Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Power Of What You Know

The Power Of What You Know
The power of what you know lies not in what you currently see and understand, but in what you still realize you don't know and you don't see.  It is only when you see that there is much more for your to learn and become aware of, that you are truly intelligent.  It is only when you are able to see what you have come to know to be truth may be an illusion, that you will find a world far beyond your wildest imagination. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Before You Speak - THINK

Before You Speak, THINK
As seen on post shared through Dr. Wayne Dyer on Facebook, this was something I thought was worth passing on.  It was posted on the Facebook page of Reid Tracey, President and CEO of Hay House Publishing.  I'm not sure who wrote this, but it is good.  I'll gladly give credit to the author if I can find it out, or if you are the author, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Before You Speak THINK

T = Is it True?
H = Is it Helpful?
I = Is it Inspiring?
N = Is it Necessary?
K = Is it Kind?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Do We See Truth

Do We See Truth
Not everything is as it seems to be in life.  What we think we see, is not always what we think it is.  We tend to see every day life through the filters of our experiences that have built up over a life time.  Why do we then force what we see on everyone else as the "truth", when in reality it is only what we think we see

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hard To Believe I'm Loved

Hard To Believe I'm Loved
I saw a tweet today by Brene Brown (@BreneBrown in regards to Super Soul Sunday with Oprah.  It was a simple tweet, but one that connected with me.  The tweet went like this:  "The most important things our children can hear: No matter what, you will always belong here."

The reason it resonates with me is I heard words similar to this growing up, but unfortunately they were just words.  There was no action to back them up.  My family doesn't feel like I belong with them and so, some days it feels like I"m all alone.  Yes, I did make a decision to completely cut the ties between us, but it was only after I found that I didn't belong in my family.

For too many children, the family says you don't belong and they are kicked out to the street.  It is heart wrenching when I hear about this happening. I'm sure most of these kids grew up in homes where they felt like they were welcomed and loved, but then the minute they became true to themselves, the family said "oh no you don't!".

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eliminating Pain

Eliminating Pain
I readily see things posted on the internet from well intentioned people and places.  New age practices and even modern medical interventions tend to only focus on eliminating pain.  Yes, I understand if you are experiencing pain or chronic pain, you are probably so tired of dealing with it that you want to do anything just for relief.  While this may be a necessary step for you, it is short sighted.

If your goal is to only "eliminate pain", you are missing the bigger picture. While none of us like pain, it is there for a reason and learning to connect the emotional with the mind is far more important than focusing on eliminating pain.  When you go in and connect the pain with the emotion and the message the mind body interface is trying to share with you, you will do far more than eliminate pain.

We can interact with our biology and our physical body in ways that we generally dismiss or ignore.  Our culture teaches us that we have to go to someone to rid us of pain and physical problems in our life.  Unfortunately what our culture does not teach us is that we can do so much more with our physical body than we ever thought was possible.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Big Picture

The Big Picture
I am disheartened when I see people operating from a very narrow focus and view point in life.  It seems to be so easy these days to miss the big picture while hiding in a world of fantasy.  When we focus on the small and insignificant battles of our day, we easily lose site of the big picture.

The big picture is more about humanity and how we can help one another achieve more.  In achieving more, we have the opportunity to help push this world and the inhabitants within to be more than they ever thought they could.

Holding on to paradigms of old, just because they are safe and familiar to us, will only hold us back from the big picture.  Questioning these things from an objective view point through the eyes of the observer, is the way to really see how strong of foundation our paradigms have.

In many ways, if you are not evolving your ideas and beliefs, then you are stagnant in the growth of human consciousness.  There is no way that you will know today, what it is that tomorrow holds, unless you set sail in the sea of possibility and knowledge.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Daily Angel Meditations March 25

Daily Angel Mediattions

Another website that I have created and write for daily is filled with positive and uplifting messages of growth and awareness.  It is called Daily Angel Meditation and is created from my morning meditations with the angels.  As I take time out in the beginning of my day, I record whatever comes to me.  I start out with a blank piece of paper and no preconceived ideas of what to write.  I then allow the words to fill the page, connecting with what my angels have to say.

Here are selected blog posts beginning the week of March 25, 2013.  I have tried to summarize them briefly and give the actual link to them.  To visit the website, just go to .

March 25, 2013 (Monday)

Topic: No Blog Post
Let us allow ourselves to discover life to the fullest, by giving up on all requirements we place before our feet.  For when we walk unobstructed, it is then that we walk freely. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Opportunity To Embrace Fear

Opportunity To Embrace Fear
So if we feel we really have to embrace the fear that we make mistakes in life, why not try turning the tables on the thought process for a moment.  If we see mistakes as an opportunity toward greater awareness or insight, then the person who makes many mistakes has many opportunities in life.  Just imagine having all those opportunities.  Hope And Possibility Through Trauma by Don Shetterly (Pg 137)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Process Knowledge Through Physical Body

Process Knowledge Through Physical Body
That’s not to say that I can get to this knowledge just like that. Because now that I’m back here in the earthly realm, I have to process it through my limited physical body and brain. But it’s there. I feel it, laid into my very being. For a person like me who had spent his whole life working hard to accumulate knowledge and understanding the old-fashioned way, the discovery of this more advanced level of learning was, alone, enough to give me food for thought for ages to come  .  .  . Proof Of Heaven by Dr Eben Alexander III (Pg 49)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Personal Reflections

Personal Reflections
Sometimes I really wonder about humanity.  I see people behaving in ways that makes me wonder if they truly understand what it means to be human.  The vengeance, hatred, ill-tempered remarks that are thrown around like a plentiful supply of bombs, is not how I picture humanity.

Its almost like we have to agree with one another or we become the enemy.  I see it all the time posted on social media sites like Facebook and twitter.  Instead of discussing ideas and finding common ground, we as humans in this world are hurling knives at one another through our words.

It is so sad what we have become.  I still believe that we have brighter days ahead and I still believe that we as humans can rise above the pettiness of our days.  We focus on things that are far too insignificant, while closing our eyes in slumber to those that are.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Medicating Pets Is Not The Answer

Medicating Pets Is Not The Answer
Recently I saw an article on CNN about a person giving "happy pills" to their cat because of behavioral issues.  I'm not going to reference this article because it really added no value to life.  It was poorly written and done so from a view point that was very one sided.  Trust me - its not worth your time.

Unfortunately though the individuals in this article felt that the cat needed happy pills and were convinced the cat's behavior changed as a result.  I'm sure they could prove that it did.  However, the thing that disturbs me is how quickly we turn to medications and pills just to solve problems.  For the most part, this is not needed in animals nor in humans.  Yes, there are some exceptions, but they are few and far between.

I do not make these comments because it is my belief.  I have worked with thousands of animals over the years and dealt with all types of behavior issues.  Most of the time, the issues either boiled down to the caretakers or the animal's home.  Yes, once in awhile there was some disease or other health issue impacting things, but that was limited to a small percentage of the time.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Let's Wake Up World

Let's Wake Up World
More and more these days I find myself shaking my head at the inhabitants of this planet.  It seems like everyone is fast asleep, waiting for some unknown point in the future for things to get better.  It seems that many are so asleep that they only live in a world of fantasy, make believe, and the feel good drugs of happy thoughts, new age monuments, and religious fanaticism. 

Before you go pointing the finger at everyone else or some other religion and practice outside of yourself, stop right there!  I'm talking to everyone, not just everyone else that isn't reading this blog post.  If that makes you uncomfortable or you find yourself thinking I've gone off the deep end, you're right at the spot you need to be.  Don't stop reading now - keep going because I'm going to attempt to explain this and hopefully I don't fail miserably.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mystical Means You Don't Get It

Mystical Means You Don't Get It - Buck - New York Times
You Can Also Lead
A Horse To Nirvana
(New York Times
I read a recent article where they described a very conscious and aware individual, Buck, in a way that really misses the point.  In fact, they described Buck Brannaman as a mystical person and to me, this could not be further from the truth.  When humans don't understand things, they tend to classify them as mystical or make up all kinds of stories to explain the unknown.

It is easier to live in a world that isn't really based upon reality, than to really understand what is going on.  To understand what is happening means one has to become more conscious and aware in their own life.  Often that takes the willingness to travel deep into one's own consciousness and soul to truly discover who we are and what makes us human.  Many either don't have the courage to do this, or they just don't have the desire to travel to these depths.

All too often, we make up stories and we chase mystical, religious, and new age beliefs attempting to explain all that we experience.  Sometimes, we don't fully understand what it is that we see and sense around us, but at least  we need to be real.  Let us open our eyes.  Yes, there are all types of things around us, but they are not the sum total of our humanness or our experience in this world.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Daily Angel Meditations March 18

Daily Angel Mediattions

Another website that I have created and write for daily is filled with positive and uplifting messages of growth and awareness.  It is called Daily Angel Meditation and is created from my morning meditations with the angels.  As I take time out in the beginning of my day, I record whatever comes to me.  I start out with a blank piece of paper and no preconceived ideas of what to write.  I then allow the words to fill the page, connecting with what my angels have to say.

Here are selected blog posts beginning the week of March 18, 2013.  I have tried to summarize them briefly and give the actual link to them.  To visit the website, just go to .

March 18, 2013 (Monday)

Topic: No Blog Post
Discovering a brand new day is the same as being given a gift of love.  It is given to us to do as we best see fit for our life.   What we make of it is up to us.  Let us not squander the love that we have been given, but embrace it with open arms and a desire to be more than we were the day before. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ten Ways To Get Along With People

Ten Ways To Get Along With People
This is paraphrasing something I got from a class the other day but I thought it was very good.  If nothing else, hopefully it will make someone stop and think.  Maybe it will even help a person change some of their habits.  Remember, if we want others to change around us, we must first begin with ourselves.

1)  When speaking to others, less is more.  If you engage in a lower and persuasive voice, others will hear you more plainly.  How you say something to others is more important sometimes than what you say.

2)  Keep promises that you make, but take great care when you make them.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Bright White Light Of My NDE - Part Three

Bright White Light Of My NDE - Part Three
Please read PART ONE of this blog post series so that this current blog post will make sense. 

About a year ago, I was going through another healing session which was one of major transformation for me on that day and it was not easy.  When the healer had left the room for a moment, I felt these hands lifting my head, shoulder and body in ways that supported what was happening in this moment.  I just figured, it was an assistant or two in the room who had been left in the room to help me.  It was like they knew exactly where to touch and what needed to happen. 

When the healer came back into the room, I questioned him as to who else was in the room.  He replied, that there is no one.  I said to him, "But I felt the hands of other people under me" and he just replied, you were picking up the angelic realm.  At first I thought "is this true?".  Then, the session progressed along into a deeper level and all of the sudden the temperature changes went from one extreme to another and the room got so bright, that with my eyes closed, the light was too much for me.  It was flooding me so hard that I begged this healer to turn down the lights.  Little did I realize or think about it at the time, the room was darkened.  There was very little light on in the room.  I was not seeing the actual light in the room, but again, the bright white light I saw in the hospital.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Start Attracting Wealth And Abundance In 2013

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If you watch the news on a regular basis (which I don't recommend), you would think that all is doom and gloom.  As we all know, many people are hurting and struggling to make ends meet during this time of recession,  It really gets stressful when times get tough, especially when it comes to finances.

Being surrounded by all the negativity of doom and gloom news, it is very hard to not internalize it mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  I am personally seeing nervous systems in people that are stressed to the max with people wondering how they are going to make it.  It isn't a fun time for many and if you're struggling financially, this is not news to you.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bright White Light Of My NDE - Part Two

Bright White Light Of My NDE - Part Two
You most likely will want to check out PART ONE of this blog post, so that today's post will make more sense.  This is a series of three blog posts on bright white light and NDE or Near Death Experiences.  In this case, it is about my own experiences with NDE. 

The next thing I was consciously aware of was opening my eyes to the doctor bringing the paddles down upon my exposed chest to bring me back to life.  I still remember looking up at him and speaking clearly, what's going on?  He looked surprised and so was I.  This was the only point that I remember speaking so clearly and with so much ease during the entire ordeal.  However, the room that was now full of so many people and equipment was quickly emptying.  No one seemed to want to speak about what had happened and the doctor that was performing this test was no longer present.  After questioning everyone what was going on and being met with silence, one nurse finally spoke softly into my ear after most of the people had exited the room.  She told me that they thought I was gone. 

It was so confusing to me, because while I knew I was not present on the exam table, I knew I had been watching from above the room.  I had seen them frantically working on me. This may sound strange, but it is very clear in my mind, even to this day. The ceiling on the exam room seemed to not be there as I watched all of these people trying to help me.  It was then that I noticed this very bright white light.  It was such an intense light that did not hurt my eyes or frighten me.  I felt very safe, warm, and attracted to it.  While I don't remember anyone speaking to me, I somehow knew or it was transmitted to my mind that it was not my time to leave this earth.  I would be going back to my body as I had much left to finish in my life.  The other piece of information that seemed to become aware to me was that my condition was somehow tied together with past experiences and it was necessary for me to make that connection in order to heal myself.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bright White Light Of My NDE - Part One

Bright White Light Of My NDE - Part One
This is not an easy blog post to write as it is very emotional and somewhat confusing for me.  While those close to me and those that have read what I have written over the years know, it comes as no surprise.  However, I still struggle to wrap my mind around what I went through and it wasn't until I finished reading the Proof Of Heaven book by Dr. Eben Alexander III, that some pieces made sense.  Just as he talks about in his book, for those who have gone through this experience, it isn't easy to deal with or articulate.  I will try to do my best in what I share here, but realize that this is not easy for me.

In 1991, I was 26 years old and going through a conversion disorder.  At the time, I and the doctors did not know this.  Yet, I was paralyzed, suffering from pseudo-seizures, struggling to communicate, and observing my brain shutting down with each passing moment.  I felt lost and all alone in this world, even though when I was much younger, I knew a situation of this magnitude would come about and everyone around me would not know what to do to help me.

I still remember laying in the hospital bed staring up at the ceiling and wondering if at age 26, I would remain a vegetable, not ever functioning normally again.  Those are basically the words that I thought and tried to state in my mind.  I wondered if this was the end for me, or if I would be alive another day.  The doctors tried not to alarm me, but when they would take a needle and touch the bottom of my foot, and I could not feel it - I knew there was something very wrong.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Daily Angel Meditations March 11

Daily Angel Mediattions

Another website that I have created and write for daily is filled with positive and uplifting messages of growth and awareness.  It is called Daily Angel Meditation and is created from my morning meditations with the angels.  As I take time out in the beginning of my day, I record whatever comes to me.  I start out with a blank piece of paper and no preconceived ideas of what to write.  I then allow the words to fill the page, connecting with what my angels have to say.

Here are selected blog posts beginning the week of March 11, 2013.  I have tried to summarize them briefly and give the actual link to them.  To visit the website, just go to .

March 11, 2013 (Monday)

Topic: No Blog Post
When we see through the layer of fog that surrounds us, we will notice that there is far more that meets the eye than what we currently know.  We hold back our own awareness when we fail to see beyond the fog. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Do You Believe In Imaginary Things?

I found this blog post from my twitter feed and felt it was something good to share.  So often, we want to believe in imaginary things and we think the truth is out there.  Instead, the truth is within each one of us, if we will go and look for it.

I won't spoil the fun for anyone wishing to read this, but the author of this blog post wrote a very good article.  If nothing else, it will make you think and that's always a good thing for the mind body interface.

The blog post is - The Truth Is Not Out There

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Money Is Not The Source Of Happiness

These days, in our materialistic culture, many people are led to believe that money is the ultimate source of happiness. Consequently, when they don’t have enough of it they feel let down. Therefore, it is important to let people know that they have the source of contentment and happiness within themselves, and that it is related to nurturing our natural inner values.  (as posted on )

Friday, March 8, 2013

Proof Of Heaven Book By Eben Alexander

Review by Don Shetterly
This is one of those books that I am so glad I read.  Reading other near-death experiences is so helpful to me in understand what I have gone through.  It is difficult to piece all of this together and in my case, I don't remember as much as Dr. Eben Alexander has recalled.  Regardless, experiences such as what he has had or what I have gone through change your entire perspective on life.

One of the best things we have in the human body is our brain, but one of the most limiting factors of our consciousness and experience here on earth is our brain.  As Dr. Alexander stated on page 72, "We can only see what our brain's filter allows through."  While I am sure many people would most likely agree with his statement, we tend to fail when in fully opening ourselves up to the consciousness that exists.  It is an unknown world and because of the unknown, we sometimes fear it and cling to that which we have been taught to believe.

Like Dr. Alexander and other authors that I have read, I completely agree with him that the death of the body and the brain are not the end of what we know.  They are not the end of our consciousness.  It is only a point of moving beyond our experiences here on earth.  Whether you call it heaven or you have some other name for it, there is no way I can claim to think that life doesn't continue beyond the grave.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Catastrophizing And Pain

Catastrophizing And Pain
In a published article in 2001 by The Clinical Journal Of Pain (Vol. 17, No. 1, 2001), an overview of research was summarized.  In this published article, the authors were showing the relationship between catastrophizing and pain.  Overall catastrophizing accounts for 7% to 31% of the variance in pain ratings.

Someone that catastrophizes has a tendency to make a much bigger deal out of the pain they are feeling, than it most likely is.  Generally this person is consumed with worry, fear, and hardly no method to divert their attention away from the pain they were experiencing.

Pain and catastrophizing appears to start early in life.  It often has impacted the duration of hospital stays and the frequency.  In addition, there are generally more frequent visits to health care providers.  It often increases the amount of pain medication that is required to treat a person after situations such as surgery.  It has also been reported that catastrophizing can actually increase the degree of disability one may experience.

In some studies, women actually score higher  with women more likely than men to report high levels of intense pain.  Women also show an increased usage of healthcare and exhibit more pain behavior.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pure Love Doesn't Talk Bad About Others

Pure Love Doesn't Talk Bad About Others
I was reading some comments made on an issue that people felt strongly about on a site.  The issue which I'm not going to focus on in this blog post was made on a site that is heavily influenced by the topic of angels.  While I don't agree with all of the comments, one in particular stood out and reminded me of prayer meetings in churches.

In this comment, the individual had talked about a person who they felt were responsible for the issue being discussed.  Unfortunately the comments degraded into a personal attack on this individual that was referenced.  The comment became highly inappropriate.  In the last part of their comment, it stated, "I urge us all to send her love and light and hope she can help heal the influences on her and those around her.  God Bless."

While that comment may sound like a nice thing, what this individual said before that was anything but nice or understanding or full of love and light.  My first thought was that we need to send this individual making these comments, love and light.  The person these comments were directed towards will most likely never read them, but I am a firm believer that whatever we say or think does have its ramifications upon the universe, even if these things are not heard directly.  I personally feel the individual on this site was out of line, but that is something they will have to deal with in their own life.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Be Real And Help Others Through Their Pain

Be Real And Help Others Through Their Pain
Sometimes we think that what we do and say in life is a positive thing, but it can often hurt more than it helps.  All too often on Facebook and Twitter, I see people constantly post and forward "feel good" pictures, thoughts, and images.  While that can be a welcomed relief in a day, if there is not balance in all of this, it is lopsided and harmful to many.

Recently I was reminded of this after hearing yet another story of suicide that impacted someone I know.  The comment that came from this experience was that it is so sad the individual was not able to get help.  It breaks my heart to see anyone end their life and it breaks my heart to see the pain that this world is experiencing.  Yet, I can see just how closed our eyes, hearts, and words are to real pain.

Often when we have not traveled into the depths of our own pain, we can not completely be real and help others.  If you want to find some of the most wounded people on this planet, just look at any of the healing modalities and medical care system.  There you will find pain that is beyond comprehension.  Often, these people use helping others in order to mask their own pain and to try and make sense of the experiences they have gone through.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Daily Angel Meditations March 4

Daily Angel Mediattions

Another website that I have created and write for daily is filled with positive and uplifting messages of growth and awareness.  It is called Daily Angel Meditation and is created from my morning meditations with the angels.  As I take time out in the beginning of my day, I record whatever comes to me.  I start out with a blank piece of paper and no preconceived ideas of what to write.  I then allow the words to fill the page, connecting with what my angels have to say.

Here are selected blog posts beginning the week of February 17, 2013.  I have tried to summarize them briefly and give the actual link to them.  To visit the website, just go to .

February 17, 2013 (Sunday)

Topic: No Blog Post
What you say to the least of those among you, you say to yourself.  What you say to yourself, you say to the world.  Guard your thought and words as if they were a gift to everyone you meet and those that you don't. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Suicide Mindy McCready Ten Thousand Angels
Mindy McCready
Ten Thousand Angels
It saddens me to see anyone commit suicide.  I've been in those depths before and I know how tough those moments are.  Where logic nor relationships have much pull - only unconditional love that is administered in very simple ways.

When you're in those depths, you don't resonate with words, but with the energy of those who truly understand the ground you are walking upon.  In those moments, the feeling of lonesomeness, isolation and desperateness feed upon themselves making things much worse than they seem - only in that moment, this awareness is not readily apparent.

I'm thankful I have moved past these rough moments in my own life and for some reason greater than I can see - I am still here.  I know how difficult it is for others and I cry for those who don't make it.  We don't live in a society where they are supported or understood.  Just know, that I'm here for anyone who feels this way because I truly understand what this feels like to contemplate and attempt suicide.

You may also want to read a previous blog post I wrote, The Illusion Of Suicide.  It talks about my thoughts and briefly talks about some of my own experiences.  Please - if you are struggling with this, reach out to someone and if the first person doesn't listen or understand, find another one.  There is hope!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Humans Beat Their Head Against The Wall

Humans Beat Their Head Against The Wall - Buck Brannaman
Buck Brannaman's
Facebook Page Picture
Buck The Film
This quote comes from Buck Brannaman's Facebook page.  I love his quotes because they are always spot on. I could not agree more with the follow statement.

"With a horse, if you make it easy for him to do the right thing, that's what he will logically do, but it's not necessarily true with the human. You will see humans that will beat their heads against the wall rather than open the door and walk through it." - Buck Brannaman

If you have not seen the movie, "Buck", it is an excellent one to see!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Killing Ourselves With High Medical Bills

Killing Ourselves With High Medical Bills
In a recent article in Time Magazine, a detailed account is given of someone experiencing life threatening cancer and not having adequate insurance to cover it.  In this scenario that was presented, the couple did have insurance, but since they were self employed, the policy was not enough to cover the costs of cancer treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  You can read more of the details in the Time Magazine article, Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us.

Even though we are killing ourselves with high medical bills in this country, I am not trying to vilify MD Anderson Cancer Center.  In fact, I believe they are helping to bring together all facets of healing and health care.  The only thing that bothers me in this article is that their president is also tied financially with some major pharmaceutical companies.  I find it sad that there is this close of relationship between health care services and companies that are profiting from the same thing.  In my mind, it is a conflict of interest and you will have to decide for yourself how you feel about it.

Of course we can sit here all day and blame someone or everyone for the high medical bills.  Regardless of who we blame, each one of us individually are killing ourselves with the state of healthcare in this country.  It is up to each one of us to change how we perceive what health care and healing is, rather than just following the status quo and doing what society dictates we should do.  I am very adamant on this, because I know that while medical care is necessary, it often negates the individual's role


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