if you participate in it and spread the word!

So, go ahead - check the site out!  http://www.smileyproject.com

If you want to follow us on Twitter, @ProjectSmiley

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